Giving to Meet the Need

InvestEvery holiday season, people struggle with the question, “How can I give so that a ministry is blessed and my gift actually addresses the need?” For the discipleship ministry of the PCA, there are a number of ways that churches and individuals give.

The “ministry ask” is the amount per member that CEP requests from churches that donate. This figure takes into account that, for a variety of reasons, not all PCA congregations are able to donate to General Assembly causes. In 2013, the CEP “ministry ask” is $7 per church member.
An alternate method is the “per capita calculation.”This amount optimistically assumes that every PCA church will give to the work of the General Assembly regardless of the circumstances of the congregation. In 2013, the CEP “per capita calculation” is $2.54 per church member.

The most effective way to contribute to the ministry of CEP is to give a donation by a check mailed to our office or through an online bank draft using the orange “Invest in CEP” button on our home page ( There you can also make a donation by credit card, but a portion of your donation will go to the credit card company for the service.

If you are a church leader, please encourage your deacons and/or elders to support CEP at the level of the “ministry ask.” If you are an individual with a heart for the work of discipleship among children, youth, and adults, consider a gift to CEP at the level of the “ministry ask” ($7 per person) on behalf of your small group, Sunday school class, or even your entire congregation. In whatever way the Lord leads you to give, we appreciate your partnership in the ministry of discipleship.

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