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Great Expectations and Gospel Realities — Part I

Howcan weget the younger generation of women to begin being involved and committed to women’s ministry in such a way that would bring older and younger into the same room, serving God for His glory, and building friendships with one another. After all, we need one another…but do we really understand one another?

Training Seminars for Seniors Ministry

Join with CEP in praying that renewed commitment to ministry among and by seniors will expand in our churches. Dr. George Fuller is available to conduct a training seminar in your area to this end.So, gather three (or more) people from each of several local churches to: 1. consider issues relating to senior life and ministry, 2. encourage ministry in local churches and communities and 3. emphasize ministry by seniors. Read more…

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Faith is Sometimes Best Understood by Looking Backwards

I read once that faith is sometimes best understood by looking backwards. Now, on the surface that statement feels a lot like the inside of a Christian greeting card or one of those posters with cute animals and trite sayings that we hang on our walls to inspire us to do great things. However, in this case, I think instead of motivational drivel, this statement is actually biblically correct and has application for youth ministry.

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Men’s Ministry FAQ’s

Eleven Frequently Asked Questions about Men’s Ministry in the PCA. Why have it? Why is it so difficult? What’s working across the denomination? How to build a leadership team? and other helpful questions.

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No Man Fails On Purpose

“No Man Fails On Purpose” Excerpts from No Man Left Behind MANY IF NOT MOST, of our cultural problems-divorce, abortion, juvenile crime, fatherless ness-can be traced back to the failure of a man. Ironically, it’s a man who got up in the morning hoping to succeed. The signs are all around us. We live in … Continued

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Overcoming the Performance Orientation In Men

“Overcoming the Performance Orientation In Men”Excerpts from No Man Left Behind (Chapter 4) How are men successful in the world? So, we take a man from this world’s system and plop him down in church. He wants to be a “successful Christian.” He looks around and decides he needs to dress a certain way, use … Continued

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Intergenerational Relationships… Crossing the Great Divide

The Great Divide. I looked it up in Webster’s Dictionary and here’s what I learned: “The Great Divide is the name given to the principal, and largely mountainous, hydrological divide of the Americas that separates the watersheds that drain into the Pacific Ocean from those river systems which drain into the Atlantic Ocean.” Unfortunately, I am geologically challenged and I have no idea what that means…except that it’s a bunch of mountains with water running among them that separate that water from other water. Clear?

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2008 Women in the Church Love Gift benefits Children’s Ministries

The 2008 WIC Love Gift is helpingCEP provideresources and trainingfor equipping our churches to make disciples of the next generation. Making disciples of the next generation is the very heart of Christian Education and Publications. We believe our heart is in the right place. Read more and see the video and consider your opportunity to give to this ongoing ministry.