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Quitting Church: Why the Faithful Are Fleeing

People are not being spiritually fed, cared for, or given an opportunity to serve. What’s the solution? Coffee house type churches? House churches? Internet community worship? Or nothing at all? Pastors, read this book and get your leaders to read it and discuss it.

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Singleness Redefined

One of the most accelerated growth demographics in culture and the church is that of singles. How does the local church minister to and steward this expanding portion of God’s family? How do single women of all ages live out God’s sovereign purposes with joy and abundance?

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Christ and Culture Revisited

A book that causes us to think about what it means to be in the world but not of the world. Knowing what culture is, how to relate to the culture, and how to think about it as it relates to the church and kingdom are crucial questions.Today, we find Christians attempting to divorce themselves from culture, though it is actually impossible; simply going with the flow of culture and not questioning it; or caught in the middle wanting to know how to understand, interact, and live within culture.

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101 Portraits of Jesus in the Hebrew Scriptures

This is an interesting book that will be a good text to encourage people to spend more time in the Old Testament; not only for the history but to see how Christ is revealed throughout it.

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Exploring the Bible

These books are designed for new Christians who want to know the basics of the faith. They were originally created for teachers who wanted to teach the basics. Each chapter contains application activities and discussion questions for individual use or group study.

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Polishing God’s Monuments

As you read this book, be prepared not to put it down . It is heart and mind gripping. What a book to read personally or give to a friend experiencing suffering or hard times.

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How We Got the Bible: A Visual Journey

The book begins with a description of early writing, alphabets, writing utensils, and writing surfaces. It goes on to explain all the different types of manuscripts and how they influenced the copies of the Bible found in different places throughout the early church world, including the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Greek Old Testament.

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African Bible Commentary

For the first time, there is a one volume commentary written by non-Westerners for Africans. Over 70 African evangelical scholars worked for more than a decade to produce this much needed work.

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The Essence of the Church: A Community Created by the Spirit

This book does what the author intended; to help us engage the complexity of the situation we now encounter in North America and to help us think about the very missional essence of the church in a way that will mobilize church people to see their own missional role in the world, both in the church and the kingdom.