bookstore-editedThe PCA Bookstore is owned and operated by the Committee on Discipleship Ministries (CDM) of the Presbyterian Church in America. It has excellent resources for personal reading and study as well as small group and class studies featuring works of Presbyterian and Reformed authors over 2,000 titles in stock. The ministry of the bookstore is intrinsically linked to the overall goal of CDM, as proceeds from the bookstore help to fund our other ministries and projects. Visit the CDM Bookstore to find the resources you need at discounted prices. Click here to find book reviews. All books that have been reviewed are available for purchase in our bookstore. CDM is currently trying to develop its e-Book resources. Click here to view the titles that are currently available in this format.

CDM is not primarily a publishing house, although it does some publishing. Our Sunday school curriculum is produced through Great Commission Publications (GCP), which has been jointly owned by the PCA and the Orthodox Presbyterian Church since 1975. Today, approximately 60% of PCA churches use this curriculum in a variety of ways in their local programs. More than 68,000 pieces of literature are distributed each week to our churches. GCP also gives the PCA an opportunity to extend its ministry to other interested churches. About 10% of its curriculum distribution is to OPC and 35% is to other Presbyterian and Reformed churches (PCA, ARP, EPC, etc.).


If this is your first time attending  the PCA General Assembly this small booklet is a must! It briefly explains the ins and outs of G.A. It explores topics like ‘What is the General Assembly,’ ‘Basic Rules of Parliamentary Procedure,’ and the ‘G.A. Docket.’

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Responding to Grace (James) - Web Cover ImageBOOK DESCRIPTION:

By George Robertson with Mary Beth McGreevy

Mature Christians yearn for a steadfast faith, but no one is eager for the trials that bring such faith. The strength to persevere in the process offaith’s perfection comes through the faithful workof God. In every circumstance, God “gives more grace” (James 4:6). In God’s economy, there is always a connection between his work and our behavior,even in the most mundane circumstances of life. Inthis study of the Letter of James, we examine themany ways God is faithful to refine the faith ofhis people. The result is a faith that lives by “the wisdom from above,” which produces a harvest of righteousness and peace (James 3:17-18).

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