Church Leadership

The Necessity for Christian Higher Education

By Frank Brock. A reformation is not a return to the past. A reformation is the reforming of institutions within the society on a more biblical basis. At the top of the list of institutions that need to be reformed is the family. Men and women must take seriously the vows to commit themselves to one another for life so that they can raise and train children in a way that would be pleasing to God.

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The Importance of Prayer for the PCA

By Frank M. Barker, Jr. I believe most of us in the PCA sense the great opportunity and challenge before our denomination. With many denominations losing their spiritual moorings, a moral landslide occur

How to Deal with Those Who Differ from Us – Part 1

By Roger R. Nicole. We disagree in some areas of Christian doctrine. We disagree as to some of the details of church administration. We disagree as to the way in which certain tasks of the church should be pursued. Who does not encounter from time to time people who are not in complete agreement; therefore, it is good to seek to discover certain basic principles whereby we may relate to those who differ from us.