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Starting in 1974, women in the PCA have supported an annual love gift to promote denominational connectionalism and demonstrate our corporate helper-design as women in the church. The money is raised in various ways such as donations, fundraisers, etc. The Women’s Love Gift has blessed committees and agencies such as MNA’s Special Needs Ministries, MTW’s efforts to support the Gonaives, Haiti, Children’s Home, and other such ministries. Showing the annual Women’s Love Gift in your church does several things: Educates the people in the pew, promotes unity and greater understanding of the PCA, and provides good opportunities for monies to be appropriately channeled to specific ministry needs. Below you will find information on the ministry we are supporting this year.

Love Gift-Header
RUF-Side panel

Equipping and training students on the college campus to hold fast to their need for the gospel.

More than just a ministry on the university campus, Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) seeks to be a ministry for the university. RUF strives to serve in this unique stage of a student’s life, exploring together how the Lordship of Christ informs every area of life.

RUF Campus Staff are a vital component of reaching female students with the message of the gospel. Serving under an ordained campus minister, our female staff are able to go in conversation and in relationship with women to a place that a man cannot. RUF Staff are a fundamental component of the RUF ministry as they disciple, teach, lead Bible studies, and do so much more to actively pursue the future women leaders of the PCA and evangelize the lost on the college campus.

The Women’s Ministry Love Gift for 2015 will benefit the work of RUF, and particularly the work of RUF Staff on the college campus.

Your gift of $25, $50, $100 or more will equip women to better understand the gospel. Our goal is to raise $100,000 with which we hope to invest in RUF Staff program development, new campus ministries, theological education, and discipleship. RUF Staff are able to connect and mentor women with grace in a way that enables them to better equip and train women on the college campus for a lifetime of ministry. By investing in RUF, you are investing in the future church.

If you’d like a way to promote this year’s love gift at your church then view the video below explaining RUF’s need or click here to order the same video in DVD format. We also have bulletin inserts available, click here to order those. (There is no charge for the DVD or bulletin inserts.)

How to Give
If you would like to contribute towards this love gift contact the Women’s Ministry Coordinator at your church or click here to make a contribution online. (The link will bring you to the general CDM online giving tool-just select ‘PCA Women’s 2015 Love Gift’ when prompted to designate the contribution.)

If you have any questions about this love gift, click here to contact your regional adviser.

Ordering and Useful Information:

  • The DVD and bulletin inserts are available at no charge. Order from the PCA Bookstore using the links below:
  • Click here for ideas and information on presenting the Love Gift in your church.
  • View the Love Gift video by scrolling down, or clicking here.
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2015 LT Live Blog Mon, 16 Feb 2015 15:09:17 +0000

The Live Blog for this conference is being done by Tara Barthel, one of the conference speakers. Click the link below to access the blog.

Go to Live Blog
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North Cincy-Workshops Mon, 26 Jan 2015 15:36:53 +0000

Workshop Session I

Training Children and Families in Worshipwith Stephen Estock
We are a people called to worship the King.  What are we doing in the ministry or our local churches to train our children and families to become true worshippers?

Discipling Your Kids and Their Friendswith Gordon Anaple

Planning Kid’s Events from Start to Finishwith B.A. Snider
A detailed look at the why, what, how, when, and where of VBS and other ministry events that can still work to evangelize, disciple and reach out to children everywhere.

Embracing Children with Autismwith Jennifer Zell
Hear true stories of incorporating children with autism into various ministry settings, while discovering practical strategies that will help your church do the same.

Leaders Leading Children’s Ministrywith Scott Barber
A senior pastor can lead the way in making children’s ministry a priority for his church.  What advantages does this leadership bring to all of the families in the church?

Workshop Session II

Seeing Christ in All of Scripturewith Michael Craddock

Biblical Disciplinewith Stephen Estock
There are plenty of books written about the “right” way to discipline our children.  What does God’s book say and what are the basic principles we can all agree upon?

At What Age Should My Child…?with Sue Jakes
Let’s take a look at age characteristics and what we should expect to see in our children as they mature into true Kingdom disciples.

Training and Retaining a Volunteer Teamwith Josh Reitano

Providing Pastoral Care for Families with Special Needswith Jennifer Zell
Families with special needs provide many opportunities for our churches to work out the true  ministry of Christ to His people.  How do we recognize the need and meet it?

Preschool Bible Teachingwith B.A. Snider
One is never too young for sound theology.  How we prepare Bible lessons, activities and music are building the foundation for a life-long world view.

Workshop Session III

Gospel Parentingwith Scott Barber
Training the Parents in our church to raise up their children in the Lord may take a different turn if we truly understand the Gospel and its power in our lives and theirs.

Discipleship in Youth Ministrywith Michael Craddock
Taking on the challenge of moving teenagers to a greater maturity.

Help your Kids Become the Person God Designed Them to Bewith Jill Champagne

Who’s the Teacher Around Here, Anyway?with Sue Jakes
Classroom management is more than using the right teacher “tricks” to keep everyone in line – prayer and proper preparation can help more than you would imagine.

Celebrating Holidays and Family Traditionswith B.A. Snider
All through scripture God’s people are told to “remember”.  Make sure your church and family celebrations are focused on remembering Him.

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Harrisonburg-Workshops Tue, 20 Jan 2015 13:51:16 +0000

Workshop Session I

The Nursery – Mercy Ministry at its Bestwith B.A. Snider
It is never too early to set an atmosphere of God’s loving promises for our children. What are the details that need to be attended to so that the very first experiences lead our children to Christ?

Training Children and Families in Worshipwith Stephen Estock
We are a people called to worship the King. What are we doing in the ministry or our local churches to train our children and families to become true worshippers?

Helping Kids Memorize Big Truthswith Lisa Updike
Our minds are formed by what we stick in them! Let’s stuff our children’s minds with as much substance as we can while we’ve got the chance. This session will present some techniques to make memorizing easy, and fun. You might even memorize a thing or two yourself!

Sexual abuse in the church…is your ministry prepared?with Steve Collins
In this seminar you will learn about the prevalence of child sexual abuse in the church and what every church needs to know to prevent, recognize and react responsibly.

Worthy to be Taught: Discipling Individuals with Special needswith Dawn Clark
Called to disciple, is there anyone that your church may be leaving out? We can truly make the Gospel message accessible in Word and deed to everyone.

Reaching the Upper Elementary Childwith Peyton Miller
No longer little kids, upper elementary children are beginning to process the gospel in new and exciting ways. As they grapple with making their parents’ faith their own, how can we relate, guide, and teach them during this unique time in their development?

Workshop Session II

Gospel Centered Parentingwith Stephen Estock
Training the parents in our church to raise up their children in the Lord may take a different turn if we truly understand the Gospel and its power in our lives and theirs. Let’s take a look at how we tend to follow the rules of parenting without the Gospel and then take a closer look at what true Christian parenting should be.

