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Living in God’s Two Kingdoms

We believe the church’s role is to live redemptively in the kingdom, and while it has not been assigned the responsibility to transform culture, as salt and light, there will be a strong Christian witness as Christians live as kingdom disciples.If you will read this book from the perspective that the church is part of the kingdom, while not synonymous with the kingdom nor removed from it, but understand the “spiritual mission” of the church within the kingdom, you will find much to feed on in these pages.

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Politics According to the Bible

How can and should a Christian seek to influence government and what are the biblical principles concerning government?Christians need to know that God cannot be left out of or separated from any area of life, especially the political. What does a Christian need to know and do in such a circumstance to think clearly about politics from a biblical perspective?

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An Evaluation of Gender Language in the 2011 NIV Bible

The last two attempts at revising the NIV were met with a great deal of controversy due to their use of a gender-neutral philosophy of translation. The gender-neutral approach of the TNIV (Today’s New International Version) in 2002 and 2005 became such a lightning-rod that the version never caught on with American evangelicals and has now been discontinued.

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The Masculine Mandate: God’s Calling to Men

Postmodernity is peddling a disastrously feminized view of masculinity, surrendering men’s God-given roles to women and exalting a monosexualism that flies directly in the face of God’s purposes for creation. There is a crying need in the church today to recover a biblical view of manhood. But we must be certain that our vision of what a man is called to be is reached through sound exegesis of the texts relating to masculinity. Phillips’ excellent book provides that exegesis.

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Bible Study: Following the Ways of the Word

In preparation for writing this kingdom tool, the author included friends in ministry throughout the world to have a voice in sharing valued perspectives, challenges, and clarification as we think through exactly what we are doing in Bible study. This equipping tool should be in the hands of men and women who hunger and thirst for the Word of God in their own lives and who desire to faithfully pass on its truths to succeeding generations.

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Generation Ex-Christian

This book deals with those who are turning away from the church, and in many cases are turning away from God. They are not only leaving the church, they claim to be leaving the faith.This emerging generation of young adults is steeped in the street version of postmodernism. They actually believe that truth is whatever an individual wants it to be.