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First Call—Session I Workshops Embracing and Practicing a Biblical Theology of Children’s Ministry—with John Kwasny God’s Word dictates the Goals, Content, Methods and Contexts of this vital task.  This workshop will detail a Biblical Theology to use as an essential foundation to the practice of Children’s Ministry. Discipling Children through Parents—with Jimmy Brock Let’s explore the … Continued

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2015 Youth Summer Camps & Conferences

2015 Youth Summer Camps & Conferences

We have pulled together a list of the top nine summer camps used by youth groups throughout the PCA. This free tool provides locations, age groups, website info, and a bit of general information about each camp. Click the image on the right to view and download the pdf. If you know of a youth … Continued

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Connect Facebook Groups

These groups are a place for PCA ministry leaders and volunteers to connect and encourage one another as we seek to glorify God. To join a group click on "Join this Group" button and then click the "Join" button in the top right of the Facebook group page. Join this Group Join this Group

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Kid’s Worship Worksheet

Worship is something God calls all of his people to do, but sometimes it’s hard for young children to sit through a worship service when they don’t really understand what’s going on. This two-sided worksheet and sticker set was created to aide parents in training their children about worship and is to be used in … Continued

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A Basic Guide to the PCA General Assembly

Book Description: If this is your first time attending  the PCA General Assembly this small booklet is a must! It briefly explains the ins and outs of G.A. It explores topics like ‘What is the General Assembly,’ ‘Basic Rules of Parliamentary Procedure,’ and the ‘G.A. Docket.’ Click here to purchase print version Click here to … Continued

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Something’s About to Happen in Jerusalem

To download the Scripture verses that go along with the 21 day family devotional click here. Your family should begin the devotional on the Monday prior to Palm Sunday (April 7, 2014).