God’s Faithfulness, Generation to Generation

Editor’s Note: Christian Education and Publications oversees and coordinates the women’s ministry known as Women in the Church. WIC has been a vital part of our ministry since the beginning of the PCA. Many things have and are happening as a result of this ministry. In 2006 CEP sponsored the WIC International Conference. The following is an interview with Jane Patete, coordinator of the WIC ministry. Her vision and leadership have were one of the keys in the ’06 conference as well as WIC’s effectiveness in our overall ministry.

1. Briefly state the purpose of WIC (Women In the Church) with CEP and the PCA.

The stated purpose of the Presbyterian Church in America’s Women In the Church, which was approved by the first General Assembly, is: that every woman know Christ personally and be committed to extending His Kingdom in her life, home, church, community and throughout the world.

Women’s ministry was designed to be an expression of the theology of the PCA. There were non-negotiables: the authority of God’s Word, a commitment to the theological standards of the PCA, and a commitment to work within the ecclesiastical structure of the PCA. We want women to love the church of Jesus Christ. We want to help women understand their rich and fulfilling role in the church in an un-ordained position. We want women to be confident that the study resources are soundly biblical. This is why the fathers of the PCA placed women’s ministry under the oversight of the Committee for Christian Education and Publications. CEP serves local churches by providing leadership training and resources for kingdom discipleship.

2. What are some ways CEP has provided leadership training and resources for women?

Our overarching purpose is to disciple leaders and equip them to disciple others. Specific resources that help us fulfill this purpose are:

During her twelve years as Circulation Manager of the Westminster Theological Seminary Library, Jane nurtured many future pastors. Now from her position in the CEP office, she nurtures the women of the PCA by serving as a resource person, encouraging and advising those in local WIC ministry. With contagious enthusiasm she contributes to the development of a substantive women

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