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First Call—Session I Workshops

Embracing and Practicing a Biblical Theology of Children’s Ministrywith John Kwasny
God’s Word dictates the Goals, Content, Methods and Contexts of this vital task.  This workshop will detail a Biblical Theology to use as an essential foundation to the practice of Children’s Ministry.

Discipling Children through Parentswith Jimmy Brock
Let’s explore the connections between ministering to children and ministering to their parents. Bring your questions, ideas, and experiences to contribute to the discussion.

Helping Kids Memorize Big Truthswith Lisa Updike
Our minds are formed by what we stick in them! This session will present some techniques to make memorizing easy, and fun. You might even leave with a thing or two memorized yourself!

Winning the Hearts of Your Church Leadership for Disability Ministrywith Steph Hubach
Come hear practical steps for developing a sound plan to present to your church leadership—one that honestly addresses their questions and concerns while encouraging them to “take the plunge!”

Team Accesswith Martie Kwasny
How to get your children and youth involved in ministering with a heart of mercy—targeting the next generation to promote longevity in special needs ministry.

Protection: Is Your Church Prepared?with Steve Collins
In this seminar we will look at what it takes to create a safe environment for children. Participants will learn why policies and procedures are essential and how to make them functional.

Building an Adoption/Foster Care Ministry That Makes a Differencewith Ty Bryant
A look at practical ways the church can support families as they open their homes to children from every situation, tribe and nation.

The Nursery—Mercy Ministry at its Bestwith B.A. Snider
It is never too early to set an atmosphere of God’s loving promises for our children.  What are the details that need to be attended to so that the very first experiences lead our children to Christ?

On Your Mark—Session II Workshops

Gospel Centered Parentingwith Stephen Estock
Training the Parents in our church to raise up their children in the Lord may take a different turn if we truly understand the Gospel and its power in our lives and theirs.

Diapers to Diplomas—A Comprehensive Covenantal Planwith Danny Mitchell & Sue Jakes
Youth and Children’s Ministry should be complementing not competing ministries.  What needs to happen so that each is working with and for the other?

Perspective into Practice: Getting Disability Ministry Started in Your Local Congregationwith Steph Hubach
This seminar will provide you with practical ways to address answers to questions like:  How do you actually begin a disability ministry in your church?  What are the probable obstacles? What are the potential opportunities?

Kids in Praise and Worship-Going Beyond “Father Abraham”with Lisa Updike
Kids are entertained in many venues in our society, but where else but the Church will they learn to sing for the Glory of God? Let’s lead them to Jesus and teach them what the Bible says about worship!

Ready to Take Communionwith Jeremy Case
What is the process?  A look at the training and preparation of our children for this big step in their faith journey.

What Should I be Reading? (Leadership Development Resources)with Connie Musselman
What do you recommend that your teachers read for personal devotion, classroom help and encouragement?  Want some new ideas?

Sexual Abuse in the Church: Its Prevalence and Preventionwith Steve Collins
This seminar will look at the prevalence of child sexual abuse in the church and what steps can be taken to protect children. Participants will receive valuable resources that will help in writing and implementing child protection policies and procedures.

OneChild Ministrywith Audrey Joseph
Learn how your church or children’s ministry can build a relationship and change a life through Child Sponsorship.

Get Set—Session III Workshops

Teach Me to Worshipwith Sue Jakes & B.A. Snider
Take a look at a brand new Children’s Worship curriculum and explore all of the ways that your local church can use Bible teaching to train the next generation of worshippers.

Disability 101: What’s in Your Worldview?with Steph Hubach
Our worldview influences how we look at, well, our world! What ideas do we bring to the subject of disability that mirror our culture’s values more than they reflect a biblical perspective? This seminar looks at the influences of modernism and postmodernism, and then contrasts a biblical view of disability.

Families Reaching the Communitywith Jimmy Brock
Our calling as a church is not just to minister to those who are already gathered, but to those outside the church who need to experience God’s love. This workshop will focus on opportunities to take children’s ministry outside the bounds of your church family.

Keeping Your Focus in Children’s Ministrywith Sherry Kendrick
Let’s learn together how to plan and carry out a children’s ministry that intentionally shares the gospel and faithfully teaches the content of scripture while engaging  the children in their church community and celebrating important spiritual milestones in their lives!

Are We Gospel-Centered With Our Kids?with Scott Barber
There are many important things we need to teach our kids but is the gospel at the center of the messages we are sending to them?  This workshop helps us to see how the messages we send our kids can be gospel-centered and why our messages must be centered on the gospel.

The Youth Ministry Journeywith Danny Mitchell
Where is your congregation in the ever changing landscape called youth ministry?   Take a look at all of the philosophies and take a serious look at future possibilities for your church kids.