Preparing a Life Changing Bible Lessonwith Sue Jakes
Preparing to teach God’s Word should be life-changing for you as a teacher.  When that happens you can begin to expect the Spirit to teach through you in a new and powerful way!

Being the Shepherd’s Arms: Providing pastoral care for families with special needswith Dawn Clark
Families with special needs provide many opportunities for our churches to work out the true ministry of Christ to his people. How do we recognize the need and meet it?

Little Kids, Big Faithwith Sharbelle Couric
This session will focus on making Biblical truths a part of everyday life with little children. In addition, Sharbelle will explore how to teach specific Bible verses by using music, singing, and age appropriate children’s Bible story books.

Leading Children to Christwith Sandy Hernandez
You’ve finished the Bible lesson for the day and a student approaches you saying, “I want to have Jesus in my heart, too!” Do you freeze with fear, or do you lead them to the Father with confidence? Listen to how Sandy talks with a little one, simply and carefully explaining God’s plan of salvation.

Workshop Session III

The Goal is the Process: Spiritual Development vs. Content Coveragewith Tim Frost
Often when teaching a class we feel the pressure to “get through the material.” In pursuing this goal we can miss teachable moments that can be very impactful for both the students and the teacher. In this session we will discuss a theology of teaching (along with practical tips) that follows in the footsteps of the Great Teacher, Jesus Christ.

Ministry to Children Through Ministry by Childrenwith Sue Jakes
An examination of the biblical model for growing disciples through participation in ministry & use of spiritual gifts. How do we “teach them to observe” serving?

Welcoming Little Ones into Big Churchwith Lisa Updike
Let’s face it; church can be boring for kids, especially when our culture constantly presents them with fun, flashy, and exciting things! How can we welcome our kids into the worship service, and assist parents by giving them tools to help engage their children in the service?

Sexual abuse in the church…is your ministry prepared?with Steve Collins
In this seminar you will learn about the prevalence of child sexual abuse in the church and what every church needs to know to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly.

Using the iPAD in the Special Needs Classroomwith Dawn Clark
A hands-on look at different Bible apps, how to do social stories and more helpful information on basic communication apps.

Every Home and Church should be Catechizing their Childrenwith B. A. Snider
What is the benefit of learning the Catechism?  Here is a program and plan that will help you insure your children learn the fundamental truths of our great Faith.

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Basics of the Faith Thu, 15 Jan 2015 14:28:07 +0000


CDM has written the following Leader’s Guides to help anyone wanting to studies these great works with an individual or group. The student version is designed to be worked through before reading the text and for taking notes during the meeting.

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RYM/YXL Mid Atlantic Fri, 09 Jan 2015 21:52:01 +0000

YXL-RYM-2As you probably know already, CEP has undergone a bit of a transformation over the last few years.  Most notably was the hiring of Dr. Stephen Estock as the new coordinator and most noticeably was our name change to CDM (Committee on Discipleship Ministries).  Along with those major changes, came a new website, a rebranding, a slate of new conferences, a new Women’s Ministry Coordinator and new material to aid in the discipleship efforts of your church.  While all of those changes have been good and while excitement about the work of CDM is growing and while the vision of CDM to connect and equip is bearing fruit the REAL question that needs to be answered is:

What is happening with YXL East at Covenant College?

In honor of grandfathers everywhere, I would like to answer this important question with a story that may or may not have anything to do with the topic at hand.

My favorite childhood candy bar was the Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup.  Two great taste coming together to make one awesome candy bar.  What’s not to love…peanut butter and chocolate…chocolate and peanut butter?  Though I strongly suspect that Hershey’s has been slowly decreasing the size of the cup while at the same time raising the price of the candy bar, there is still nothing takes care of my mid-afternoon craving for sweets like the confectionary goodness that is a Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup.

In the same way that H.B. Reece discovered in 1928 that two great tastes when put together became something incredible, Dr. Estock and Rev. Joey Stewart, the Executive Director of Reformed Youth Ministries are bringing two great “tastes” (YXL and RYM) together to make something equally as incredible.  Ok…maybe not as incredible as the Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup because we all know that would be just about impossible but the new YXL leadership development track at RYM’s new mid-Atlantic conference is going to be awesome.

Several months ago, Rev. Stewart extended an invitation to Dr. Estock for CDM to join with RYM in the launch of their newest summer conference by developing a YXL leadership track for students who are looking to move to the next step in their faith journey.  After coming to the realization that both groups already shared a number of common commitments in terms of a theological, Gospel driven and relational approach to next generation ministry, the decision to join forces became in the words of Rev. Stewart a “no brainer” that would be a “win, win for all of us.” For RYM which has a long history of running solid summer conferences in which thousands of youth attend each summer, YXL gives them the chance to offer something that they have not been able to in the past: a leadership development track.  At the same time, YXL which has a long history of running smaller summer conferences focused on helping students grow as servant leaders, RYM gives CDM the chance to work with more students and have a potentially bigger impact in the local church.  While some of the dynamics that have made YXL East at Covenant College a unique experience for high school students will necessarily be changing the benefits of this new partnership will ultimately enhance CDM’s efforts through YXL to equip the next generation to serve in the church and in the kingdom.

Students who sign up to participate in the YXL leadership track will be able to take part in the larger activities of the conference but will have dedicated time each day for the intimate teaching and relational times that make the YXL experience so special.  The RYM theme this summer is “Abide in Christ” based on John 15:5 and the YXL theme is “Made for This” based on Ephesians 2.  We will be spending our time together unpacking and working to understand what our individual divine designs are.  As always, we will blend together biblical teaching with leadership activities to help students better understand who God has made them to be.

The dates for RYM’s Mid-Atlantic Conference are August 2nd-6th.  You can find out more information and register for the conference through RYM’s website: .  For those who still prefer the more traditional YXL experience both YXL Horn Creek and YXL Northeast are continuing as they have in the past.  You can find out more information regarding YXL Horn Creek at www.yxlhorncreek (Camp dates: July 4-11, 2015) or to learn more about the Northeast Camp in Lebanon, PA visit (Camp dates: July 5-10, 2015).

