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There’s No Such Thing As An Ex-Grandparent

By Dr. Thomas Whiteman. When most people think about divorce, they usually conjure up images of the embittered parents, the emotionally torn children, or maybe even the crafty legal posturing of the lawyers. Yet there is another drama that unfolds that we typically hear very little about. It is the plight of the par

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Myths, Myopia and Maytags

By Howard Eyrich. A necessary component in understanding aging is the demythologization of our cultural folklore about “old people.” Demythologization is a fancy way of saying that is important to investigate current assumptions about aging in our society and compare them with the facts. Furthermore, it means that our individual and collective behavior must be adjusted to the facts.

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Old-Age Thoughts at Eighty-Eight

By Matsu Crawford. The process of growing old has been going on since the first living thing appeared on Planet Earth. We should look upon it as a natural, inevitable process.