The Acts 6 Model—Building a Discipleship Ministrywith Joseph Parker
Learn how to build a model of ministry that will inspire your people to serve according to their gifts and/or season of life, but more so, in a manner that will develop a discipleship-focused ministry to your preschool and elementary-aged children.

Connect—Session IV Workshops

Are We Fall-Driven With Our Kids?with Scott Barber
In the heat of the moment, it is easy to resort to shame, fear and blame as we interact with our kids.  This workshop helps us see how we can be fall-driven (using things that entered the world as a result of the fall) in interacting with our kids and why shame, fear and blame do not work in the long term.

Seeing Christ in All of Scripturewith Michael Craddock & Amy Roebke
How do we prepare to teach the Word so that Jesus is the point of every story, every passage, and every lesson?

How to Minister to Children from Hard Places (Specifically Foster and Adopted Children)with Ty Bryant
Our Churches should be filled with “all the children of the world.”  We must be ready to reach every child that He brings to us.

Planning Effective Events for Children’s Ministrywith Barksdale Pullen
What are the important components of successful ministry events?  Let’s discuss together how to plan and implement events—from purpose to volunteer recruitment!

Small Group Discipleshipwith Jeremy Case
How does Perimeter Church incorporate their TEAMS (Truth, Equipping, Accountability, Mission, Supplication) format and Susan Hunt’s Biblical Truth plus Compelling Relationship formula into training for children?!

Inclusionwith Martie Kwasny
How to promote an inclusive atmosphere for special needs children in your church; preparing  teachers, students, and staff for  “inclusion” at large…Sunday School, Bible Studies, VBS, Choir, Wednesday Nights…the life of the church. Curriculum development is essential to this process.

Bible 101—Building a Tween Ministrywith Joseph Parker
Using the Acts 6 Model, learn to develop a discipleship ministry to 5th and 6th graders. In addition, providing an opportunity to challenge parents and kids alike to “go and do” what they are learning Sunday mornings.

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2015 Youth Summer Camps & Conferences Mon, 02 Mar 2015 20:28:13 +0000

We have pulled together a list of the top nine summer camps used by youth groups throughout the PCA. This free tool provides locations, age groups, website info, and a bit of general information about each camp. Click the image on the right to view and download the pdf.

If you know of a youth camp that’s missing from this list that should be considered, contact Danny Mitchell.

2015 Youth Camps-image(2)
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2015 Women’s Love Gift Wed, 18 Feb 2015 16:01:14 +0000

Starting in 1974, women in the PCA have supported an annual love gift to promote denominational connectionalism and demonstrate our corporate helper-design as women in the church. The money is raised in various ways such as donations, fundraisers, etc. The Women’s Love Gift has blessed committees and agencies such as MNA’s Special Needs Ministries, MTW’s efforts to support the Gonaives, Haiti, Children’s Home, and other such ministries. Showing the annual Women’s Love Gift in your church does several things: Educates the people in the pew, promotes unity and greater understanding of the PCA, and provides good opportunities for monies to be appropriately channeled to specific ministry needs. Below you will find information on the ministry we are supporting this year.

Love Gift-Header
RUF-Side panel

Equipping and training students on the college campus to hold fast to their need for the gospel.

More than just a ministry on the university campus, Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) seeks to be a ministry for the university. RUF strives to serve in this unique stage of a student’s life, exploring together how the Lordship of Christ informs every area of life.

RUF Campus Staff are a vital component of reaching female students with the message of the gospel. Serving under an ordained campus minister, our female staff are able to go in conversation and in relationship with women to a place that a man cannot. RUF Staff are a fundamental component of the RUF ministry as they disciple, teach, lead Bible studies, and do so much more to actively pursue the future women leaders of the PCA and evangelize the lost on the college campus.

The Women’s Ministry Love Gift for 2015 will benefit the work of RUF, and particularly the work of RUF Staff on the college campus.

Your gift of $25, $50, $100 or more will equip women to better understand the gospel. Our goal is to raise $100,000 with which we hope to invest in RUF Staff program development, new campus ministries, theological education, and discipleship. RUF Staff are able to connect and mentor women with grace in a way that enables them to better equip and train women on the college campus for a lifetime of ministry. By investing in RUF, you are investing in the future church.

If you’d like a way to promote this year’s love gift at your church then view the video below explaining RUF’s need or click here to order the same video in DVD format. We also have bulletin inserts available, click here to order those. (There is no charge for the DVD or bulletin inserts.)