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LT-Speakers Tue, 04 Nov 2014 22:08:42 +0000

Teri Anderson

Teri ATeri Andersonnderson is the wife of ruling elder Mark and the mother of 2 adult children. She serves in the PCA as a CDM Women’s Ministry Trainer and served as Women’s Advisor to the Covenant College Board of Trustees for seven years. Once a high school English teacher and a junior college computer instructor, Teri traded in her red ink pen and floppy disks to work full time as an independent Mary Kay Sales Director, another favorite arena for enriching the lives of women. In her local body, Spring Meadows PCA, she has served as Women’s Ministry President, Sunday School teacher, Bible study teacher, and most recently, as the Retreat Chairman. Teri counts it a blessing to be called into this variety of arenas because she “belongs to another—in order that we may bear fruit for God.” (Romans 7:4)


Tara Barthel

Tara BTara Barthel Picturearthel, former director at Peacemaker Ministries and “recovering lawyer,” currently serves her husband, Fred, and young daughters as a homemaker while regularly mediating and speaking at conferences and retreats. In between chasing Sophia, Ella, and her Golden Retriever, Tara published her first video series, The Peacemaking Church Women’s Study—Living the Gospel in Relationships, and coauthored two books: Peacemaking Women—Biblical Hope for Resolving Conflict and Redeeming Church Conflicts. Tara is currently working towards her Master of Arts in Religion at Reformed Theological Seminary and she enjoys teaching introduction to logic, theology, and peacemaking at her local church. This conference will be LiveBlogged at Tara can be reached at:



Pam Benton

Pam Benton PicturePam Benton is a native of Kosciusko, Mississippi.  She has a BA from Belhaven College and an MA in Theological Studies from Covenant Theological Seminary.  She is the wife of Wilson Benton, pastor for 21 years at Kirk of the Hills PCA, St. Louis and now recently retired Senior Pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville. Pam and Wilson’s children are Louis (ob/gyn), Paige (Bible teacher, full time mother) and Laura (wife of RUF minister and area coordinator), and they have 10 grandchildren.  Pam served on the Women’s Advisory Sub-committee for 6 years.  She is a Bible teacher, retreat and conference speaker, homemaker, shopper, “lunch-eater” and she loves playing with grandchildren, being a pastor’s wife, hanging out with her children, lunching with friends, traveling and speaking with Wilson. Her special passion is ministry to pastors’ wives and women in ministry.




Melanie Cogdill

Melanie CogdillMelanie Cogdill has been a CDM Women’s Ministry Trainer since 2001. Previously she served as South Coast Presbytery Women’s Ministry President. For the past 22 years she has worked as the Managing Editor for the Christian Research Journal, a bi-monthly magazine that specializes in in-depth research of cults and new religions, the occult (including the New Age movement), aberrant Christian movements and teachings, and general apologetics. She is a member of Christ Covenant Church and lives in Charlotte, NC, with her husband Dwayne and two sons.




Cathe Cleveland

CatheCathe Cleveland met and married Paul Cleveland at their first PCA church, Westminster Presbyterian in Bryan, TX when Paul was getting his PhD at Texas A&M. They are the parents of two: Caleb (22) and Katie (20).  She homeschooled both of them through high school and they are currently college students at Birmingham-Southern College. For several years she taught government and economics in Excelsior Homeschool Cooperative in Birmingham, and she loves discussing politics and policy issues. Pioneering works have been a big part of her life, and she previously served as the administrative assistant to the President and VP of RTS Orlando during the first year of that campus. She has served the PCA as a local church Women’s Ministries Coordinator and PresWIC VP and President. She has been a CDM Women’s Ministry Trainer since 2001. In 1996 she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Cathe and Paul are currently members of Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, AL.



Sandy Currin

Sandy Currin Picture-2Sandy Currin became a Christian through Cru during her college days at Duke. Sandy and her husband, Jerry, have served on the staff of Cru and pastored numerous churches during their marriage. She has served on local church women’s ministry teams, PresWIC, and as the Mid-Atlantic Regional Advisor. She is the mother of three daughters and five grandchildren, and works at the University of North Carolina Hospital as a RN.  She lives in Durham, NC.




Donna Dobbs

Donna Dobbs PictureDonna Dobbs, a graduate of Reformed Theological Seminary with her Masters Degree in Christian Education, has served for over 30 years as the Director of Christian Education in churches in South Carolina and Mississippi, working with all age groups from Nursery to Senior Adults. Presently, she is the Director of Christian Education at First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, MS. She has been a trainer, lecturer, and Adjunct Professor for Christian Education and Publications, Belhaven College, Covenant Theological Seminary, and Reformed Theological Seminary. She has also served as a consultant and reviewer for Crossway Publications and Puritan and Reformed Publications.




Courtney Doctor

Courtney-Doctor PictureCourtney Doctor received an MDiv from Covenant Theological Seminary in 2013 and currently serves as the Director of Women’s Ministry at the Kirk of the Hills in St. Louis, MO. Her desire is to study, teach, and apply well the word of God. She teaches weekly Bible studies at her church, speaks at women’s conferences and retreats, and is in process of writing her first Bible study. Courtney has a love for education and is on the board of directors for Providence Classical Christian Academy in St. Louis as well as the advisory board for Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, GA. Her husband, Craig, is also on staff at the Kirk of the Hills as the Pastor of Men’s Ministry and Administration. After making it through seminary together, it is their joy to now work and serve together! They have four children—Austin, Bradon, Shelby, and Rebecca—and two amazing daughter-in-laws—Ruth and Jordan. You can find her on Twitter, Facebook, or at





Ellen Dykas

Ellen Dykas 2014 Women's Ministry Coordinator copyEllen Dykas serves as the Women’s Ministry Coordinator for Harvest USA, a national ministry focused on gospel-centered discipleship and teaching regarding sexuality. She oversees discipleship to women and is a part of the teaching and equipping team. Previously she was a missionary in Romania and Missions Staff at her local church in St. Louis, MO. She received her MA in Biblical Studies from Covenant Theological Seminary in 1999. Ellen loves ministry to women and is most passionate about mentoring, teaching God’s Word and spiritually nurturing others to walk deeply with Jesus. She enjoys teaching in a variety of settings and co-authored the workbook, “Sexual Sanity for Women: Healing from Relational and Sexual Brokenness”, and a mini-booklet, “Sex and the Single Girl: Smart Ways to Care for Your Heart” and has been a guest on “Family Life Today”, and “The Bible Answerman”, addressing issues of sexuality.  She loves long coffee talks with friends, walks in parks, chill out nights watching movies and to laugh! New Life Presbyterian in Dresher, PA is her home church.



K.A. Ellis

 K A Ellis PictureK. A. Ellis is continually fascinated by the zones where theology, identity and human rights intersect. She became a Christian in 1993 and has since performed internationally in radio, television, film and on Broadway National Tours, as well as in the rural areas of developing countries.  After a successful career in theatre that culminated with her headlining at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, she spent ten years as the morning-drive radio host with PRAISE1065FM in the glorious Pacific Northwest. Karen has been privileged to travel, teach and sing worldwide through mission organizations such as World Concern, Barnabas Fund, and International Christian Response (ICR), supporting and empowering the suffering church. Karen holds a Master of Fine Art from Yale University in Connecticut, Master of Art in Religion in Systematic Theology from Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. She is currently working toward her PhD at Oxford Graduate School. She has guest lectured at Trinity Forum Academy, Redeemer Seminary in Dallas, and at Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, MS. She has written for Urban Faith magazine, and serves as a regular contributor to the Reformed African American Network (RAAN). She enjoys her family immensely, and is delighted to lecture, speak at conferences, and teach alongside her husband Dr. Carl F. Ellis, Jr.



