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The Pray for Me Campaign

The Pray for Me Campaign

Article by Danny Mitchell Because of the realities that a large percentage of young people who connect with the church during their teenage years will end up leaving the church as they move into adulthood and those who stay connected to the church had adult believers intentionally investing in their lives, Tony Souder, the executive … Continued

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YXL—West at Horn Creek, CO

YXL—West at Horn Creek, CO

In early July, about 100 youth and leaders, primarily from PCA churches in the West, gathered at Horn Creek camp near Westcliffe, CO, for the YXL (Youth eXcelling in Leadership) conference. The purpose went beyond an ordinary youth camp, as the students experienced a rigorous schedule designed to test and sharpen their leadership skills it … Continued

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The Body of Christ: The Next Generations

In Making Kingdom Disciples: A New Framework, we point out that Calvin’s emphasis regarding making disciples begins at the earliest stages of a covenant person’s life. The sooner we begin to self-consciously disciple our covenant children, the easier it will be for them to see themselves as covenant children belonging to God’s kingdom and that being a Christian is not only about going to church, or personally believing in Jesus, or reading or hearing the Bible, but every day of the week in all things we are to live for Christ.

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The teens in your church are total Bible experts, right?

The latest survey data says that 85% of American homes have a Bible in them-and, on average, each home has 4.5 Bibles. Let’s do the math: 85% of 311 million American homes is about 264 million … times 4.5 Bibles per home …. That is 1,189,575,000 Bibles in America. And that doesn’t even count the ones online, on phones, in stores, etc…

The Kingdom Misunderstood, Part 1

I begin by introducing you to Bill and Mary Wright. Bill is a 34 year old husband and father of two children, Terry 10 and Susan 7. Mary is a stay at home mom and has home schooled her children for a couple years, though they are presently attending a Christian school that meets in their church. Bill and Mary are active church members and clearly demonstrate a love for the Lord that is obvious to others.

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The Challenge: Today’s Youth

Do you believe the Word of God is powerful and active? How can you engage students with the Scriptures so they take ownership of their faith?

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Preventing Burnout

I have been in youth ministry long enough to know that arguing with your senior pastor in a public setting does not bode well for personal job security. Yet, for a mind boggling thirty minutes I was doing just that at a recent staff retreat. Oblivious to the obvious discomfort of the other staff, I plowed ahead as if the fate of the free world hinged on me winning this argument…

Targeting Comprehensive Christian Education

It never ceases to amaze me that anywhere in the world you say “Christian Education” people automatically think Sunday school. Is this the only Christian education the church does? If it is, then we are in big trouble. Let me explain….