How do you build a strong men’s ministry leadership team?

How do you build a strong men’s ministry leadership team?


A. The most important principle is to find champions for men’s ministry.

  • If they have a passion for men’s ministry, they will be self-motivated. The pastor or session will not have to twist their arms.
  • Don’t assign an elder to be the point man for men’s ministry unless that is his passion. If you do, you will kill the passion for men’s ministry on the rest of the team.
  • Since the men’s ministry leadership team is overseen by the session, not every member needs to meet the qualification for being a church officer. The key is their passion. If some elders have a passion for men’s ministry-great. They are welcome members of the team.
  • The men’s ministry point man must first be a self-starter, highly motivated about men’s ministry in the congregation. He must also be spiritually respected in the congregation.

B. The second most important principle is to equip the team with an awareness of what is required to sustain an effective disciple-making ministry to men over the long haul. Tools for this equipping are mentioned under question 11.

C. The third most important principle is to constantly cast a vision for the importance of men’s ministry to the team along with encouragement and challenges to pay the price. If it were easy to build an effective men’s ministry, you would have already done it! The point is that it is difficult, discouraging, and opposed by the enemy every step of the way. The last thing Satan wants in the church is strong, spiritually connected men! He wants to bind our men in sin, guilt, and isolation. Then he can plunder their house.


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