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bookstore-editedThe PCA Bookstore is owned and operated by the Committee on Discipleship Ministries (CDM) of the Presbyterian Church in America. It has excellent resources for personal reading and study as well as small group and class studies featuring works of Presbyterian and Reformed authors over 2,000 titles in stock. The ministry of the bookstore is intrinsically linked to the overall goal of CDM, as proceeds from the bookstore help to fund our other ministries and projects. Visit the CDM Bookstore to find the resources you need at discounted prices. Click here to find book reviews. All books that have been reviewed are available for purchase in our bookstore. CDM is currently trying to develop its e-Book resources. Click here to view the titles that are currently available in this format.

CDM is not primarily a publishing house, although it does some publishing. Our Sunday school curriculum is produced through Great Commission Publications (GCP), which has been jointly owned by the PCA and the Orthodox Presbyterian Church since 1975. Today, approximately 60% of PCA churches use this curriculum in a variety of ways in their local programs. More than 68,000 pieces of literature are distributed each week to our churches. GCP also gives the PCA an opportunity to extend its ministry to other interested churches. About 10% of its curriculum distribution is to OPC and 35% is to other Presbyterian and Reformed churches (PCA, ARP, EPC, etc.).


If this is your first time attending  the PCA General Assembly this small booklet is a must! It briefly explains the ins and outs of G.A. It explores topics like ‘What is the General Assembly,’ ‘Basic Rules of Parliamentary Procedure,’ and the ‘G.A. Docket.’

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Responding to Grace (James) - Web Cover ImageBOOK DESCRIPTION:

By George Robertson with Mary Beth McGreevy

Mature Christians yearn for a steadfast faith, but no one is eager for the trials that bring such faith. The strength to persevere in the process offaith’s perfection comes through the faithful workof God. In every circumstance, God “gives more grace” (James 4:6). In God’s economy, there is always a connection between his work and our behavior,even in the most mundane circumstances of life. Inthis study of the Letter of James, we examine themany ways God is faithful to refine the faith ofhis people. The result is a faith that lives by “the wisdom from above,” which produces a harvest of righteousness and peace (James 3:17-18).

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Below you will find many of the book reviews done over the years by CDM staff. If you’re looking for a particular book review press Ctrl+F (Cmd+F on mac) and search for the book title in the box that pops up in the right corner of your screen.

  • Featured Book Reviews Summer 2013

    The following books are available from the PCA Bookstore   Revelation: Let the One Who is Thirsty Come, by Sarah Ivill Sarah’s desire for women to discover the “meat” of God’s Word is evident, guiding the student to discover the truths of Revelation through studying all of Scripture and focusing on Jesus Christ. A PCA … Continued

  • Retro Christianity, Reclaiming the Forgotten Faith

    This is a good book and well worth discussing and implementing where appropriate. This book will adjust our attitudes about evangelicalism, and will ultimately lead us along a time tested path toward a brighter future.

  • Kingdoms Apart, Engaging the Two Kingdoms Perspective

    While this book will deal with some extremely important theology, it does so in a way that helps the reader to understand that what it is saying really helps one focus on how Christians should live in the world from day to day.Believing that the Bible message is about the Kingdom of God, the one kingdom of God vs. a two kingdom concept, it behooves us to be familiar with this topic.

  • Killing Calvinism, How To Destroy A Perfectly Good Theology From the Inside

    If Calvinism represents God’s truth, it needs to be presented in as winsome, loving, and clear manner that our audience will also come to love and appreciate it.This is worth the read; especially because it could significantly enhance our effectiveness and winsomeness when presenting our Calvinistic faith to others.

  • Understanding Scripture, An Overview of the Bible’s Origin, Reliability, and Meaning

    Whether you are a preacher, teacher, growing Christian, you will appreciate this book. Read it personally for your own benefit, use it topically for teaching and preaching, share it with a friend who may have questions about the Bible and its foundational role in the Christian faith.

  • Turning to God, Reclaiming Christian Conversion as Unique, Necessary, and Supernatural

    Turning to God deals with conversion. The content of the book centers around the reality that when a person is converted to Christ, there is not simply one part of his or her life that is converted. Conversion, as we have taught, impacts every area of life, though that is not often understood or highlighted as it should be. As a result we fail to see the results in people’s lives that we should.

  • Reformation: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

    The author of this booktakes the basic topics of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and traces how they impact us today, but he also sounds the challenge to take the truth of yesterday, build upon it today, and prepare for tomorrow. He clearly expresses what the Reformation was all about.

  • Historical Theology, An Introduction To Christian Doctrine

    The author deals with the formulation and development of 32 major doctrines of the Christian faith. Knowing we mustteach our people good sound doctrine is to help them understand how and why this or that is a “major” doctrine vitally important to the Christian faith, as well as our own lives. This is really the heart of the discipleship assigned to the church.

  • Destined for the Trinity: How to Experience God’s Trinitarian Love Within the Church and Beyond

    This book reveals a man struggling with God, his family, and beyond, and how the author was able to walk with him through how understanding the Trinity teaches us how to improve our relationships with the people in our lives.

  • Defending Inerrancy, Affirming the Accuracy of Scripture for a New Generation

    This book is important today because there is confusion, disagreement, and contradictions within the evangelical world on the Orthodox view of inerrancy. It contains three parts. part one deals with the History of the Inerrancy Controversy; part two deals with the Recent Challenges to Inerrancy; part three focuses on the Reexamination of Inerrancy.

  • The Creedal Imperative

    This book seeks to underscore the truth that creeds and confessions are not only needed as checkpoints, not only to enable us to express our beliefs, but also to keep us from misunderstanding God’s truth in our day.

  • As Good As It Gets

    Clark presents his commentary in the form of daily devotions, breaking the song into fifty days of guiding us through human emotions we face in life and relationships. The author speaks of the beauty and passion found in the pages while seeking to discover the meaning it has for all of life.

  • Giving Up Gimmicks: Reclaiming Youth Ministry From An Entertainment Culture

    “The aim of this book has been to offer a plea for youth pastors, youth leaders, and parents to reclaim or (possibly) to discover a model of youth ministry focused on the Word of God, prayer, sacraments, service and grace-centered community.”Interspersed throughout the book are real life youth ministry examples and practical applications for the youth program in your church.

  • True Enlightenment, From Natural Chance to Personal Creator

    This first of a two volume set should be on the reading list of every Christian, especially living at a time when modern science, while having accomplished good things, operates from a humanistic philosophy that has taken it away from the truth of God in many many instances. Written well, and very readable, it covers a great amount of material that will serve as an invaluable resource.

  • Salvation Belongs To The Lord

    While Salvation Belongs to The Lord is unique as it challenges those engaged in full-time teaching and preaching, it is very readable for others in the church. It is an introduction to systematic theology. Before you disregard it as just another theology book, remember from Frame’s other books, he views theology as life and life as theology.

  • The Doctrine of the Christian Life

    If there is one book that you should possess, read, study, use as background resource for preaching and teaching on the Christian life, this is the book. As the title suggests, this book deals with Christian ethics.There is the normative perspective, followed by the cultural or situational perspective,followedbythe existential perspective, all referring to our daily living the Christian life.

  • 3 DVD Studies: H2O – A Journey of Faith; Not a Fan; The Easter Experience

    Three series; each is narrated by Kyle Idleman. Not a Fan is for the church audience. H2O is crafted for viewing by non-Christians. The Easter Experience is the church.

  • Prayers of the Bible: Equipping Women to Call on God in Truth

    This book invites you toenter into the prayers of our Lord and his saintsgrasping the privilege we have of coming with praise and scriptural requests before a gracious and loving Father who is also our Almighty God.

  • The Sky Is Not Falling: Living Fearlessly in These Turbulent Times

    Christians are to know the Word, know the world, and growing out of that knowledge, know how to combat the forces that are taking our culture downward. At present, if we are alert and equipped, we can understand the issues and get involved in every area of life, seeking to be salt and light. And if the church is fulfilling its role in discipling the people, we can hope to see the influence return.

  • Forever: Why You Can’t Live Without It

    The tyranny of the urgent has become our lifestyle; forever has been stolen and we struggle to live without this vital perspective. The here and now overwhelm us or we do not believe there is life after death; therefore, we don’t think about forever. If you are searching for help living in a broken world with broken people, this is a book you definitely should read.

  • Union With Christ: In Scripture, History, and Theology

    For one wanting to understand more about the history of salvation, how it is accomplished and applied, and for those struggling between the Lutheran view and the Calvinistic view of the subject, this book appears in good timing.It will be a good reference for you as you think about, teach, and preach about salvation and our relationship to the Triune God.

