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Aussies Get Spring During the U.S. Summer

Thanks to seven summer (North American summer, that is) workers from the PCA’s Servants in Missions Abroad, the Buderim congregation of the Westminster Presbyterian Church on the Sunshine Coast experienced vitalization and growth. Elsewhere in Australia’s northeastern state of Queensland, two other SIMA summer workers helped new missionaries in Brisbane.

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Spencer Line is Busy

To many members of Birmingham’s Briarwood Church, he is the elder who taught them Reformation history in their first year as members there.Officials involved in utility rate-making in Alabama know him as the man from the telephone company who always had the right numbers.People active at the assembly level in the PCA know Spencer as a presbyter who has devoted countless hours to helping to build the denomination from its earliest days.

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Koreans Keep Coming

In the view of one school of missiologists, this isn’t all bad. They have a name for it: the homogeneous unit principle (HUP). One of the more remarkable applications of the principle among Protestants is taking place today in the Presbyterian Church in America. Thousands of immigrant Koreans have found homes in PCA congrega