How to Give
If you would like to contribute towards this love gift contact the Women’s Ministry Coordinator at your church or click here to make a contribution online. (The link will bring you to the general CDM online giving tool-just select ‘PCA Women’s 2015 Love Gift’ when prompted to designate the contribution.)

If you have any questions about this love gift, click here to contact your regional adviser.

Ordering and Useful Information:

  • The DVD and bulletin inserts are available at no charge. Order from the PCA Bookstore using the links below:
  • Click here for ideas and information on presenting the Love Gift in your church.
  • View the Love Gift video by scrolling down, or clicking here.
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Basics of the Faith Thu, 15 Jan 2015 14:28:07 +0000


The Basics of the Faith series (published by P&R – each 30-40 pages) are on relevant topics for Christians to study on doctrine, the Christian life, and church related topics. CDM, with the aide of the authors, has written Leader’s Guides to help anyone wanting to lead a study with an individual or group. The student version is designed to be worked through before reading the text and for taking notes during the meeting. If you’re interested in downloading these free resources, select the book you want on the left-hand panel below and then click the links found to the right of the book cover.

Basics of the Faith-image

11682What is Mercy Ministry?

by Philip Graham Ryken & Noah Toly

9399What is Perseverance of the Saints?

by Michael A. Milton

8611What is the Christian Worldview?

by Philip Graham Ryken

11353What is the Doctrine of Adoption?

by Michael A. Milton

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RYM/YXL Mid Atlantic Fri, 09 Jan 2015 21:52:01 +0000

YXL-RYM-2As you probably know already, CEP has undergone a bit of a transformation over the last few years.  Most notably was the hiring of Dr. Stephen Estock as the new coordinator and most noticeably was our name change to CDM (Committee on Discipleship Ministries).  Along with those major changes, came a new website, a rebranding, a slate of new conferences, a new Women’s Ministry Coordinator and new material to aid in the discipleship efforts of your church.  While all of those changes have been good and while excitement about the work of CDM is growing and while the vision of CDM to connect and equip is bearing fruit the REAL question that needs to be answered is:

What is happening with YXL East at Covenant College?

In honor of grandfathers everywhere, I would like to answer this important question with a story that may or may not have anything to do with the topic at hand.

My favorite childhood candy bar was the Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup.  Two great taste coming together to make one awesome candy bar.  What’s not to love…peanut butter and chocolate…chocolate and peanut butter?  Though I strongly suspect that Hershey’s has been slowly decreasing the size of the cup while at the same time raising the price of the candy bar, there is still nothing takes care of my mid-afternoon craving for sweets like the confectionary goodness that is a Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup.

In the same way that H.B. Reece discovered in 1928 that two great tastes when put together became something incredible, Dr. Estock and Rev. Joey Stewart, the Executive Director of Reformed Youth Ministries are bringing two great “tastes” (YXL and RYM) together to make something equally as incredible.  Ok…maybe not as incredible as the Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup because we all know that would be just about impossible but the new YXL leadership development track at RYM’s new mid-Atlantic conference is going to be awesome.

Several months ago, Rev. Stewart extended an invitation to Dr. Estock for CDM to join with RYM in the launch of their newest summer conference by developing a YXL leadership track for students who are looking to move to the next step in their faith journey.  After coming to the realization that both groups already shared a number of common commitments in terms of a theological, Gospel driven and relational approach to next generation ministry, the decision to join forces became in the words of Rev. Stewart a “no brainer” that would be a “win, win for all of us.” For RYM which has a long history of running solid summer conferences in which thousands of youth attend each summer, YXL gives them the chance to offer something that they have not been able to in the past: a leadership development track.  At the same time, YXL which has a long history of running smaller summer conferences focused on helping students grow as servant leaders, RYM gives CDM the chance to work with more students and have a potentially bigger impact in the local church.  While some of the dynamics that have made YXL East at Covenant College a unique experience for high school students will necessarily be changing the benefits of this new partnership will ultimately enhance CDM’s efforts through YXL to equip the next generation to serve in the church and in the kingdom.

Students who sign up to participate in the YXL leadership track will be able to take part in the larger activities of the conference but will have dedicated time each day for the intimate teaching and relational times that make the YXL experience so special.  The RYM theme this summer is “Abide in Christ” based on John 15:5 and the YXL theme is “Made for This” based on Ephesians 2.  We will be spending our time together unpacking and working to understand what our individual divine designs are.  As always, we will blend together biblical teaching with leadership activities to help students better understand who God has made them to be.

The dates for RYM’s Mid-Atlantic Conference are August 2nd-6th.  You can find out more information and register for the conference through RYM’s website: .  For those who still prefer the more traditional YXL experience both YXL Horn Creek and YXL Northeast are continuing as they have in the past.  You can find out more information regarding YXL Horn Creek at www.yxlhorncreek (Camp dates: July 4-11, 2015) or to learn more about the Northeast Camp in Lebanon, PA visit (Camp dates: July 5-10, 2015).