  • How Jesus Runs the Church

    Waters explains the two different schools of thought regarding church government and why Presbyterians, and particularly the PCA has chosen the latter-jure humano (by human right) and jure divino (by divine right). He writes, “by jure divino we mean that the fundamental principles of Apostolic church government have been retained, and are legitimately applied in the circumstances and under the conditions which are peculiar to our own age and country.

  • This Little Church Had None

    This Little Church Had None is a call for the church to return to God’s agenda and assignment in preaching and teaching the truth in a life transforming way. What makes that so difficult today is we are living at a time when the concept of truth is not very clear because the emphasis is not on God but man.

  • Seeking a Revival Culture

    In this book you will hear the plea for repentance for sin manifesting itself in changing the way you think which in turn determines the way you live or behave. Yes, our lifestyle does make a difference and seeing Christ as Lord in all of life, living with a kingdom world and life view perspective is the proper aim for Christian living.

  • What Is the Mission of the Church? Making Sense of Social Justice, Shalom, and the Great Commission

    This book is really a book about Christian living as well as one that helps define and clarify the church’s mission. The primary mission of the church is through proclamation and teaching of the Word to make disciples. The church’s role is not changing culture but to preach and teach the Word of God to the end of making people to be more and more like Jesus.

  • Gracie: Standing with Hope

    Gracie Parker Rosenberger is a remarkable woman who lives a remarkable life and she has much to teach us all about standing in hope.Her story opens the reader’s eyes to the reality of the presence of God in all circumstances, the sufficiency of His power to help His children overcome their greatest sorrows and fears, and His ability to give abundantly more than we can think of or imagine.

  • Reformed Dogmatics

    It will be a magnificent book to own, read, study, and use in one’s personal spiritual growth, as well as in preaching and teaching the Word. I feel much freer to recommend this one volume in hopes that it will encourage our pastors and teachers to read, use, and refer to Bavinck regularly. The first chapter of the book,”Dogmatic Theology as a Science” is worth the entire book. It should be required reading for every seminary student and or at least by the Presbytery’s examining committee of its candidates for ordination. John Bolt and those who assisted him in this project are to be commended.

  • Saving Leonardo: A Call to Resist the Secular Assault on Mind, Morals, & Meaning

    After showing the impact and results of secularism and its dualistic approach to life in the area of art, movies, and culture in general, Pearceyreminds us of the challenge for Christians, people of the truth, who see Christianity as a total truth system, a way of life, a world view from a kingdom perspective, we must see ourselves as missionaries to our own cultue. Of course the church plays a major role in equipping people to live with a total Christian worldview.

  • Abraham Kuyper: A Short and Personal Introduction

    The fall does not take man out of the world, but requires that as new creatures in Christ that he go into the world. This bookwill strengthen, broaden, and helpequip you with a world and life view and with a kingdom of God perspective. By the way, it is a good book to use in a small group setting. Much fruit will grow from that tree.

  • Living in God’s Two Kingdoms

    We believe the church’s role is to live redemptively in the kingdom, and while it has not been assigned the responsibility to transform culture, as salt and light, there will be a strong Christian witness as Christians live as kingdom disciples.If you will read this book from the perspective that the church is part of the kingdom, while not synonymous with the kingdom nor removed from it, but understand the “spiritual mission” of the church within the kingdom, you will find much to feed on in these pages.

  • Politics According to the Bible

    How can and should a Christian seek to influence government and what are the biblical principles concerning government?Christians need to know that God cannot be left out of or separated from any area of life, especially the political. What does a Christian need to know and do in such a circumstance to think clearly about politics from a biblical perspective?

  • An Evaluation of Gender Language in the 2011 NIV Bible

    The last two attempts at revising the NIV were met with a great deal of controversy due to their use of a gender-neutral philosophy of translation. The gender-neutral approach of the TNIV (Today’s New International Version) in 2002 and 2005 became such a lightning-rod that the version never caught on with American evangelicals and has now been discontinued.

  • The Masculine Mandate: God’s Calling to Men

    Postmodernity is peddling a disastrously feminized view of masculinity, surrendering men’s God-given roles to women and exalting a monosexualism that flies directly in the face of God’s purposes for creation. There is a crying need in the church today to recover a biblical view of manhood. But we must be certain that our vision of what a man is called to be is reached through sound exegesis of the texts relating to masculinity. Phillips’ excellent book provides that exegesis.

  • Bible Study: Following the Ways of the Word

    In preparation for writing this kingdom tool, the author included friends in ministry throughout the world to have a voice in sharing valued perspectives, challenges, and clarification as we think through exactly what we are doing in Bible study. This equipping tool should be in the hands of men and women who hunger and thirst for the Word of God in their own lives and who desire to faithfully pass on its truths to succeeding generations.

  • Generation Ex-Christian

    This book deals with those who are turning away from the church, and in many cases are turning away from God. They are not only leaving the church, they claim to be leaving the faith.This emerging generation of young adults is steeped in the street version of postmodernism. They actually believe that truth is whatever an individual wants it to be.

  • America’s Four Gods, What We Say About God–& What That Says About Us

    You will want to read this book, including the actual study set forth in the book.We could be talking about God in several different ways thus not communicating clearly and not building an understanding of who he says he is and not understanding the person or people with whom we are speaking.

  • Dictionary of Everyday Theology and Culture

    Our biblical worldview is sustained by understanding biblical truths and applying these truths to everyday life. The editors of Dictionary of Everyday Theology and Culture bring together doctrine and current issues shedding light on how we respond to cultural challenges.

  • Ten Myths About Calvinism, Recovering the Breadth of the Reformed Tradition

    This bookshould be in the hands of every reformed pastor and teacher, especially those identifying themselves as Calvinists. This is a very important and timely book.The author reminds us that Calvinism is a complex system and within that system there is diversity.

  • The Next Christians, How a New Generation is Restoring the Faith

    The Next Christians is a book that church leaders and teachers ought to read. Whether or not you share Gabe Lyons’ cultural analysis and optimism regarding the future of Christianity, this book will help you understand what is happening, especially among the rising generation.It is a power packed easy read.

  • Justification, Being Made Right With God

    In light of thebook The New Perspectives of Paul, if you would like to read a briefer treatise on the topic and better understand the doctrine of justification and how it impacts our Christian life then Justification, Being Made Right With God is the book to read.

  • The Good News We Almost Forgot, Rediscovering the Gospel in a 16th Century Catechism

    Having focused on making kingdom disciples in our ministry at CEP, DeYoung’s explanation of Lord’s Day 48 regarding the meaning of the petition in the Lord’s Prayer, “your kingdom come…” reminds us of what discipleship is all about.

  • A Faith of Their Own, Stability and Change in the Religiosity of America’s Adolescents

    Christian Smith concluded that while contrary to popular opinion that young people were turned off to religion, they were actually quite religious; however he described their religion as “moralistic therapeutic deism.”The authors, in pursuing their research, underscore the importance of listening to and then responding to the teenagers’ thoughts about religion.

  • Gospel Clarity, Challenging The New Perspective On Paul

    Not only do the authors do an outstanding job of explaining the weaknesses and errors of Wright’s thinking on Paul, known as the new perspectives, the doctrine of justification by faith is presented in a clear and challenging manner. Read this book!Study this book! Discuss in your church and small groups.

  • CEP Interviews Philip Yancey about his new book–What Good is God?

    The follow is an interview with Philip Yancey, New York Times best selling author. His recent book, What Good is God? In Search of a Faith That Matters, (Faith Words, 2010, 287 pages) sets the stage for the interview. Yancey is the author of numerous books that CEP recommends including: Disappointment with God, Where is God When It Hurts, Finding God in Unexpected Places are among the list of challenging, helpful, and available books.

  • 25 Basic Bible Studies Including Two Contents, Two Realities

    This is a little book (booklet) that church leaders and Christians in general should read often or at least periodically.The church, and especially Christian education’s assignment is to disciple people with the truth of sound doctrine. That has never been truer than this present time.

  • Almost Christian, What The Faith of our Teenagers is Telling The American Church

    This materialis compiled fromthe largest study to date on the American teenager from 13-17 years of age.They have much to say especially about money, sex, and family relationships. Teenagers share four things: a personal story about God, a deep connection to a community of faith, a sense of purpose, and a sense of hope about the future.

  • God’s Plan for Peace in the Middle East

    By Dr. Michael Woodham. Humanly speaking, there simply does not seem to be an answer to the persistent problems of finding a politically based peace plan. So, is there really no hope for peace in Israel and the Middle East?

  • The Jesus Storybook Bible

    Why is everyone in children’s ministry so energized by this book? There are hundreds of children’s story Bibles. Read and see what makes this one special.

