Dictionary of Everyday Theology and Culture

Applying theology to challenging social and economic issues is the order of the day and understanding sound doctrine is imperative for our daily lives. The editors of Dictionary of Everyday Theology and Culture bring together doctrine and current issues. The book cover depicts an ocean wave rolling in over the sand. This illustrates how our theology should cover every aspect of our lives, including how we respond to whatconfronts us in our daily lives. Although we don’t usually hear sermons from our pulpits regarding social and cultural challenges, we live with them everyday.

Dictionary of Everyday Theology and Culture addresses various doctrines and cultural issues. It serves as an easy-to-read guide applying theology to our daily lives as followers of Jesus. As the editors explain, “Each article in the Dictionary is divided into two main parts: Everyday Definition and Everyday Application. Approximately equal attention is given to defining the meaning of each term and to applying the meaning of the term to our lives and service in the world.”

Our biblical worldview is sustained by understanding biblical truths and applying these truths to everyday life. We are living in extremely challenging days and we are constantly bombarded with cultural and social issues demanding we take a stand. We need to lay the template of Christian theology over these issues. “A sound theology-drawn primarily from authoritative Scripture, as well as from the reflections of trusted Christians from both church history and the current church-is basic to every aspect of our lives as Christian disciples.”

This book is written in non-technical terms for ordinary people and focuses our attention on issues in our world today, while embracing a biblical foundation for a biblical worldview. Not that we agree with every application in the book, but we recommend you use the Dictionary as a reference to help steer you through the maze of our cultural instability with sound doctrine.

As indicated, “This resource contains an alphabetical listing of 173 theological and cultural terms; each entry includes a definition (explaining the term in easy-to-understand language) and an everyday application (helping readers grasp how to live out the concept).”

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