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PCA Children’s Ministry Newsletter Tue, 07 Oct 2014 15:34:25 +0000
PCA Children's Ministry Newsletter-Sep-2014_Page_1

The PCA Children’s Ministry e-Newsletter is sent out bi-monthly and is meant to connect ministry leaders with resources, tips, conference info, and each other.

Previous Editions:

If you’re interested in receiving this e-letter click here to be added to our Children’s Ministry mailing list.

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Connect Facebook Groups Mon, 15 Sep 2014 13:35:28 +0000

These groups are a place for PCA ministry leaders and volunteers to connect and encourage one another as we seek to glorify God. To join a group click on “Join this Group” button and then click the “Join” button in the top right of the Facebook group page.

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Kid’s Worship Worksheet Fri, 15 Aug 2014 19:00:24 +0000

Worship is something God calls all of his people to do, but sometimes it’s hard for young children to sit through a worship service when they don’t really understand what’s going on. This two-sided worksheet and sticker set was created to aide parents in training their children about worship and is to be used in conjunction with your church’s printed worship bulletin.  Each sheet can be used week after week and be wiped clean for the next Sunday. Each set includes 1 laminated worksheet, 13 sticker strips, and a wax pencil. The set comes with enough stickers for a child to use for 13 weeks, then additional stickers can be ordered a la carte. (Recommended for children ages 4–7.)

Complete Kit (12101) | Sticker Refills (12202)

To preview the worksheet click here.

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A New Connection Thu, 19 Jun 2014 02:12:28 +0000 Continued]]> CDM-staff2FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:

Committee on Christian Education and Publications Receives New Name

Houston, Texas – June 18, 2014 – The 42nd General Assembly approved a name change for the Committee on Christian Education and Publications (CEP) which will now be known as the Committee on Discipleship Ministries (CDM).  “For a number of years, we have considered making a change to our name to better convey the relational aspects of our ministry. In discussing the many options, we kept returning to our biblical charter – make disciples” said Coordinator, Stephen Estock.

Estock went on to emphasize the new name more closely connects our work to the Great Commission. Obeying Jesus’ command in today’s world involves education and resources like publications, but also much more. The content of the gospel must be conveyed in relationships that are empowered by the truth of the gospel. “Discipleship” encompasses all of what it means to walk with Christ, and “making disciples” includes personally inviting others to know Christ and coming alongside them in relationship.

The 42nd General Assembly directed the Stated Clerk to make the necessary editorial amendments to the Book of Church Order and Rules of Assembly Operation and the CDM staff will work [in the coming weeks] to inform PCA churches and members of the change.  Questions may be directed to the CDM office at

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Standing for Jesus Mon, 26 May 2014 09:36:14 +0000

May 26, 2014

“But [Peter] said emphatically, ‘If I must die with you, I will not deny you.” And they all said the same.” (Mk 14:31 ESV).

In the words of Peter, I see myself. I would have joined with the rest of them in making a bold commitment. In my struggle with temptation and sin I say, “I will not deny you.” And like Peter, I mean every word—when I say it. Yet to be honest, Peter’s commitment went deeper. In his passion for Christ, he was willing to die with Jesus. I long for that level of commitment. I’d like to say that I would do the same. But as the all too familiar story goes, Peter does not make it, and neither do I.

I deny Jesus as I cave to temptation—again. The struggle takes too much effort, redirecting my thoughts again and again to what is noble, right, and good. I react angrily to circumstances rather than holding my tongue in patience. I cower from people who may not like me or affirm my beliefs. It’s easier to ignore than engage.

Later in the Garden, Peter made a good show when he sliced off the ear of Malchus. But Jesus didn’t fight; in fact, he rebuked Peter and gave himself up. I can understand that Peter’s courage waned. Courage to stand is hard when it looks like God has given up. Just watch the news. Evil seems to prosper, and those who claim to know God are mocked and marginalized. It’s easy to lose your nerve when God doesn’t seem to be doing anything.

But then I look at the text more closely. After Peter objected to Jesus’ prophecy, Mark records that Jesus still asks Peter to watch and pray with him in the Garden (vv. 32-34). In his darkest hour, knowing full well that Peter would not stand the test, Jesus still wanted the companionship of a weak braggart.

In that is my hope. “Standing for Jesus” is not about what I can do for God. Rather, it is about what God has done for me. He wants me near. O Lord, keep my eyes on Jesus—and help me to stand with him.

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