Stephen Estock

Stephen Estock PictureStephen Estock is Coordinator for the PCA Committee on Discipleship Ministries (CDM). A former USAF officer, he has been in pastoral ministry for 20 years, serving churches in Montgomery, AL and St. Louis, MO. Stephen has also been an adjunct professor at Birmingham Theological and Covenant Theological Seminaries. His Ph.D. is in education, with an emphasis on competency-based learning and leadership training. He and his wife, Susan, have three children and live in Atlanta, GA.



Maria Garriott

MaMaria Garriott Pictureria Garriott married Craig in 1980 and moved into urban Baltimore to plant Faith Christian Fellowship, a multi-ethnic, socio-economically diverse PCA church. In addition to serving in the church’s various ministries, Maria has worked part time as a curriculum writer at Johns Hopkins University for 20 years. She is the author of A Thousand Resurrections, a memoir of urban church planting, and her poetry and articles have been published in various markets. She loves encouraging and teaching to women through Parakaleo, the PCA’s ministry to church planting spouses. Maria and Craig have four adult children, one son-in-law, and a sixteen-year old.

Lisa Hellier

Lisa Hellier PictureLisa Hellier grew up in a Christian home, but she was not prepared for multiple life tragedies, including the two year illness and subsequent death of her first son. God’s merciful revelation of Himself through His Word not only transformed her life but birthed in Lisa a desire to teach other women how to know, love, and serve God with head, heart, and hands. Lisa delights in training, teaching, and leading women at Bible studies, retreats, and conferences. She serves in multiple settings in both her community and local church, First Presbyterian in Macon, GA. Drawing from real life restoration and fifteen years experience as a trained Bible teacher, Lisa delights in humorously and unapologetically teaching sound Biblical truth to her audiences. Married to Jim and mom to Nate, Matthew, and Samuel, Lisa rejoices in sharing with others how the Lord has made her life a testimony of His faithfulness. Facebook—Lisa Hellier; Instagram—acompletethot; Twitter—Elle@acompletethot



Stephanie Hubach

StephanieStephanie Hubach serves as Mission to North America’s Special Needs Ministries Director. She also currently serves on the Lancaster Christian Council on Disability (LCCD). Steph is the author of Same Lake, Different Boat: Coming Alongside People Touched by Disability (P&R Publishing, September 2006) and All Things Possible: Calling Your Church Leadership to Disability Ministry (Joni and Friends, August 2007). She has been published in ByFaith magazine, Focus on the Family magazine, and Breakpoint online magazine and produced a Christian Education DVD series based on Same Lake, Different Boat. Steph and her husband Fred, who is an engineer with Case New Holland, have been married for 30 years. They have two deeply loved sons: Fred and Tim, the younger of whom has Down syndrome. The Hubachs added a wonderful daughter-in-law to the family in June 2013 when Cecelia Miles and Fred were married.



Susan Hunt

Susan Hunt PictureSusan Hunt is the wife of Gene Hunt, a retired PCA pastor, and they have 3 adult children and 12 grandchildren. She is the former Director of Women in the Church Ministry for the PCA and served as a CEP consultant. Susan is the author and co-author of several books for women’s ministries as well as TRUE, the CDM discipleship curriculum series on biblical womanhood for teen girls. She has also authored several books for children.



Melissa Kruger

Melissa Kruger PictureMelissa Kruger serves on staff as Women’s Ministry Coordinator at Uptown Church (PCA) in Charlotte, North Carolina and is the author of The Envy of Eve:  Finding Contentment in a Covetous World (Christian Focus, 2012) and Walking with God in the Season of Motherhood (WaterBrook/Multnomah, 2015).  She writes regularly for The Gospel Coalition and Her husband, Mike, is the president of Reformed Theological Seminary and they have three children.


Sherry Lanier

Sherry LanierSherry Lanier and her husband Steve reside in Jackson, MS.  They helped start Redeemer Church PCA, an intentionally multi-cultural church in the heart of the deep-south, where Steve is the Assistant to Rev. Mike Campbell.  Sherry has a passion for God’s Word and discipleship and mentoring of young women.  She and Steve served on the staff of Youth for Christ for 23 years and she now meets on a weekly basis with a number of young women from her church, teaches a ladies Sunday School class, and teaches a weekly outreach Bible study for professional women.  She has been involved in the development of women’s ministries at several PCA churches and currently serves a Regional Advisor for the Mid-South Region for PCA Women’s Ministry.  She is also serving as an advisor to the Committee on Discipleship Ministries of the PCA.  Sherry serves as a board member for the local Center for Pregnancy Choices, an outreach to young women in unplanned pregnancies, and the Neighborhood Christian Center, an outreach ministry to at-risk youth. After volunteering in disaster response following Hurricane Katrina, she accepted a position on the staff of the PCA/Mission to North America Short Term Missions and Disaster Response Ministry.   She is excited about the growing vision of the PCA to reach every people group at home and around the world.  Her greatest joy is ministering alongside her husband, hosting people in her home, and being ‘Momsie’ to her precious grandchildren!

Paula Miles

Paula MilesPaula Miles, a PCA/CDM Women’s Ministry Trainer, is wife to Kevin and mother of four, Wimberly (21), Janie (18), Clary (16), and Judy (14).  Paula and her family live in Clemson, SC and are members of Clemson Presbyterian Church where Kevin is a ruling elder and Paula has served in various capacities within the women’s ministry.  After 12 years of being at home, Paula was called back to the public school system in the fall of 2005, and taught eighth grade mathematics at R. C. Edwards Middle School for nine years.  She resigned in June of 2014 to accept a new position on her church’s staff as Women’s Ministry Coordinator.  Paula’s greatest passion is teaching God’s Word.  She is a regular Bible teacher at her church as well as a conference speaker.  She enjoys regular exercise and watching sports.

Connie Miller

Connie MillerConnie Miller has been married to Mike Miller for 33 years and has three children. She was on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ for 12 years at the University of South Carolina. Then, she served alongside her husband while church planting in Jupiter, FL. Connie is presently serving alongside her husband at Christ Covenant Church in Matthews, NC where she is involved with Titus II Ministries and Women’s Bible Studies. She has been on PresWIC Council for the Central Carolina Presbytery for 1 year and is presently serving as a National Trainer for the PCA Women’s Ministry. She is also a real estate broker, worship leader, and retreat/conference speaker.




Tami Resch

Tami Resch PictureTami Resch and her husband, Steve, have co-labored in three church plants since 1991 currently serving Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church in Columbus, OH. As Associate Director and co-founder of Parakaleo, Tami helps church planting spouses take the hope of the gospel to their own hearts and to the hearts of others. She is the co-author of Beyond Duct Tape Holding the Heart Together in a Life of Ministry. The daughter and sister of professional football coaches, Tami has become one herself coaching women through life and ministry. She created the Alongside Coach Training providing women with tools and skills for bringing gospel dynamics into one-on-one conversations. Tami is a member of Steeler Nation. Additional fanaticisms include organizing closets, drawers, and homes. She is an R.N. (retired nurse), a retired home school mom, and the sometimes tired but never retired mother of three.


