Your Child’s Self Image

By Thomas A. Whiteman. For those of us who are parents, our greatest responsibility in life is to raise our children! An important ingredient in that formula is a proper view of self – to have a good self-image. When people don’t like themselves, they will have a distorted image of God and will have great difficulty loving other people.

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ACTS of Kindness: Mercy Ministry in Philadelphia

By David and Kate Kiersten Apple. Philadelphia is a city of contrasts. There is wealth and there is poverty; there is joy and there is sorrow; there is laughter and there is mourning and the area surrounding Tenth Presbyterian Church in Center City Philadelphia is a micro

Discipleship in the Church Today

By Carl W. Wilson. The matter of personal disciple building in the New Testament manner is also a major part of Christian education that has been neglected but desperately needed. This kind of ministry is hard work and is unappreciated in our world of present values. It is easy to produce spiritual babies, but raising them properly is the hard part.