Church Leadership

Have You Outgrown Sunday School?

By Allen Curry. Learning about the Bible, studying doctrine and finding out how to grow in grace are all things that happen to adults in Sunday school. Yet there can and should be more. Not only should we learn and grow, we must also serve. Go to Sunday school this week and see what you are missing.

Teens and Small Churches

The study, Today’s Teens: A Generation in Transition, details some of the differences between teenagers who attend a church with fewer than 100 people and those who attend a larger church. The findings reveal some striking differences in the spiritual beliefs and involvement between the two groups of teens.

Guidelines for Choosing Children’s Novels

By Elaine L. Schulte. Numerous guidelines have been written for choosing children’s novels. Most emphasize the need for high standards of art and writing, as well as stories that are appropriate to children’s ages and tastes. Few guidelines, however, consider the philosophies that authors promote, whether consciously or unconsciously.

Assessing Old Assumptions and New Realities in the USSR

By Russell Chandler. Now the fallout of new religious freedom has exposed the pent-up yearning for spirituality in the hearts of most of the Soviet people. They seem starved for morality, for integrity, for trustworthiness. The blustery old-line authority is wavering while the new guard is try