Susan Shepherd

Susan Shepherd PictureSusan Shepherd has been a full-time staff member at Christ Covenant Church, a PCA Church in Charlotte, NC since 1991. She served fourteen years as Director of Children’s Ministries. Since 2004, Susan has been serving the church as the Director of Women’s Ministries.  Having written and developed a number of Bible Studies, Susan is currently teaching a study through the Gospel of Mark. She has been privileged to teach through twelve books of the Bible, including Philippians, Acts, Luke, Joshua-Ruth, Isaiah, John, Proverbs, the Psalms of Ascent and the Pastoral Epistles and James. She is passionate about leading women to Scripture, hoping to whet their appetite for personal study and reflection on God’s Word as a means of personal and cultural transformation. Susan’s “extracurricular” activities have included traveling extensively, conducting teacher-training in Haiti, Romania, Russia, Moldova and Murmansk, and Uganda. She loves photography. She is an avid runner, having competed in six half-marathons; more recently she has become a “cross-fitter”. She sings on the worship team at Christ Covenant each week. She is a frequent speaker at women’s retreats and events and is currently working on her first book project. Susan has been married to Charles since 1983.  They have two grown children. Hannah is married to David Mulvihill. She is a full-time gymnastics coach.  Milas is married Ashley and in May, 2014 they gave us our first grandson, Micah. Milas teaches high school English. The children live in the Charlotte area. Most of Susan’s extended family live in Charlotte, and she delights in the company of 17 nieces & nephews. She was raised primarily in the Chicago area until high school, when the family moved to Asheville.


Kathy Stair

Kathy Stair pictureKathy Stair came to Christ at 7 years old during a Vacation Bible School. Her grandmother was the first Christian in their family and God used her life in drawing Kathy to Him. She went to high school in Arizona, and college in South Carolina (BS in Business). Her husband, Randy, is the President of the PCA Foundation and they have two children: Julie and Bradley and three grandchildren, Samantha, Aidan, and Logan. Most of her “work” while being a mom, has been as a volunteer for Young Life, Crisis Pregnancy and PCA local church women’s ministries. She also has been employed part time for Young Life and full time and part time for the PCA’s Discipleship Ministries as assistant to the Women’s Ministry Coordinator. She continues to work for Discipleship Ministries’ Women Ministries as a regional trainer. She also has a wedding and event floral business. She has lived in Iowa, Arizona and, since married, has lived in South Carolina, Upstate New York, Kentucky, and now Atlanta, GA



Jen Stegmann

Stegmann-J-headshotJen Stegmann has been serving as the Director of Women’s Ministries at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Nashville, TN since June 2011.  She holds a Bachelors degree in English from Mid-America Christian University and a Masters in Educational Ministries from Covenant Theological Seminary.   Jen’s ministry to women began over 15 years ago while she was in college and working as an intern with her church’s youth ministry.  Since that time she has ministered to women by serving on women’s ministry teams, coordinating community groups, and teaching.  In her current role she is responsible for leading and teaching Bible studies, discipling women and developing ongoing leadership training. Numerous activities claim Jen’s interest — on any given day, you might find her listening to a sermon, reading, riding her bike, cheering on her native hometown baseball team, the St. Louis Cardinals, or flying to St. Louis to spend time with her niece and nephew!  In the midst of all of these interests, Jen’s deepest passion is to serve the church and to see women’s lives transformed by the truths of the gospel.


Ronjanett Taylor

Ronjanett Taylor PictureRonjanett Taylor is the wife of ruling elder Bryant, mother of three, and GiGi to two little granddaughters. She has been a member of Redeemer Church PCA in Jackson, MS since its inception in 2004 and has served in women’s ministry, choir, discipleship to younger women, and most cherished as coordinator of the Sister Cooks ministry. Ronjanett also served as a steering committee member for The Redeemer’s School (TRS), a Christian school purposed to provide an affordable and high-quality educational option to low-income families in our neighborhood. TRS opened its doors to the first class of 45 students on August 18, 2014!  Ronjanett currently serves as the Diversity At Large Advisor on the PCA Women’s Ministry team under the Committee on Discipleship Ministries (CDM). For Ronjanett, the common thread running through all of her ministry involvement is serving and connecting God’s people of many ethnic, cultural, and economic backgrounds, in particular women and girls, with joy through the Gospel. Ronjanett works full time as state director for the America Reads – Mississippi AmeriCorps literacy program.


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Workshop Session I

Women’s Ministry 101: Women’s Ministry in the Local Church—Why and How—Susan Hunt
Some say that women’s ministry is irrelevant and no longer needed today. We will counter that perspective with biblical reasons for a women’s ministry, principles to develop a life-giving ministry, and ways to apply those principles in your church. These principles can be used to train leaders and provide consistency and continuity when there is a change in leadership. It will be a discussion format so bring your questions.

Taste of Training:  Equipping Women for Ministry—Women’s Ministry Trainers
Come whet your appetite as you get a sample of our Women’s Ministry Training. The trainer team will give you an overview of World View, Covenant, Church, Womanhood, and Kingdom Discipleship. Women’s Ministry trainings are designed to give the women of your church and/or presbytery a framework to think biblically about who God is and who He is calling women to be in the context of the home, church, workplace, and ministry outreaches. This valuable equipping resource is a series of in-depth seminars that provide a biblical framework for women in ministry as well as practical tools. It has been used to establish and reinvigorate women’s ministries across the country.

Eve’s Big Story: From the First Garden to the Last—Lisa Hellier
Why does the connection between the Old and New Testaments matter to us in a culture that declares relevance is king? The connection matters because the heart of relevance for us today is found in the story that God has told us from the beginning in His Word. The story that began with Eve in a Garden ends with us, the daughters of Eve, in a Garden. In this seminar, we will look at what the Big Story is, discuss why it is important to us as women, and give examples for how in our women’s ministry we can effectively connect women to the Big Story. The goal is to cause women to love God’s whole Word more by seeing the heart of relevance in Christ’s wide, long, high, and deep love.

Digital Discipleship—Dr. Stephen Estock, Coordinator, PCA Discipleship Ministries
Email, texts, blogs … these are just a few slices of the modern “pie” of communication. For many, group emails have replaced church newsletters; text messages have replaced telephone calls; and the smartphone has become a work station for the 24-7 global office. If digital is the way our modern culture communicates, how can these modes be used to lead people to a deeper relationship with Christ? This seminar will consider how church leaders can use digital means for discipleship.

A Leader Among Men?—Susan Shepherd
Being a women’s ministry leader in the context of our PCA heritage is not always easy. In particular, serving a largely male dominated staff and leadership in a way that glorifies God builds up the Body and honors our uniquely feminine personhood can be challenging…but not impossible! God’s plan for womanhood extends to our relationship with our brothers in leadership and, when it works, it is very good. How do we get there? This seminar will explore basic principles of what it means to be uniquely feminine as a leader with men in the Body of Christ. We’ll talk about what to do when we don’t agree, how to be a “team player”, what to do when we aren’t included, how to be a source of courage and confidence, how to pray…bring your questions and concerns. Let’s see how we can help.