  • Covenant Discipleship Parents’ Handbook

    This book is a tool giving the oversight of teaching the essence of church membership back to parents.

  • Gospel-Powered Parenting

    This book is being used in many of our churches as a tool for training parents in a small group setting.There have been thousands of books written on parenting but this one surely takes us to the heart of the problem.

  • Republocrat, Confessions of a Liberal Conservative

    The entire political scene in our country and throughout North America could not be more uncertain, divisive, and fragmented. We need a clear Christian perspective on the political philosophy and its application.

  • The Book Study Concordance of the Greek New Testament

    This is not your general concordance; this one is for your study of individual books of the Bible.

  • ReChurch – Healing Your Way Back to the People of God

    By Allan McLean. Not only does God tell us what his Church looks like and how majestic and glorious it is, he tells us what we look like and the potential that resides in all of us, both good and bad. Every pastor and ruling elder if not every member of the church should read this book.

  • John Stott at Keswick, A Lifetime of Preaching

    This isa book of some of the most outstanding sermons that Stott delivered between 1965 and 2000 AD at the Keswick Conventions.

  • Basic Christian, The Inside Story of John Stott

    This is a biography of John Stott. It basically focuses on that part of Stott’s life that began with his ministry at All Soul’s parish church in London to his worldwide ministry on all the major continents of the world.

  • The Last Word

    In reading thisbook you will not only learn from and about a master disciplemaker, you will not be the same as you take to heart his words.

  • The Radical Disciple

    Stott selects eight aspects of discipleship that he believes most Christians often neglect.

  • Meetings for Better Understanding: A Church Without Walls Model for Reaching Muslims for Christ

    Do we understand the Muslims we see everywhere in our culture today? When we see them in the grocery store, department store, malls, etc., what is our natural tendency? We avoid contact and certainly are both fearful and hesitant to talk with them…

  • Hidden Worldviews, Eight Cultural Stories That Shape Our Lives

    Sanford and Wilkens have identified eightculturally oriented worldviews that subtly work their way into a Christian’s mind and heart thus impacting their daily lives and often without ever giving them a second thought. These hidden worldviews have the power to knock us off course in our Christian life and actually cause us to betray who we say we are and what we are supposed to stand for.

  • Glory Road

    Why are more Christians not Reformed in their theology? This volume is about contemporary Christians who are not ashamed to embrace Reformational Christianity;not only rare for American Christians today, but it is twice as rare for an African-American Christian.

  • Through His Eyes: God’s Perspective on Women in the Bible

    Jerram Barrs is a masterful storyteller, bringing the lives and times of different biblical women alive to the reader. In each chapter, Jerram relates the historical setting and cultural practices to present-day practices to help the reader identify more closely with the biblical women.

  • An Intro to Nancy Guthrie

    Hoping for Something Better, by Nancy Guthrie Review by Jean Bronson On a Saturday morning in October I sent this email to the ladies serving as discussion leaders in our church. The subject line read a revival in my kitchen. Hi Girls – Bill’s at the men’s retreat and I’ve been sitting in my kitchen … Continued

  • God’s Story Bible Coloring Book

    The newest SHOW ME JESUS curriculum support from Great Commission Publications is a 300+ page Bible coloring book. However it is much, much more than a coloring book. Along with the 158 reproducible Bible pictures for coloring are 158 pages filled with activities and classroom helps for teaching the story depicted on the coloring page.

  • The Trellis and the Vine, The Ministry Mind-Shift that Changes Everything

    The church’s major role and assignment is to make disciples. And with that in place the authors begin to develop that assignment in what actually becomes a new paradigm for most churches, even those who are convinced they are doing discipleship training. Equipping God’s people to use their gifts in the local church is what it is all about.

  • Francis Schaeffer, A Mind and Heart for God

    This book is about Francis Schaeffer. It is probably the best book I have read and could recommend to anyone wanting to know more about Schaeffer. It is concise and to the point.

  • The Elder. Today’s Ministry Rooted in All of Scripture

    This book will serve professors, students, pastors, and laymen well in their understanding and application of what it means to be a servant leader elder in the Church of Jesus Christ. This book will be an exceedingly valuable tool for all who are serious about the ordinary means of grace ministry described and prescribed in Scripture.

  • Liberating Black Theology, The Bible and the Black Experience in America

    With the things going on in the United States today politically, as well as theologically, this book is needed to help not only black America but each of us to know how to think, assess, and conclude with an understanding of biblical Christianity and the orthodox faith. In dealing with the black’s circumstances and trying to apply the Neo-Orthodox/liberal Marxist scenario, the problems are simply proliferated because it ultimately addresses the wrong issues today.

  • Deep Church: A Third Way Beyond Emerging and Traditional

    A primer on the ongoing and growing divide between the traditional church and the emerging church. Belcher writes in a gracious, winsome, pastoral style and draws you in to his desire to find common ground between the two camps.

  • Is The Father Of Jesus The God Of Muhammad?

    Though Islam in its Koran and other religious writings contain many references to Jesus, it does so only to see him as a prophet, a man like Muhammad. This is an important book for Christians, especially Christian leaders to read. Christians in the West and especially in North America need to be alert, with eyes opened, and informed minds as to why Islam is such a danger and threat to Christianity.

  • Pocket Dictionary of Biblical Studies

    Anothervolume in the InterVarsity Pocket Dictionary Series.Easy to use and generally not superficial as you might expect in a pocket type book.In the Biblical Studies volume you will find a definition of terms such as: syncretism, Noahic covenant, Dead Sea Scrolls, theophany, ecclesia, to name a few of the over 300 terms.

  • Why Do You Think the Way You Do

    Thankfully there are some within evangelical, and especially evangelical and reformed Christianity, that are waking up to the fact that Christianity is a religion not only concerned about a personal relationship with our triune God, but it is an entire way of life-that in being a Christian more is required than simply praying and witnessing to the saving work of Christ, important and central as those are.

  • Small Things Big Things, Inspiring Stories of Everyday Grace

    In these 52 pithy sections, Milton shares with us some of his life impacting situations including some of his griefs, trials, joys, and other aspects of his life.

  • J. I. Packer and the Evangelical Future, The Impact of His Life and Thought

    Here are over 300 terms clearly & concisely defined. Packer is a man of prayer as well as valiant for the truth. His theology is focused on doxology and devotion. He is famous for his distinction between biblical theology and tradition.

  • Souls in Transition, The Religious & Spiritual Lives of Emerging Adults

    “Emerging Adults” is a label used to describe the 18-30 year olds and in this particular study it will focus on the 18-24 segment of that group.Religious leaders, including pastors, youth workers, teachers, andespecially parents, not to mention the academicians and cultural analysts will benefit significantly from this study.Young people themselves will also find this book unusually accurate and reliable in understanding themselves and their immediate peers.

  • From Tim, the Bookstore Manager

    A few books recommended by Tim, the PCA Bookstore Manager. Great ideas for gifts this holiday season, or just good personal reads, your decision!

  • Danny’s Suggestions for Christmas Gifts

    With the explosion in popularity of fiction books targeted at young adults, one might think that teenagers today are turning the current trend toward not wanting to read anything longer than text messages or tweets around. However, it seems like once you move away from teenage wizards named Harry and angst ridden, love fueled vampires named Edward that young people have a tendency to stop reading…

  • Ideas for Gifts from Dennis, Training and Resource Coordinator

    A list of great gift ideas from CEP’s Training and Resource Coordinator. Don’t miss out on this great selection of quality books…

  • Jane’s Christmas List of Good Reads

    My annual Christmas list always is filled with good reads for family and friends. Last year many received Nancy Guthrie’s anthology, Come Thou Long – Expected Jesus. I commend it again this year as a rich tool to help prepare your heart for the joyous celebration of the King of Kings…

  • The Seven Faith Tribes, Who They Are, What They Believe, and Why They Matter

    Can there really be unity among all the diversity that surrounds us? We need to develop a community where shared values emerge and are intentionally practiced. Read this book but only if you are willing to wrestle with the opportunity to be part of the cure and not the sickness.

  • Justification, God’s Plan and Paul’s Vision

    From time to time it is important to mention a book that is important and influential even though I have to disagree with its content.This is not an easy task because there are many good things that I have read and appreciated by the author even though Idisagree with him on a number of issues;justification being one. Read this book, carefully, discerningly, and with much caution.

  • Why We Love the Church: In Praise of Institutions and Organized Religion

    I agree with J. I. Packer. When I read Why We Love the Church, I wanted to stand up and cheer. I have been reading so many books and blogs from people who do not speak a love language regarding the church or organized religion. Granted, there are blemishes and spots and things that need correcting regarding the church but as the bride of Christ, whom he loves, we too must love the church, and you cannot separate the organism aspect of the church from the organized as many are trying to do.

