CEP’s Philosophy of Youth Ministries

Ministry to and with Youth Leaders (as well as 6th – 12th grade students)

The Youth Ministry Department of CEP exists to be used by the Lord to help, in a wide variety of ways, those who work with youth and youth themselves: all to the honor and glory of Jesus Christ. (I Cor. 10:31)

Helping those who work with Youth-

  • Offering resources and materials that those who work with youth (including parents) can use to help youth and themselves.
  • Putting on conferences, retreats, and seminars that minister to Youth Workers, their spouses, volunteer youth leaders and at times youth themselves (see below).
  • To provide, in essence, a Pastor to Youth Pastors, Youth Directors and Youth Leaders.
  • Available to consult with churches, through correspondence, personal interaction or via seminars, regarding Youth Ministry at whatever level they are at.
  • Work with various colleges, seminaries, and churches, keeping current on Youth Workers and potential Youth Workers looking for Churches to serve Christ at and Churches looking for Youth Workers to do ministry in their Churches.
  • Offer Regional Youth Trainers to give in-person help to those who work with youth on topics strongly related to Youth Ministry.
  • Offering a Youth Ministry web site that is informative, edifying and helpful.

Helping Youth themselves-

  • Overseeing YXL Conferences (formerly PYA)- These conferences stress the development of Christian leadership in the students, embracing Reformed theology that is taught throughout the week, and a Biblical worldview that the students are encouraged to learn and apply to their daily lives.
  • Available to teach students/youth groups from the Word of God, in a variety of settings (retreats, camps, conferences, seminars, youth meetings, etc.).
  • Organizing YOWAW (Youth World Awareness Weekend). This weekend encourages greater growth in Christ, knowing what the good news of Jesus Christ really is and making sure that Missions (home and aboard) is a part of our worldview.
  • Development of material that youth can use in private, in small groups and even with the rest of their family to know Jesus Christ and grow deeper in Him.

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