Intentional Bible Study:  Choosing Curriculum that Fits Your Church Context—Jen Stegmann
We all want to be intentional with the study of God’s Word. We want to use curriculum that meets our women where they are. How might we better utilize our curriculum as a tool and resource? What type of criteria and grid do we have in place for choosing curriculum, if any? This workshop will examine why, when, and how we choose Bible study curriculum.

Biblical Peacemaking—Tara Barthel
Because the Bible calls us to overlook, confess, confront, and forgive (Prov. 19:11, Matt. 7:5, Gal. 6:1, Col. 3:13), The PCA Book of Church Order exhorts us that, “Biblical peacemaking must be one of our highest priorities.” Are redemptive, reconciled relationships one of your women’s ministries’ highest priorities? Or are you settling for peace-faking (acting like everything is OK but deep down, relationships are often graceless, divided, and filled with gossip)? There is a better way! In this seminar, we will learn how to work through conflicts in a productive, biblically-faithful manner so that we can do the hard work of faith expressing itself in love (Gal. 5:6) as we keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace (Eph. 4:3).

I’m Gay…I’m a Gay Christian: Biblical Clarity for Confusing Labels—Ellen Dykas
When someone in your family or congregation declares “I’m gay…I’ve always felt this way,” what are you to say? Is a gay identity a biblical concept? Is it merely a personal choice that doesn’t have significant ramifications on one’s faith? God’s Word speaks with clarity, compassion and hope into this controversial and relevant topic. Scripture does speak about identity issues, and gives compassionate guidance for understanding people who experience same-sex attraction and temptations. This workshop will give you a biblical framework for understanding sexual identity and orientation, and how to engage people in discussion on this divisive topic.

Workshop Session II

The Joy of Godly Obedience—Sandy Currin
Can we really find joy in obeying Christ, the joy our hearts long for? Jesus says in John 15, “If you obey my commands, you will remain in my love”, and “I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and your joy may be complete”. Where should we seek love and complete joy? Join us as we consider this question by exploring the necessity of obedience, the motives behind obedience, the pathway to obedience, and examples of joy-based obedience in the scriptures.

Taste of Training:  Equipping Women for Ministry—Women’s Ministry Trainers
Come whet your appetite as you get a sample of our Women’s Ministry Training. The trainer team will give you an overview of World View, Covenant, Church, Womanhood, and Kingdom Discipleship. Women’s Ministry trainings are designed to give the women of your church and/or presbytery a framework to think biblically about who God is and who He is calling women to be in the context of the home, church, workplace, and ministry outreaches. This valuable equipping resource is a series of in-depth seminars that provide a biblical framework for women in ministry as well as practical tools. It has been used to establish and reinvigorate women’s ministries across the country.

Unfolding His Words—Lisa Hellier
The challenging task of preparing a Bible lesson is often met with feelings of dread and inadequacy. This seminar tackles such feelings with the solid foundation of God’s good precepts that give strength and encouragement. We will address the covenantal call for women to teach one another all that is in accord with sound doctrine for the good of God’s kingdom and God’s people and explain how the ministry of teaching can be met with confidence and delight. We will examine how having a clear dependence upon the Holy Spirit causes us to embrace the need for solid Bible teaching and pursue the practical steps of preparation.

From Chaos To Connecting: Ministry in the Midst of a Full Schedule—Sherry Lanier
The concept of connecting to one another is exciting and a desire of our hearts. But at the end of a busy day or week we look back, wonder how the time went by so quickly, and intentions to connect have not happened. What is the answer? How can we find time to connect? Join us as we consider how to develop Grace Margins in our lives.

Walking Alongside Families in the Midst of Life-Changing Experiences—Stephanie Hubach
This seminar covers the spectrum of 1) what a family experiences with the onset of disability, 2) the issue of “acceptance” and how churches can engage families in mercy during this phase, and 3) how to walk alongside families as they develop a “new normal” life that incorporates disability into it.

Who Do You Say I Am? The Value of Identity in Christ—K.A. Ellis
In all cultures, there is a constant barrage of media messages that not only challenge but deride God’s design of facial features, eye shape, skin tone, hair texture, and culturally accepted body types. This workshop seeks a holistic and wise application of Scripture to teach Christians that their design is worthy of more than media exploitation and the stimulation of commerce. Ellis uses union with Christ to guide us away from the idolatry that perpetuates either self-exaltation or self-doubt.

Ordering Our Disordered Affections – Turning from Our Secret Struggles—Tara Barthel
It is rightfully sobering and devastatingly tragic to admit—but many Christian women struggle with habitual, hidden sins that spring from hearts filled with disordered affections. We may have great success in leading and serving others, but something is off—we respond to pressure, exhaustion, and disappointment in ways that leave a guilty stain. It could be snapping in anger at our family or coworkers; indulging in hidden escape measures like wasting time online, excessively eating, drinking, taking mood-altering medications, or exercising to excess; racking up credit card debt on purchases we can’t afford in a futile effort to soothe ourselves; or even reading and viewing erotic literature and media and giving in to fantasies and actions we know, deep down, are obviously sinful. In this workshop, we will discuss the danger of an unexamined heart in our own lives and the lives of the women we serve.

Radical Hospitality—Pam Benton
Hospitality! Not a party. Not a frivolous word, but a way that God has chosen to bless His people, to minister to a hurting world and to build the church. In our busy, frazzled lives almost any act of Hospitality has become Radical! Let’s look at God’s command to His people and find ways to bring this grace back into our everyday lives.

Workshop Session III

Spiritual Mothering—Susan Hunt and Connie Miller
The gospel imperative in Titus 2:3-5 is so much more than friendships between older and younger women. We will explore this passage and then discuss ways a local church can equip women to obey this mandate for women to disciple women and girls.

Same Church, Many Cultures:  Connecting With Sisters In Christ—Ronjanett Taylor
Often in a family, sisters resemble one another, in looks and mannerisms. As we look around our church family we see our sisters whom we resemble in our connection to Christ and His church, but we are different in our cultures and traditions. Join us for an honest discussion on how to connect with our sisters who have different backgrounds, experiences, cultures, traditions, and testimonies.

Discipling Women in the Local Church: Panel—Donna Dobbs
What a privilege the Lord has given us to be involved in His plan for helping believers to grow in the knowledge of Him and to serve His people. But the expanse of the calling is so great, where do we begin, and how can we, those with leadership responsibilities in the local church, flesh out His instructions to us corporately? God gives us answers, but we all have different contexts and sometimes we need help thinking through what that looks like in our church and with our women. Join our panel to hear the conversation about making these decisions, and discussing the goals and practice of Women’s Ministries in our churches.