  • The End of Secularism

    As the lead article in this issue indicates there has been great confusion regarding the broad issue of God and politics, especially as it relates to the frequently heard church and state separation issue and the united states Constitutional position. on the one hand you have the secularists who want to exclude God from all public discourse, especially politics, and on the other hand you have some Christians who claim that America was founded on Christian principles; therefore, the church cannot be left out of the state or politics. Hunter Baker suggests both tend to over state their case.

  • Books of the Future

    In the distant future I see a “book” that will allow me to underline with straight lines that later doesn’t hinder my reading because the line blotted out the words. There will also be the ability to highlight entire paragraphs and be able to use as many different colors as desired, using each color to represent whatever I want it to emphasize. This new book will allow me to add my own notes, not only in the margins, but between lines that I can separate.

  • TrueU: Does God Exist?

    A 10 part video series by Drs. Dale Tackett and Stephen Meyer produced by Focus on the Family.

  • Imminent Domain: The Story of the Kingdom of God and His Celebration

    The title drew me to this book written by Ben Witherington, Professor of New Testament, Asbury seminary, and faculty in the doctoral program at st. Andrews university in scotland. Being less than 100 pages, I thought this would be an easy read. I found that while it was easy to read, it required some thinking, checking scripture references, and playing around with some of the end questions. Consequently, I underlined a lot.

  • The Christian Life Profile Assessment Tool: Discovering the Quality of Your Relationship with God and Others in 30 Key Areas

    If you read the report issued by Willow Creek Church a couple of years ago you know how a lot of people feel about their lack of spiritual growth. In fact, let me ask you a question: over this last year how much have you grown spiritually? This is not a minor question. I have been looking for a long time for a tool to use to help me, and the church overall, to be able to start measuring spiritual growth.

  • The Christian Mind: How Should A Christian Think?

    The main thing that underscores our being the image of God is namely our ability and capacity to think. How tragic when we do not. People in general, but Christians in particular, face some extremely serious, complicated, and complex issues. The need to know how to think from a Christian perspective has never been more urgent.

  • When Kids Hurt: Help for Adults Navigating the Adolescent Maze

    What does an author do when he writes an academic youth ministry book that is critically acclaimed in youth ministry circles and sells beyond all expectations? Simple. He writes another book on the same topic only this time he joins with another expert in the field and moves from the academic into the practical. Dr. Chap Clark, Fuller Theological Seminary professor, made the compelling case in his book Hurt: Inside the Mind of Today’s Teenager that teenagers in today’s culture have been systemically abandoned by the adults and institutions that have traditionally cared for them. The resulting effect of this abandonment is a generation of hurting, disenfranchised young people who, somewhat ironically, are actually craving relationships with the very same adults who have abandoned them.

  • Learning Evangelism from Jesus

    Jerram Barrs has given us a good sequel to his earlier book, The Heart of Evangelism. This book is more focused in dealing with how Jesus approached the subject we would call evangelism. I agree with David Wells. “This is not a book about evangelism technique but about doing evangelism biblically.” In one sense we can say that Jesus did not have a particular methodology in doing evangelism; yet on the other hand, there are certain aspects that are a common thread in his approach. We perhaps should say that Jesus always had an objective in mind, though it was always applied by situation or context.

  • Issues Facing Christians Today

    Along with The Christian Mind, this book is among the list of several books that I recommend using in making kingdom disciples, or those who know how to think God’s thoughts after Him and apply them to life or how to think with a transformed mind. Blamires deals with the necessity of the concept of the Christian mind while Stott is more hands on with the topic by looking at issues we are facing today.

  • The Prayer of the Lord

    Whether you feel competent to pray or not, it is always beneficial to rethink prayer – what it is, how to pray, and how not to pray. It is also good to be reminded that the number one object of our prayers is God Himself and His will. R. C. Sproul, in his usual manner of making difficult issues relating to theology and the Christian life accessible to us, has done a good thing in these ten chapters on prayer, focusing on the model prayer we know as the Lord’s Prayer.

  • The Doctrines of Grace: Rediscovering the Evangelical Gospel

    The book is clear. It is not about any kind of Christianity but Calvinism because Boice believed that Calvinism was good for the church and its abandonment usually led to liberalism. Ryken’s comment in the preface gives you an idea of what the book is all about. From chapter eight, which Ryken calls the most important chapter in the book, Boice wanted to portray a kind of Christianity that was biblically based and theologically rigorous Calvinism but also practical and warm hearted. Ryken said, Boice so “earnestly wanted to convey the warmth and vitality of true Reformed spirituality.”

  • Bioethics: A Reformed Look at Life and Death Choices

    The book reminds us that when we speak of man being in the image of God, it not only applies to his healthy state but his sick one as well. Christians should read and study this book. The church should be challenged to think about its role as it is called to embody the love and grace of God to its members.

  • The Leadership Dynamic: A Biblical Model for Raising Effective Leaders

    Reeder’s 3-D Leadership paradigm of define, develop and deploy gives a good context for all the specifics in the book. Because one of the main points in the book is to train and disciple leaders and potential leaders, this book will be a valuable tool for a pastor to have and use in discipling church leaders. My recommendation is to read it and use it in the process.

  • The Death Penalty on Trial: Taking a Life for a Life Taken

    The book starts out the introduction with a challenge. It asks if you could give coherent reasons for your position on the issue of capital punishment. The author then explains that his aim is to challenge the reader “to develop your mind and your understanding about this important and controversial issue so that you are equipped to explain capital punishment from a moral historical and biblical perspective.”

  • John Calvin and His Passion for the Majesty of God

    This small book would be a good introduction or review of the person and work of the most influential Reformer of the sixteenth century. In his popular style of writing, Piper focuses on what he sees as the central theme in the life and ministry of Calvin, the supremacy and majesty of God. He frequently refers to Calvin’s passion for this theme.

  • The Prodigal God

    Keller challenges his readers to examine whether they have “an elder-brother” spirit also. Do they believe they deserve better than what God gives them? Do they possess a bitter spirit? Do they feel superior because of their good works? Do they live joyless, slavish lives of fear and uncertainty? Are their prayer lives anemic? Keller contends that the church is full of elder-brother types.

  • The Great Emergence: How Christianity is Changing and Why

    In this brief and breezy book, Phyllis Tickle (formerly Religion editor for Publishers Weekly) introduces readers to the phenomenon that has come to be known as the emerging church movement.

  • Job: Lessons in Comfort

    Frankie approaches the book of Job from the angle of comfort in suffering. All thirteen lessons constantly point us not to Job or his situation but to our covenant-keeping God who has perfect, loving control of every aspect of our lives, even when it seems He is clueless to our needs.

  • The Faith: Given Once, For All

    This book will be a good review for some, extremely instructive for others, but worth every Christian’s read. I especially like this book because it underscores the church’s mission to equip Christians to live as kingdom people. The book is full of examples from people such as William Wilberforce, George Whitfield, and others who did just that.

  • What is God? An Investigation of the Perfection of God’s Nature

    What is so helpful about this book is that it follows the pattern set out by J. Oliver Buswell in his systematics, explaining God by using the fourth question of the Shorter Catechism. Point by point you will see God clearer and clearer for who He is.

  • Pocket Dictionary of Church History

    Church history is one of those topics that Christians should have high on their list for study and comprehension. So many things going on in the church and world today are not entirely new. Understanding the past can help us assess and determine the importance of today’s circumstances.

  • The One Year Make It Stick Devotions

    We do not normally review children’s books, but once in a while one comes along that deserves special mention. Emmett Cooper (PCA) is a master at developing ways to help people remember, and this book has many such helps.

  • The Certainty of the Faith: Apologetics in an Uncertain World

    Here is a book that I would like to see serious minded Christians own, read, and study. I would like to see Sunday school classes and other small groups work through this book because the layout lends itself to that type of study. Richard Ramsay, a PCA teaching elder with a variety of experiences and ministries, has given us a primer on apologetics that is reader friendly.

  • The Courage to Be Protestant: Truth-Lovers, Marketers, and Emergents in the Postmodern World

    Wells has the gift of being insightful, intuitive, and wise in his understanding of Christianity and how it relates or does not relate to the present culture. With all the talk and writing about the emergents, postmodernists, and post-conservatives, Wells demonstrates how it is producing a kind of Protestantism, or even an evangelicalism, that is not standing firmly on a Scriptural foundation.

  • Living at the Crossroads: An Introduction to Christian Worldview

    The authors are committed to the task of doing what many good books on a Christian worldview fail to do, something that we believe is absolutely critical to the world and life view – keeping it connected with the kingdom of God. The book gives a good overall concept of an approach to Christian discipleship from a kingdom perspective.

