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Keeping the Church Front and Center, continued

From there Stott states with conviction that the church is no afterthought with God. “It is at the very center of the eternal purpose of God.” He reminds us that the church in the West is not presently growing. He also, like Packer, refers to the stuntedness of the church. Using Acts 2:42-47, he then … Continued

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What is Liberation Theology, continued

Black Liberation Theology – What It Is . Black Liberation Theology arose in the turbulent 1960s. During that period, violent anarchy destroyed property and fire-bombed buildings in cities like Los Angeles, Detroit, and Newark. James Cone was the principle originator and developer of this theology which sought to explain, even to justify, this angry, destructive … Continued

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Something Eternal

By Matsu Crawford. Every time we write a date, we declare that God came to planet earth to live in a man’s body. Jesus, God the Son, came into the world as all human babies must come- following all the laws for humans. He did not come to do away with any of God’s laws but to fill them with meaning.