Bioethics and the Christian Life, A Guide to Making Difficult Decisions

This is a book that Christians should read, especially those in ministry leadership positions. In a day in which we have bought into the idea that if we can do something then it is right to do it. This is being applied to areas that relate to the sanctity of life and Christians need to know how to think biblically and clearly about those issues. We have often allowed secularism to determine our conclusion about life challenging issues and not been equipped to object.

David Vandrunen, theology professor at Westminster Seminary, California has given us a resource that will enable us to see more clearly what is involved biblically, ethically and morally about things like: assisted reproduction, the human embryo, suicide, euthanasia, the distinction between killing and letting die, accepting and foregoing treatment are some of the main topics of the book.Our CEP staff studied this book and discussed its content. We agree that it would be a worthwhile book not only to read individually, but to study corporately in any small group study setting. The topics could even be used for sermon topics.

Vandrunen says the purpose of this book is to help ordinary Christians, in the midst of the lives they are called to live in Christ, might better understand how to respond to such difficult and complex issues. We agree that in the midst of the bioethics culture wars that we need to be armed and equipped to stand firm in the faith. Often we have to make difficult choices and decisions without proper understanding.If there is one thing that a Christian kingdom disciples needs to do, according the Apostle Paul is to change the way we think in order to know what God would have us do, Romans 12:1, 2. This book will certainly be helpful in that respect.One word about the book’s format-the author deals with five general approaches to the various bioethical questions. They are: secular bioethics, Christian bioethics only, secular and Christian bioethics identical, secular and Christian bioethics radically different, and secular and Christian bioethics distinct but legitimate.

The book has a good list of bibliographic resources that will enable further or more in-depth study. It is readable and worth adding to your list of books to read and study.

Charles Dunahoo pastored churches in Georgia and Alabama before being called to his present position as Coordinator for the PCA of Christian Education and Publications (CEP).

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