  • What is God? An Investigation of the Perfection of God’s Nature

    What is so helpful about this book is in explaining God by using the fourth question of the Shorter Catechism. Point by point you will see God clearer and clearer for who He is.

  • Young, Restless, Reformed: A Journalist’s Journey with the New Calvinists

    Weary of churches that seek to entertain rather than teach, longing after the true meat of the Word,young people are pursuing doctrine. Discover how God is moving among the young, the restless, and the Reformed.

  • Quitting Church: Why the Faithful Are Fleeing

    People are not being spiritually fed, cared for, or given an opportunity to serve. What’s the solution? Coffee house type churches? House churches? Internet community worship? Or nothing at all? Pastors, read this book and get your leaders to read it and discuss it.

  • Singleness Redefined

    One of the most accelerated growth demographics in culture and the church is that of singles. How does the local church minister to and steward this expanding portion of God’s family? How do single women of all ages live out God’s sovereign purposes with joy and abundance?

  • Christ and Culture Revisited

    A book that causes us to think about what it means to be in the world but not of the world. Knowing what culture is, how to relate to the culture, and how to think about it as it relates to the church and kingdom are crucial questions.Today, we find Christians attempting to divorce themselves from culture, though it is actually impossible; simply going with the flow of culture and not questioning it; or caught in the middle wanting to know how to understand, interact, and live within culture.

  • 101 Portraits of Jesus in the Hebrew Scriptures

    This is an interesting book that will be a good text to encourage people to spend more time in the Old Testament; not only for the history but to see how Christ is revealed throughout it.

  • Exploring the Bible

    These books are designed for new Christians who want to know the basics of the faith. They were originally created for teachers who wanted to teach the basics. Each chapter contains application activities and discussion questions for individual use or group study.

  • Polishing God’s Monuments

    As you read this book, be prepared not to put it down . It is heart and mind gripping. What a book to read personally or give to a friend experiencing suffering or hard times.

  • The Decline of African American Theology: From Biblical Faith to Cultural Captivity

    This is a good book to read now and to be exposed, at least by way of reminder, to the horrors of slavery. Learn how that experience influenced, and still influences, African American preachers.

  • How We Got the Bible: A Visual Journey

    The book begins with a description of early writing, alphabets, writing utensils, and writing surfaces. It goes on to explain all the different types of manuscripts and how they influenced the copies of the Bible found in different places throughout the early church world, including the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Greek Old Testament.

  • African Bible Commentary

    For the first time, there is a one volume commentary written by non-Westerners for Africans. Over 70 African evangelical scholars worked for more than a decade to produce this much needed work.

  • The Essence of the Church: A Community Created by the Spirit

    This book does what the author intended; to help us engage the complexity of the situation we now encounter in North America and to help us think about the very missional essence of the church in a way that will mobilize church people to see their own missional role in the world, both in the church and the kingdom.

  • Understand Four Views on Baptism

    The Old Testament saints had many ways to live and relive the great works of God, such as the Passover. The saints today have two basic ways to do the same in the sacraments. But why are there so many different positions on each of these subjects?

  • The Outrageous Idea of Academic Faithfulness: A Guide for Students

    Even though the authors state that the Christian life is much more than academic faithfulness, much of the rest depends on this area. They claim that this is a book about discipleship, and discipleship is a life long process. They state that their desire is for the reader to experience “the unending challenge of exalting Christ as Lord of your thinking.” One of the best ways to experience this is to learn together.

  • The Two Tasks of the Christian Scholar: Redeeming the Soul, Redeeming the Mind

    This is not only a book that critiques, it contains suggestions on how to go about fixing the problem. We must help students see that Christianity is more than simply going to church but that our Christian faith is the basis or foundation for all that we are and do.

  • 1 & 2 Corinthians: Holman New Testament Commentary

    This is only one volume in the commentary series, some being more helpful than others, and it is worth knowing about and having available for preachers and teachers. While not being a distinctive exegetical commentary format, these commentaries are easy to follow, even without knowledge of the original languages.

  • The Supremacy of Christ in a Postmodern World

    This is an important book. I begin by saying without any equivocation that it should be read by pastors, church leaders, and students. The chapters represent lectures given by six men, all well known pastor-theologians, at a 2006 conference sponsored by Desiring God.

  • Renewing Minds: Serving Church and Society Through Christian Higher Education

    The book is solidly biblical and theologically challenging. Its primary thrust is to challenge, equip, and prepare this generation not to isolate itself from the “secular” postmodern world; not to assimilate those teachings into the Christian agenda, but to engage this world with a distinctively Christian worldview.

  • Truth With Love: The Apologetics of Francis Schaeffer

    In this multifaceted 200 page book, Follis does a magnificent job of capturing Francis Schaeffer. While it focuses on the apologetics of Schaeffer, it is also a biography. Obviously, because it is about Schaeffer and his apologetics, it is also about his biblically Reformed theology and how he applied it to one of the most unique ministries of the twentieth century.

  • UnChristian: What a New Generation Thinks About Christianity… And Why It Matters

    In my opinion, it is time to move away from pointing out the issues of the church and move toward finding biblical solutions to those problems. Much to my surprise, I found that the authors of UnChristian worked hard to strike the appropriate balance between critique of the church and solutions for the church.

  • ReThinking Worldview: Learning to Think, Live, and Speak in This World

    If there is one thing Christians need to do and do better, it is to think from a worldview perspective. A Christian worldview perspective is just too vital a part of kingdom thinking.

  • Holman Treasury of Key Bible Words

    It is so helpful to know that for those of us who did not excel with our Greek and Hebrew that there are many good reference works that explain the major words for us.

  • A Dictionary of Early Christian Beliefs

    Like many of you, the sound of books dealing with the period after the first century leaves me wanting, but here is a book that is quite helpful in researching the beliefs of the early church.

  • A Little Primer on Humble Apologetics

    Apologetics is not simply about arguing or winning debates; it is about building relationships.Read this book. Whether apologetics is your calling or gift, reading this primer will bless your life and challenge your mind and heart.

  • Church Is a Team Sport : A Championship Strategy for Doing Ministry Together

    Church Is a Team Sport is encouraging, informative, instructional, and a testimony of God’s grace and transforming power. It is not about sensationalism. Rather, you see God glorified through a servant who was broken, experienced the transforming power of God in his life, and is now striving to be faithful and obedient to the Great Commission.

  • The Empty Pew: Caring for Those Who Leave

    This book is written for officers of the church, particularly the pastoral officers, ruling and teaching elders. Every section of the book has a “Points to Ponder” with very perceptive questions. It would do every Session good to discuss these in the context of their ministry.

  • Jim & Casper Go To Church: Frank Conversation About Faith, Churches, and Well-meaning Christians

    What are we doing right and what do we need to do better? These are two very valid questions this book will inspire you to answer. The book is an easy read and often a sad commentary; however, you might pick up some insights on how non-church people look at your church.

  • The Complete Gathered Gold

    This is a valuable book. It contains quotes and statements on a variety of subjects such as atonement, death, happiness, love for others, praise, etc. This compilation isexcellent in quality and well worth keeping in your library.

  • The IVP Introduction to the Bible

    Here is a helpful book for new Christians, Bible teachers, and preachers. Of course to rightly interpret the Old Testament, as well as the New Testament, you must be aware of the cultural and historical setting of each book. This book will be extremely helpful to that end.

  • The Book of Worship

    The Book of Worship is an excellent resource for family or personal devotions. Its selected texts, hymns, and church calendar format are sure to bless you in your daily walk.

  • The Prayer of Jehoshaphat

    God included many prayers in the Bible to help His people learn how to pray. One of the most instructive prayers is tucked away in the book of 2 Chronicles. Perhaps you share my inclination to skim over it quickly. If so, my prayer is that The Prayer of Jehoshaphat (not to be confused with Bruce Wilkinson’s book, The Prayer of Jabez) will not only strengthen your prayer life but also your conviction that all Scripture is indeed profitable for teaching, reproof, correction, and training in righteousness.

  • The Complete Book of Life’s Questions with Answers From the Bible

    The authors saythe book was ten years in the making and born out of frustrations of being asked a lot of questions about God, life, and the Bible, and not having good answers and not knowing where to find them.

  • Breaking the Idols of Your Heart: How to Navigate the Temptations of Life

    Breaking the Idols of Your Heart is a unique approach to an important Bible book. We want to encourage our readers to read and study Ecclesiastes. It is a world and life view book that enables us to understand the importance of a biblically Reformed world view and how to distinguish non-Christian thinking “under the sun,” to Christian thinking “above the sun.”

