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Through His Eyes: God’s Perspective on Women in the Bible

Jerram Barrs is a masterful storyteller, bringing the lives and times of different biblical women alive to the reader. In each chapter, Jerram relates the historical setting and cultural practices to present-day practices to help the reader identify more closely with the biblical women.

Rescuing the Church from the Arms of Digital Deity – Returning to the Authority of Scripture

By Dr. Dave Garner. They thought they were going to die. Already begrudging the outdated notion of wilderness camp hundreds of miles from home, the vanload of teenagers was jolted by the ground rules at their non-virtual form of distance education. Posted at the wilderness camp’s entrance gate was the media bouncer barking authoritatively, “No MP3 players. No I-Pods. No DVD players. No cell phones. No laptops. No kidding.” The prehistoric demands aroused sleepy youth from their digital slumbers. Disappointment heated into outrage; outrage ignited panic, and I-Pod toting teens banded into a digitally mastered surround-sound symphony: “How can we possibly survive for 10 days without our music?!”

Grasping the Big Picture in Bible Study

By Dr. Frank Crane. I did some horseback research asking folks who seemed to know the Word fairly well, how they came to that. Secretly I was looking for “Well, pastor it’s the preaching and teaching I’ve sat under all these years.” Alas, the most common answer was, “My own personal study.” But these individuals were precious few. How to get folks to study the Scriptures for themselves, apply it properly to their lives, and help others do the same? Enter The Covenant Story…

A Suggested Three Year Curriculum for Adult Sunday School

CEP has developed a suggested three year curriculum for your adult Sunday school or other discipleship group instruction setting. The curriculum recommends book studies which cover Bible, Doctrine and Christian Living. The curriculum chart further breaks down the recommendations based on the level of spiritual maturity of the participants (eg. non-believers, nurturing young believers, mature believers, and leaders.

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The Trellis and the Vine, The Ministry Mind-Shift that Changes Everything

The church’s major role and assignment is to make disciples. And with that in place the authors begin to develop that assignment in what actually becomes a new paradigm for most churches, even those who are convinced they are doing discipleship training. Equipping God’s people to use their gifts in the local church is what it is all about.

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Francis Schaeffer, A Mind and Heart for God

This book is about Francis Schaeffer. It is probably the best book I have read and could recommend to anyone wanting to know more about Schaeffer. It is concise and to the point.

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The Elder. Today’s Ministry Rooted in All of Scripture

This book will serve professors, students, pastors, and laymen well in their understanding and application of what it means to be a servant leader elder in the Church of Jesus Christ. This book will be an exceedingly valuable tool for all who are serious about the ordinary means of grace ministry described and prescribed in Scripture.