Biblical Fun: Holy Laughter

By Emmett Cooper. Part of the perceived problem about fun among Christians in general, and the local church in particular, is the tension often felt between “holy” and “laughter.” Holiness and laughter, like sacred and the profane, seem to be in direct opposition to one another. As Christians, does God expect us to laugh in a holy sort of way, or perhaps to become holy in a laughable kind of way? What does the Bible say about loving God and having fun?

The word fun is not specifically mentioned in Scripture. But it is implied throughout. A biblical word, however, that is in the same family of meaning is “enjoy.”

Paul explicitly declares that God has given us all things to enjoy. As defined by Webster, enjoy means to feel good, have a good time, delight in good fun.

Enjoyment is God’s idea. Deep capacities for fun are woven into the very fiber of our being. It’s part of bear

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