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How Jesus Runs the Church

Waters explains the two different schools of thought regarding church government and why Presbyterians, and particularly the PCA has chosen the latter-jure humano (by human right) and jure divino (by divine right). He writes, “by jure divino we mean that the fundamental principles of Apostolic church government have been retained, and are legitimately applied in the circumstances and under the conditions which are peculiar to our own age and country.

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This Little Church Had None

This Little Church Had None is a call for the church to return to God’s agenda and assignment in preaching and teaching the truth in a life transforming way. What makes that so difficult today is we are living at a time when the concept of truth is not very clear because the emphasis is not on God but man.

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Seeking a Revival Culture

In this book you will hear the plea for repentance for sin manifesting itself in changing the way you think which in turn determines the way you live or behave. Yes, our lifestyle does make a difference and seeing Christ as Lord in all of life, living with a kingdom world and life view perspective is the proper aim for Christian living.

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What Is the Mission of the Church? Making Sense of Social Justice, Shalom, and the Great Commission

This book is really a book about Christian living as well as one that helps define and clarify the church’s mission. The primary mission of the church is through proclamation and teaching of the Word to make disciples. The church’s role is not changing culture but to preach and teach the Word of God to the end of making people to be more and more like Jesus.

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Gracie: Standing with Hope

Gracie Parker Rosenberger is a remarkable woman who lives a remarkable life and she has much to teach us all about standing in hope.Her story opens the reader’s eyes to the reality of the presence of God in all circumstances, the sufficiency of His power to help His children overcome their greatest sorrows and fears, and His ability to give abundantly more than we can think of or imagine.

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Reformed Dogmatics

It will be a magnificent book to own, read, study, and use in one’s personal spiritual growth, as well as in preaching and teaching the Word. I feel much freer to recommend this one volume in hopes that it will encourage our pastors and teachers to read, use, and refer to Bavinck regularly. The first chapter of the book,”Dogmatic Theology as a Science” is worth the entire book. It should be required reading for every seminary student and or at least by the Presbytery’s examining committee of its candidates for ordination. John Bolt and those who assisted him in this project are to be commended.