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What Child is This?

By Peggy Townes. Scenes from Jesus’ life began to flash across the jumbled screen of Mary’s mind. She remembered the time when Jesus went to his cousin John for baptism and the voice from Heaven bellowed the message that this was God’s Son.

The Runner

By Miriam Gautier. Just running in races wasn’t enough -now I wanted to win! I started reading more, training harder and setting my sights on placing among the top winners in my division. My whole life changed. I was consumed with running.


By Mark Belz. Trial lawyers disagree on many things, but on some basic principles there is virtual unanimity. One of these has to do with the cross-examination of a witness: never ask “one question too many.” Are we to take Christ’s teaching here seriously, to think radically, to act obediently or not? But perhaps 1 have now asked one question too many-or one too hard to deal with.