  • Praying at Burger King

    Praying at Burger King is a collection of brief, thought-provoking essays that are written for the purpose of challenging us to think how we can apply our Christian faith and witness in everyday situations.

  • Simple Church: Returning to God’s Process for Making Disciples

    This bookfocuses on transformational discipleship. That’s what the church is all about, not programs or schedules, but being intentional in every phase of the church’s life in its objective. The book challenges us to think about what we are doing, whether it is in ministering to the rising generation or church life in general.

  • Amazing Grace in the Life of William Wilberforce

    Amazing Grace is a book that every Christian should read. It is an easy read that captures the heart and mind of the William Wilberforce, who led Great Britain to finally make buying, selling, and owning slaves illegal. While this book is an easy read, it is powerfully challenging.

  • Hearts and Minds: Raising Your Child with a Christian View of the World

    This book is a valuable tool because it does not bypass doctrines, philosophy, and theology of the Christian faith, and it is rich in what parents must do to clearly communicate those things to their children.

  • Tough Questions About God, Faith and Life: Answers to Difficult Questions Teens Ask

    This book will help you know how to deal with tough issues in a way that will encourage and model for your children how to think like a Christian. Colson’s prayer is that this book will enable you to assist your covenant children in becoming lovers and defenders of the truth.

  • A Deep Ministry in a Shallow World: Not-so Secret Findings About Youth Ministry

    This is a deeper view of the kingdom of God that says following Jesus means more than sin management. It says that the kingdom of God means we’re active in trying to serve and improve families, schools, and the entire community. He goes on to develop the challenge that to reach today’s youth, we can no longer have success simply using an “add water and stir” approach.

  • Salvation Belongs to the Lord

    In a readable and understandable style, Frame gives us the big picture of the Sovereign God and Lordship over all things, including the church and salvation. Here is book that you must read, preach, and teach.

  • Proverbs

    If there is one message that comes through from Proverbs and should be part of the kingdom discipleship emphasis, it is that life and reality are all about the sovereign Lord who has created a life and reality that has structure, meaning, and purpose as we live according to his design.

  • Why a Suffering World Makes Sense

    Some cannot accept a good and loving God while living with pain and suffering. Chris Tiegreen brings this into focus in a simplistic yet profound way and shows us how it is to live in a fallen world. He brings us face-to-face with suffering and pain in his personal experience with his sixteen-year-old son.

  • Rapture Fiction and the Evangelical Crisis

    What is evident from the sales of these books is that people are hungry to know what lies ahead, and knowing what lies ahead should lead us to living life now under the authority of our Lord. We need to be teaching our people to discern truth from error/fiction. Here is an area of great need and concern. This book can help.

  • Same Lake, Different Boat: Coming Alongside People Touched by Disability

    Same Lake, Different Boat reminds us that not all people are comfortable or at ease with the disabled, especially those with “cognitive disabilities,” therefore do not know how to relate to someone with a disability. This book will help you and challenge you to think more biblically about this ministry.

  • What Jesus Demands from the World

    Buy this book! Read it carefully and prayerfully! Teach it to your children as you pass its truth on to the next generation.

  • The Daily Reading Bible, ESV

    For those who want an accurate, readable, and reliable translation of the Bible, the ESV is our recommendation.

  • Pastor Driven Stewardship: 10 Steps to Lead Your Church to Biblical Giving

    As the title says, this book is written for pastors. They are the key to teaching on stewardship and need to take the lead in this very important area of spiritual growth and discipleship.

  • Esther and Ruth, Reformed Expository Commentary

    The objective of this commentary series is to provide pastors, teachers and other Christians a narrative commentary on the books of the Bible. The commentaries are and will continue to be doctrinally Reformed and concentrate on the unifying theme of redemptive history.

  • Cornerstone Biblical Commentary: Job, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs

    This is volume six of a projected eighteen-volume set of commentaries written by capable scholars, using the New Living Translation text throughout the series.

  • This Little Church Went to Market

    An easy read but extremely challenging and thought provoking, especially as it addresses some of the forces and ideologies that are changing the church today. Things such as: marketing, entertainment, and therapy (psychology). The three forces mentioned above are influencing the church in definite and intentional ways and none of the three are found in Scripture, at least as they relate to the church.

  • Postmodernism 101: A First Course for the Curious Christian

    Here is a book that you will want to read, especially if you are trying to understand something of the postmodern world. The change in our culture is impacting every aspect of our lives, from private to public, religious and philosophical, to day to day living. While we are reminded that it is hard to identify our own worldview and be somewhat objective about our culture, we must put forth that effort or Christianity will never have the transforming influence on the world that God has in mind.

  • An Essential Guide to Public Speaking

    While this is a book about public speaking, it is also a book on good communication in general. You will find many helpful tools in speech preparation, implementation, and evaluation. While it focuses on public speaking, it actually talks about communication that touches each one of us.

  • Word to the World: The Collected Writings of William S. Barker

    This book is a demonstration of a Christian scholar of the highest caliber known for his Christian character and life, his knowledge of and commitment to the Reformed tradition, writing about Puritanism. If you have any question about the importance of history, especially church history, read this book and you will realize how vital knowledge in this area really is for Christians.

  • Spiritual Birthline, Understanding How We Experience the New Birth

    Here is a good book that you will want to read for personal edification, to help people understand the order of the salvation process, as well as how to help others understand the entire spiritual birthline sequence.

  • Princeton and Preaching: Archibald Alexander and the Christian Ministry

    The book is more than Princeton Seminary and more than Alexander’s view of preaching–it is a summary and cataloging of Alexander’s teaching on practical theology.

  • No More Excuses: Be the Man God Made You to Be

    The book looks into the lives of many men in the Bible and teaches how they both failed and also how many overcame their failures by the grace of God, and went on to make a impact in their families, church, communities, and the kingdom of God.

  • Esther and Ruth, Reformed Expository Commentary

    The objective of this commentary series is to provide pastors, teachers and other Christians a narrative commentary on the books of the Bible. The commentaries are and will continue to be doctrinally Reformed and concentrate on the unifying theme of redemptive history.

  • Contending for Our All: Defending the Truth And Treasuring Christ in the Lives of Athanasius

    There are more to be learned, but you really need to read the book that will inspire you to defend the truth more courageously, to love Christ and the Church more deeply, and to live life with more holiness.

  • The Answer: Putting an End to the Search for Life Satisfaction

    The reader will be excited to know that you can find “the Answer” in such a short read of 87 pages! What a wonderful tool The Answer can be by giving it to people who are searching for meaning, for truth, and for satisfaction in this world of chaos, hopelessness, and despair.

  • Revolutionary? Revolution: Worn Out on the Church? Finding Vibrant Faith Beyond the Walls of the Sanctuary

    Who should read this book and why? It should be read by pastors and other church leaders who have responsibility to lead the church in a manner that will serve God’s purpose to this generation in the hopes that the rising generation will have a clear understanding and commitment to God’s Word in their daily lives.

  • Warfare Witness: Contending with Spiritual Opposition in Everyday Evangelism

    The very nature of the growth of the Kingdom comes through evangelism. Christians cannot bear a peace mentality when it comes to proclaiming the gospel of reconciliation and emancipation. Christians are urged to understand that we are not living in peacetime, but in a great conflict between two kingdoms, that of Satan and God.

  • Growing Up Christian: Have You Taken Ownership of Your Relationship With God?

    To see the beauty, privilege and blessing of growing up in the church yet also see the subtle and sometimes obvious dangers of being raised in the “community of the saints” is a strong balance that every pastor, youth worker, parent, adolescent and child needs to have.

  • Grandpa’s Box: Retelling the Biblical Story of Redemption

    A great book for young readers, an unmatched teaching tool for children’s Bible teachers, and the perfect family devotional book all in one. Grandpa’s Box is all of these and is the best children’s book I have read in years.

  • Engaging the Soul of Youth Culture: Bridging Teen Worldviews and Christian Truth

    Engaging The Soul of Youth Culture is outstanding at representing solidly Reformed kingdom theology, with all the covenant ramifications, plus an up-to-date understanding of the rising generation.

  • Pocket History of Theology

    Not only does this concise view of the development of the church’s theology help us to see how God has worked through his church in its seeking to understand and articulate the biblical faith, but how that unfolding process has brought us to where we are today.

  • Ryken’s Bible Handbook, A Guide to Reading and Studying the Bible

    In this handbook each book of the Bible is outlined with information such as: implied purposes, author’s perspectives, implied audience, what unifies the book, special features of each particular book, challenges facing the reader or teacher of the book and how to meet that challenge.

