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Great Expectations and Gospel Realities – Part 2

By Ashley Hall. In the last Resource Quarterly, Ashley Hall began setting the stage for us, as to why the conversation about intergenerational relationships is important. In this issue, we would like to continue the conversation with a few more specific questions about those relationships and their importance in women’s ministry.

Titus 2 Small Group Ministry Model

The Titus mandate was given to the pastor of the church. Paul instructed Titus to equip older women in the congregation for the ministry of training younger women. This discipleship is to take place within the context of sound doctrine and under ecclesiastical authority. The commitment, oversight and protection of church leadership are biblical and essential.

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2010 Women in the Church Love Gift

From the earliest days of the PCA, women cared for and supported our new denomination through the annual Women in the Church Love Gift Offering. To date, $2,759,829have been given as God has used women in the church to love and support the ministries of the PCA.

The 2010 WIC Love Gift goes to MNA’s Special Needs Ministries. Click here to find out more about this year’s Love Gift.