The Christ of Scripture, Covenant 101—Dr. Stephen Estock, Coordinator, PCA Discipleship Ministries
The Bible is unique in that it involves over 40 authors, writing 66 books, over a span of 1,500 years, with one basic story: God’s plan of redemption for fallen man through Christ. This seminar will introduce you to that basic story, which theologians call “Covenant Theology.” This story of the covenant is about God’s gracious provision in the face of man’s inability and rebellion. Covenant Theology is one of the distinguishing elements of Presbyterian doctrine and serves as the primary lens through which we view every text of Scripture.

Moving from Welcoming to Belonging: The Five C’s of Church Inclusion—Stephanie Hubach
Even when churches foster a welcoming climate, sometimes individuals with disabilities (and their families) remain on the fringes of congregational life. This seminar is designed to help pastors and laypeople understand the differences between welcoming and belonging, and to identify practical ways to make genuine belonging a reality—for the benefit of the entire church.

Connecting to the Next Generation—Jen Stegmann
Women long for connection to other women. Women need encouragement from, and to be challenged by, one another. Join us for this panel discussion to hear how God is at work in our local churches connecting women, generation to generation. We will also explore the question, “How do we disciple, train and equip each generation to minister to one another with greater understanding?”

Guarding Our Hearts as We Care for Others: Walking wisely as Women in Ministry—Ellen Dykas
When we are engaged in ministry with others, it is crucial that we have a clear commitment to watch over our own hearts first, with all diligence. How is it that ministry leaders walk into a secret life of sin and/or unholy attachments to others? Temptations, distractions, weariness, and worse, can stealthily creep into our life if we pour ourselves into the lives of others without a growing self-awareness of its impact on our own hearts. Drawing from her own journey as a women’s ministry leader, Ellen will give guidance on walking wisely regarding both the joys and the dangers involved in ministering to others, serving alongside male and female colleagues and how to balance competing responsibilities and the ever-present need for real, godly friendships.

Living in the Now and Not Yet of God’s Story—Tami Resch and Maria Garriott
Living in the Now and Not Yet of God’s story, each of us will experience great wounding and wound others. In our time together, we will look at the practical implications of the gospel for sinned against and sinful leaders like us. We will explore practical, visual tools that help us:

  • Live out of our identity in Christ instead of the success or failure of our ministries or families;
  • Discern the voices and verdicts that shame us and shape us;
  • Discover the freedom and creativity the gospel gives us to live in mission and to love.
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Stephen Estock

StephenCoordinator of CDM

Responsible to the General Assembly for the ministry of CDM. Works to promote discipleship ministry throughout the PCA by connecting leaders with each other and with resources designed “to equip the saints for the work of ministry.” (Eph. 4:12) Develops resources, conducts training, and consults with members of presbyteries and local churches across the denomination.

Sue Jakes

SueChildren’s Ministry Coordinator

Oversees the effort of CDM to connect and equip those who serve in discipleship ministry to children. Develops and reviews resources to help those who work with children and youth. Conducts training for church leaders, staff, and volunteers.

Danny Mitchell

DannyYouth Ministry Coordinator

Coordinates the effort of CDM to network local church youth leaders and provide resources and training for those who serve in youth ministry. Reviews resources, conducts training, and provides job placement assistance for youth ministry workers.

Karen Hodge

KarenWomen’s Ministry Coordinator

Works to promote discipleship ministry among women in the PCA. Coordinates the efforts of regional leaders and trainers to plan events, develop resources, and connect those who serve at the presbytery and local church level. Consults with church leaders to develop a vital ministry to women in the PCA.

B.A. Snider

BAChildren’s Ministry Program Specialist

Assists the Children’s Ministries Coordinator by providing assistance in the areas of resource development, training, communications, and conferences. Consults with and conducts training in local churches to equip those who serve in the ministry of discipleship to children.

Steve Collins

Steve2The founder and Executive Director of Adults Protecting Children, Inc.

After 17 years with Mission to the World, the mission agency of the Presbyterian Church in America, Mr. Collins resigned to start this nonprofit 501(c)3 organization in November of 2009. Adults Protecting Children is committed to the training of adults and organizations in how to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to the sexual abuse of children.

Mr. Collins is a Certified Facilitator for Darkness to Light’s Stewards of Children, an adult-focused prevention training course. He is also a Certified Instructor for Darkness to Light, giving him the credentials to certify facilitators to teach the Stewards of Children materials. He serves as a regional coordinator for the Georgia Center for Child Advocacy in their statewide child sexual abuse prevention initiative.  Mr. Collins is a Georgia Bright From the Start Specialty Trainer, which allows him to provide trainings for licensed daycare workers across Georgia.In addition to his work on a statewide basis in Georgia, Mr. Collins provides resources and consultation services for churches and private schools in how to write and implement child protection policies.

Stephanie Hubach

StephanieMission to North America’s Special Needs Ministries Director

Mission to North America (MNA) is a Permanent Committee of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). She also currently serves on the Lancaster Christian Council on Disability (LCCD). Steph is the author of Same Lake, Different Boat: Coming Alongside People Touched by Disability (P&R Publishing, September 2006) and All Things Possible: Calling Your Church Leadership to Disability Ministry (Joni and Friends, August 2007). She has been published in ByFaith magazine, Focus on the Family magazine, and Breakpoint online magazine and produced a Christian Education DVD series based on Same Lake, Different Boat. Steph and her husband Fred-who is an engineer with Case New Holland-have been married for 31 years. They have two deeply loved sons: Fred and Tim, the younger of whom has Down syndrome. The Hubachs added a wonderful daughter-in-law to the family in June 2013 when Cecelia Miles and Fred were married.

Mike Kendrick

mike-2Life Stages Pastor at Covenant Church of Naples

He is married to Sherry, the Children’s Ministry Director. Mike and Sherry met and were childhood sweethearts and have been married 31 years and have spent their lives partnering together as a couple, as parents, and in ministry.

Sherry Kendrick

sherry-2Children’s Ministry Director at Covenant Church of Naples

She has lived in Naples for 27 years. Sherry joined the Covenant staff as Children’s Ministry Director in June 2010. She has a degree in elementary education from East Tennessee State University and over 24 years of experience in Christian education, children’s ministry and public school elementary education. Sherry and her husband Mike both serve on the staff at Covenant. They have 3 children.

Bob Petterson

bob-2Senior Pastor at Covenant Church of Naples

He has been at Covenant since the fall of 2002. He and his wife, Joyce, moved to Naples from New York City, where he was the East Coast President of Mastermedia International, a ministry to film and television executives in Hollywood and New York City. Bob earned his Masters of Divinity degree from Covenant Theological Seminary in 1974 and received his doctorate from Fuller Seminary in 1985.