  • Isaiah: God Saves Sinners

    Our needs go deeper than the remedies on sale in the marketplace of ideas today. Whether you are a believer or an unbeliever, wouldn’t you agree that the ‘solution of the riddle of life in space and time lies outside space and time?’

  • Genesis: A Commentary

    As you read the biblical book of Genesis and use a tool such as Waltke’s commentary, you will have a much greater appreciation for God’s covenant faithfulness, a better feel for God’s sovereignty and man’s responsibility, and God’s universal and mediatorial Kingdoms in which he blesses the nations.This commentary should be in your library and at the top of the list for Genesis.

  • Day by Day with Jonathan Edwards

    J. I. Packer, noted for his love and appreciation for the Puritans, wrote, “These are wonderful in the way that all good devotionals are-that is, they enlarge your sense of God’s greatness, goodness, and closeness to you, and so make you praise and pray. I am sure the readers will be greatly energized by them in faith and hope and love.”

  • The Westminster Handbook to Evangelical Theology

    This book is part of The Westminster Handbooks to Christian Theology series.It is written for scholars and students who study topics of theological significance. Olson writes about people, organizations and controversial subjects related to evangelical theology. It is concisely and clearly written. It will be an easy handbook to use.

  • Truth and the New Kind of Christian, The Emerging Effects of Postmodernism in the Church

    We need to know that truth is more than a linguistic or social construct that varies from person to person. Scott takes us there. This book is a must read, especially by church leaders today as they shepherd God’s people through the turbulent waters of the postmodern paradigm.

  • Lost In the Middle, Midlife and the Grace of God

    Though Lost In the Middle, Midlife and the Grace of God deals with that nebulous idea of midlife crisis, whenever that might occur, it has a powerfully challenging message. The material lends itself to valuable small group material for fruitful study and exchange.

  • I Peter

    Reflects both a grasp of the historical, but also has fresh ideas for us today. Just as there is great danger in using only commentaries from the past or only using the latest and most modern, continuity of the past and present works coming together is important.

  • Exodus: Saved for God’s Glory

    As with other books in this series, but especially this book, there is clearly demonstrated exegesis and solid theology that undergirds Exodus, giving creative ideas on preaching and teaching Exodus for today’s audience.

  • Avoiding Jesus, Answers for Skeptics, Cynics, and the Curious

    This book is worth reading and using in a study group, especially for parents and youth workers to use in ministering to youth and in other small group settings to train people in knowing how to share the Gospel, clearly and biblically.

  • The American Evangelical Story, A History of the Movement

    This book is readable, extremely interesting, and tremendously helpful in understanding why we are Presbyterians who are Reformed evangelicals following Presbyterian polity and government. This would be a good book for personal and group study.

  • Truth In All Its Glory: Commending the Reformed Faith

    This book could be used to prepare an officer in the church and to help us understand who we are in the Reformed faith. It is life-oriented because the author has a good grasp of our world and age and how the truths of the Reformed faith touch all areas of life. He does an outstanding job of showing the Reformed faith in its fullest and most glorious expression of biblical Christianity.

  • Praying Backwards: Transform Your Prayer Life by Beginning in Jesus Name

    One of the most strategic things a Christian can do is to pray. Prayer has been referred to as a Christian’s lifeblood. This book is challenging, practical, and able to assist you in thinking more intentionally about prayer.

  • The Kingdom Focused Leader: Seeing God At Work, In You, Through You, and Around You

    The author reminds us that Jesus Christ is king who directs the affairs of his eternal kingdom. He wants us to be “kingdom focused leaders” who understand that Jesus Christ is king of the kingdom with all authority. This book will be a good primer or refresher to all Christians in places of leadership or who aspire to be kingdom focused leaders.

  • The Big Picture Story Bible

    A great story Bible to read with young children, this Crossway publication gives the story of redemptive history in a way you and your children will love.

  • Adopted by God: From Wayward Sinners to Cherished Children

    If you want a whole new, different and refreshing way to present the Gospel to people, as well as a way to strengthen the people already in your church, then I highly recommend Adopted by God. It will change the way you look at God – and the Gospel as well.

  • A Geerhardus Vos Anthology, Biblical and Theological Insights Alphabetically Arranged

    Here is a resource book that every pastor ought to have in his library. As the title indicates, it contains quotes from the writings of Geerhardus Vos, who has been referred to by some as the “father of Reformed biblical theology.”

  • Partnering With Parents in Youth Ministry

    Partnering With Parents In Youth Ministry is a book that all youth workers, session members and youth ministry leadership teams should read. This strong, biblically healthy view of helping students and their families come to know Christ and grow in Christ could help churches across the country.

  • Soul Searching, the Religious and Spiritual Lives of American Teenagers

    Soul Searching deals with the place of religion in the life of the teenager. Let this book challenge you as parents and church leaders to evaluation what you are teaching the rising generation. More importantly, let it challenge you to examine your beliefs and practices and the teaching of the church.

  • Talking About Good and Bad Without Getting Ugly, A Guide to Moral Persuasion

    Today, to be tolerant and remain politically correct has come to mean that I cannot assume that you are wrong and I am right – we simply have different views and I must approve your views regardless of whether they are right or wrong. Adults should read this book. Students should carefully read it, and study groups can benefit from working through the eight chapters.

  • Depression: A Stubborn Darkness

    Thisis a book filled with hope and encouragement, whether you have experienced discouragement because of certain situations in life, or you know someone who has or is battling severe depression.

  • He Speaks to Me Everywhere: Meditations on Christianity and Culture

    Never has it been more important for Christians to understand that Christianity relates to all of life. As the sovereign and triune God, He does speak to us everywhere. The tragedy of not having that perspective is taking its toll in all of life.

  • How Should We Then Live? The Rise and Decline of Western Thought and Culture

    This book is written in the hope that this generation may turn from the greatest of wickedness, the placing of any created thing in the place of the Creator. As kingdom disciples, we must not only understand the Word, we must understand the world, if we are to communicate the truth to our generation.

  • Women’s Ministry in the 21st Century

    This truly is an encyclopedia of practical ideas for women’s ministry leaders. Contributors to this book were from Vineyard churches, a Christian church, an Evangelical Free church, and a Lutheran church.

  • Then Sings My Soul, 150 of the World’s Greateast Hymn Stories

    Many of the great hymns have a rich background. I have always tried, where possible, to let people know something of the background of either the hymn or the writer, or both. We are admonished to sing with understanding.

  • The Kingdom of Christ, the New Evangelical Perspective

    This is a good book to help us understand where both liberalism and dispensationalism went awry and how the reformed covenantalists stand in the gap and keep the balance while respecting the role of the church today.

  • God, Marriage and Family, Rebuilding the Biblical Foundation

    If you are a pastor or a counselor, or a Christian wanting to understand what the Bible says about family and marriage, you will want to read this book and keep it as a reference. I recommend it as the best single source on the topic.

  • God is the Issue: Recapturing the Cultural Initiative

    This book will appeal to church leaders, family leaders, and individuals, especially the rising generation. He echoes the idea that our focus should be on a behavior that grows out of knowing God because that is the issue. Our impact on the world around us will only come as we focus on the real issue–God.

  • Basic Christian Leadership, Biblical Models of Church, Gospel and Ministry

    This would be a good study for a group of leaders in the church to bring into focus the biblical essentials relating to leadership.

  • Your First Two Years in Youth Ministry

    This ismore into the “how-to” aspects of starting right and continuing strong in youth ministry for many years. Fields does a fine job stressing the importance of a solid spiritual life in Christ. This book will truly help either a novice or veteran in the high calling of ministry to youth and their families.

  • Leaders that Last: (How Covenant Friendships Can Help Pastors Thrive)

    If you are a pastor, you need something in your life beyond your family and church to help you face the pressures, stresses, and difficulties of ministry. Follow the wise, practical counsel of Scripture and listen to the testimony of two Christian brothers who know the benefits of “covenant friendships.”

  • Hurt: Inside the World of Today’s Teenagers

    Attention all parents, teachers, youth workers, pastors, and even grandparents! This book is for you. You cannot afford to miss the thesis of this book.Buy a copy, read it carefully and listen to the plea of the rising generation as you read through it. Have you heard them? Are you listening? They are asking for help and what they are getting is not the help they are begging for.

  • Calvinism in the Las Vegas Airport: Making Connections in Today’s World

    This book is a must read for pastors, teachers, and anyone else who loves Calvinism and wants to communicate it to others. Those of us who genuinely love our Calvinistic theology are our own worst enemy because in our desire and enthusiasm we do not always use good judgment in how we communicate that truth to others.

  • The Disciple Making Church

    The book actually deals with how to move from a program driven church to a disciple-making one where true biblical discipleship can be done. A church involved in transforming discipleship will focus on the sovereignty of God and the lordship of Christ. That’s the key to effective disciple making.

  • Total Truth: Total Truth: Liberating Christianity from Its Cultural Captivity

    If you buy only one book this year, this would be the book at the top of the list.Total Truth: Liberating Christianity from its Cultural Captivity will challenge the believer to understand the reality that Christianity has accommodated itself to the culture around it, if in no other way than by making it a Sunday religion. It will also offer an explanation as to why so many Christians do not enjoy their Christian life experience.

  • Human Dignity in the Biotech Century: A Christian Vision for Public Policy

    This book deals with the second of the five great challenges facing the Christian community today, biotechnology. It lays out a course that will help you think and pray from an intelligent base of knowledge and truth. It must be integrated into the church’s curriculum of equipping kingdom disciples, if we are indeed committed to training and discipling God’s people to live in this world.

  • The Truth About Islam: The Noble Qur’an’s Teaching in Light of the Holy Bible

    Christians in mass must meet this challenge and prepare themselves to give a reason for the hope that we have in Christ, especially as it relates to reaching out to Muslims. This book, without a doubt, is one of the best sources for Christians to study. It could also have significant consequences for our Muslim population, if they would read and compare the differences.

  • Walking Away from Faith? Walking Away From Faith, Unraveling the Mystery of Belief and Unbelief

    Walking Away from Faith is a challenging and sobering book. It deals with situations that will cause you to think, pray, examine the word, and discuss it with other believers. The book is filled with stories of people who once professed to be Christians but who later abandoned the faith.

  • One Faith

    This book will push you out of your comfort zone at places, challenge you to focus on unity within the Body, and cause you to think seriously about how to experience and express our diversity and unity while respecting both. There is a wealth of information in this concise volume.

  • Living on Purpose: Finding God’s Best For Your Life

    Each chapter has activities that could be used by groups studying the book. The suggestions are well thought out andwill serve wellas a text for a Sunday school class. The book explores some of the implications of living with the values of God’s kingdom in view. It’s done against the backdrop of defining our purpose for living.

  • Kingdom Come: How Jesus Wants To Change the World

    The book has six parts containing fifteen chapters. Each chapter offers good instruction and ideas for application of the Christian life within the kingdom context. This bookhelps bridge the gap between what Jesus said and where Christians are in their understanding.

  • The Future of Christianity

    This is a must-read book for leaders and teachers.It helps the reader understand the tremendous change that has taken place in twentieth century relating to Christianityin the context of today’s world.

  • Hollywood Worldviews: Watching Films with Wisdom and Discernment

    Brain Godawa helps us practice discernment and gain wisdom about our world and life. He is well equipped to write this book. He is a Christian and a screenwriter who has been influenced by at least a couple of PCA pastors. He understands that each movie contains a story and that story was good enough to result in a movie.

  • Who Made God? And Answers To Over 100 Other Tough Questions of Faith

    Often Christians find themselves in difficult and embarrassing situations because they are asked hard questions and do not know how to respond. We are living in a time in which the church needs to be able to respond with intelligent answers to the questions being raised. This would be a helpful book for college students to have available.

  • Why I Am a Christian

    This would be a good book to give to a person who may be inquiring about the Christian faith, or maybe wanting answers to the meaning and purpose of life.

  • Listening to the Past, The Place of Tradition in Theology

    Christians have a great legacy and we must have much respect for the past. This book reminds us of that importance of knowing, reading, and carefully studying the masters who have gone before us.Both pastors and teachers would benefit from this book.

  • Three Dimensions of Leadership: Practical Insight of Management, Finance, and Boards, for Churches and Christian Organizations

    Elders, deacons, Christian school boards, and other ministries will find much to glean from these154 pages. This would be a good study guide on what we call strategic faith planning. For an organization to be effective, including the church, the leaders need to have a plan with measurable goals and divisions of labor within the body.

  • High-Tech Worship? Using Presentational Technology Wisely

    Thinking of moving from atraditional worship style toacontemporary expression of worship? No matter where you or your church may come down on the use of technology,it would be a valuable exercise to read and discuss Schultze’s book with local leadership.

  • Think Like Jesus: Make the Right Decisions Every Time

    You will benefit from reading this book as you willfind value in using it as a text for adult study group and youth workers using it with their young people. What Barna deals with in this book is the bottom line of what kingdom discipleship is really all about.

  • Longing to Know: Then Philosophy of Knowledge for Ordinary People

    This is a timely book because the postmodernists’ reaction to modernism is over the claim that we can know things objectively and with certainty. This book deals withepistemology andwill personally benefit you in understanding the process of knowing, as well as be a help if you have opportunity to talk with people who are shaped more by the world’s ideas and opinions than biblical truth.

  • Marriage to a Difficult Man: The “Uncommon Union” of Jonathan and Sarah Edwards

    This book is of great value to anyone who desires a deeper knowledge and understanding of one of God’s choicest servants in American and Christian history, Jonathan Edwards. It is also a treasure chest for those seeking to know his bride, Sarah Edwards, in a better way.

  • Fine China is For Single Women, Too

    Good theology applies to every circumstance of life and here we see how singles should view and process their marital status biblically. This book is little in size but rich in content.

  • Ancient-Future Evangelism: Making Your Church a Faith-Forming Community

    This is a book worth having, reading, and studying. We arereminded that the entire process of making disciples is done within community. It is not an isolated event.

  • Mapping Postmodernism: A Survey of Christian Options

    This bookis an in-depth reference book of history and ideas within the Christian framework and helps us navigate through the turbulent waters of the early 21st century with a better understanding of how to communicate God’s truth to today’s generation.

  • Christianity in the Age of Terrorism

    The book is very thought provoking. It is an easy read and could be an effective guide for a discussion group. It contains a good summary of the basics of Christianity and “the just war” theory. Terrorism is a new form of warfare, at least for those of us living in America. This reality places new challenges before us as Christians.

  • Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions: A Kingdom Approach

    Every pastor, every elder, every teacher, every parent, and every adult ought to put down whatever they are reading at present and read this instead. The church and its families must come together in a way that equips them to disciple the church’s children, and those not yet part of the church, with a kingdom view of discipleship.

  • Stay the Course of Youth Ministry

    This is a strong book to help those called by God to work with students, whether paid or volunteer, stay involved in youth ministry long-term. Pastors,associates, or assistants, will also find this book helpful. Seeing the mind and heart of a youth pastor will help them be able to relate to, or at least understand, the church’s youth workers in a better way.

  • Unceasing Worship

    A thought-provoking book on worship that will challenge the reader’s thinking and behavior. This book should be read and re-read by pastors, music directors, and music/worship leaders as well as elders.

  • A Year With C.S. Lewis: Daily Readings from His Classic Works

    Though it is a daily reading, not meant to take the place of your Scripture reading, it could be read as part of your daily thoughts and reflections; it could be Lewis in “bite size.” This book is easy to read and not overwhelming witha year’s worth of daily readings from more than thirty Lewis’ books.Overall, it is a good compendium of some of Lewis’s thoughts.

  • Live to Tell: Evangelism for a Postmodern Age

    Today, making disciples requires showing the reality of Christ and the Gospel in our lives as never before. This book takes you out of your comfort zone and challenges you to think outside the traditional boundaries of evangelism and disciple making. While it aims at a traditional understanding of a person’s relationship with the Lord and his people, it suggests a different approach to that end.

  • City on a Hill: Reclaiming the Biblical Pattern for the Church in the 21st Century

    The chapters on fellowship and small groups, and thinking and acting biblically regarding discipleship are rich in application for biblical patterns. The book has an action guide in the back that leaders can use for discussion, evaluation, and finding other resources. This is a book for and about the Church living in a postmodern, post-Christian culture.

  • The Life of Faith: What Has God Done for You?

    This is a good introduction to or reminder of his ability to communicate the doctrines of grace. The book is a collection of articles written by the author in numerous publications and as usual, he focuses on God in reminding us that it is not about us but about him.

  • Don’t Waste Your Life

    Here is aresource that will be deeply challenging to both the students and yourself. Itcovers the really big issues of living with purpose and making much of the time we have been given here by the Lord froma strong reformed and biblical point of view.

  • The Battle Belongs to the Lord

    This book will appeal to both the entire body of believers, not only professionals in ministry. It is clearly written, easy to read, and will be a good source of study for a Sunday school class, as well as for personal study.An excellent primer on apologetics that underscores the place of apologetics in God’s scheme.

  • Redeeming Pop Culture: A Kingdom Approach

    This is a good personal read and study book, but it could also be used with a group.You will not only learn about pop culture and how Christians are to handle it, but will also learn about the kingdom of God and what being a kingdom Christian involves.