Barksdale Pullen

barksdaleMinister of Community Life at Wildwood Church (PCA) in suburban Tallahassee, Florida

He received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Mississippi, his Master of Divinity from Westminster Theological Seminary, and a PhD in Educational Studies from Trinity International University. Ordained in the PCA, Barksdale has also served as the Minister of Children’s Discipleship at Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tennessee, and Pastor of Children’s Ministry at Kirk of the Hills Presbyterian Church in St. Louis, MO. Other Christian education experience includes participating in regional teacher training.

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Workshop Session I

Developing Officers to Be Competent Shepherdswith Stephen Estock
Leadership development takes various forms in the life of the church. Some leaders want to be more than a board of directors, but are unsure how to get there. This interactive seminar will consider what goes into making an elder or deacon competent in the area of shepherding the people of God.

The Essential Storytellerwith Bob Petterson
When we tell someone else a story, we give information.  When it becomes our story, we impart inspiration.  But it’s not until it becomes the listener’s story that there is transformation.  Most teaching is informational.  Occasionally, it becomes inspirational.  Seldom is it transformational.  Unless we learn how to tell the greatest story ever told in a transformational way, we will never see transformation.

The Tapestry of Biblical Womanhoodwith Karen Hodge
This time will be set aside to marvel at the beautiful complementary plan and purpose for womanhood. We will seek to be comforted by the big knots that hold life and relationships together. We will hope to be encouraged by the variegated threads that highlight the unity and diversity of God’s design for woman.

Engaging Teenagers With the Word of Godwith Danny Mitchell
Youth ministry is sometimes portrayed as a “games and pizza” ministry. However, every disciple making youth ministry takes teaching God’s Word seriously. This seminar is for anyone who wants to more effectively teach Bible studies, small groups, or Sunday school to teenagers.

How the Children’s Ministry can Reach out to Your Communitywith Barksdale Pullen
Beyond Sunday School and VBS, how can the Children’s Ministry of your church reach out to the surrounding community effectively?

Recruiting, Training and Keeping Volunteerswith B.A. Snider
Children’s Ministry requires more help than one can imagine and there are never enough new and encouraging ideas!

Disability 101: What’s in Your Worldview?with Stephanie Hubach
Our worldview influences how we look at, well, our world! What ideas do we bring to the subject of disability that mirror our culture’s values more than they reflect a biblical perspective? How do I bring the Gospel to bear in this area?

Sexual abuse in the church…is your ministry prepared?with Steve Collins
In this seminar you will learn about the prevalence of child sexual abuse in the church and what every church needs to know to prevent, recognize and react responsibly. You will also be made aware of mandated reporter laws that require all church staff AND volunteers to report any suspicion of child abuse.

Workshop Session II

Fostering a Culture of Gospel-Centered Parentingwith Stephen Estock

Young parents often look to the church for advice on how to raise their children. This seminar will explore how you can help the parents of your congregation relate to their children in the context of the gospel and from the foundation of a mother and father’s relationship with God.

Providing Christian Carewith Mike Kendrick
The Apostle Paul wrote “Carry each other’s burdens and you will fulfill the law of Christ.”  What does it mean to walk with a friend through a difficult chapter in life?  In this seminar we will discuss important topics such as being a good listener, providing true  empathy, and pointing our friends to Christ the true Caregiver.

The Titus 2 Opportunitywith Karen Hodge
Spiritual mothering comes in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately there is no easy formula or prescriptive ministry plan to accomplish this objective. We will explore the joys and challenges of creating life on life discipleship between older and younger women.

Theological Foundations for Children’s Ministrywith Barksdale Pullen
Most of us are drawn to children’s ministry because of our love and concern for children. However, how many of us have really looked deeply into God’s Word to see value He places on children’s ministry?

Modeling Biblical Manhood for the Next Generationwith Danny Mitchell
From the moment that Adam took the fruit from Eve and ate, God’s design for manhood has been under attack. This seminar will build a scriptural foundation for biblical manhood; investigate some of the cultural voices that work against biblical manhood and attempt to provide applications to help your church redeem biblical manhood from a fallen world.

Teaching the Bible to Children with Great Expectations!with Sue Jakes
Consistent teaching of the Word should produce transformed lives. How do we train our teachers so that they expect their lessons to be life-changing?

Easy Ways to Help Special Needs Children in Sunday Schoolwith Sherry Kendrick
There are many easy accommodations and strategies that can make our special needs children more comfortable and successful in our children’s ministry classrooms.  This seminar will help teachers learn these accommodations and how to use them.

Sexual abuse in the church…is your ministry prepared?with Steve Collins
In this seminar you will learn about the prevalence of child sexual abuse in the church and what every church needs to know to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly. You will also be made aware of mandated reporter laws that require all church staff AND volunteers to report any suspicion of child abuse.

Embracing Children with Autismwith Jennifer Zell
Hear true stories of incorporating children with autism into various ministry settings, while discovering practical strategies that will help your church do the same.

Workshop Session III

Ministering to the Next Generation of Retireeswith Mike Kendrick
are we capturing the ministry passions of the next generation of retirees?  The fastest growing demographic in our churches is the retiring baby boomers and they are eager to serve.  In this seminar we will discuss some of the characteristics of baby boomers and ways to mobilize them for service in God’s kingdom.

Love as a Lifestylewith Bob Petterson
Ravi Zacharias asked the question, “How do we reach a generation that listens with its eyes?”  2000 years ago, Jesus gave the answer:  Live a gospel that can be seen with the eyes.  In John 13:34-35, Jesus shows us by describing the original L word.  Like the letter L, love has a vertical and horizontal line.  Lose either, and L ceases to exist.  Without the L, there can be no love.

Tips and Tools for Women’s Ministrywith Karen Hodge
This session will seek to offer practical tips and tools for building not only a healthy women’s ministry, but more importantly a healthy church.  Bring your ideas to offer, your concerns to share, and your questions to be answered.

Q&A For Youth Ministry Leaderswith Danny Mitchell
Sharing your successes and struggles in ministry to the youth of the church should be an encouragement: “iron sharpening iron.”

Translating Perspective into Practice: Getting Disability Ministry Started in Your Local Congregationwith Stephanie Hubach
How do you actually begin a disability ministry in your church? What is the ministry’s purpose and role in congregational life? What are the biblical principles on which it needs to be founded?  What process do you need to follow? Who needs to be involved? And more…

Starting and Evaluating a Children’s MinistrySherry Kendrick
Using an action flow plan, we will learn how to include the call of the gospel, the content of the Bible, the context of the church, the community of believers and the importance of celebrations in any children’s ministry.  This tool can help you start or evaluate your current program without being overwhelming!

It Takes a Covenantwith B.A. Snider
Understanding God’s covenant promise to his people is important at the youngest age.  How do we communicate this Gospel truth to our children?

Kids in Servicewith Sue Jakes
True Discipleship produces Kingdom servants. What can we begin to do in our ministry to children that will train every child for a life of service to King Jesus?

Embracing Children with Autismwith Jennifer Zell
Hear true stories of incorporating children with autism into various ministry settings, while discovering practical strategies that will help your church do the same.

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