Job: Lessons in Comfort

Over the years I have read and taught many Bible studies, but never have I come across a study as well written and thought out as Job: Lessons in Comfort. In fact, this is the best study in general that I have ever come across. Job is a long book that on the surface seems to have only one major theme, suffering. Yet, as Frankie shows us, there is so much more.

I found the manuscript for this work sitting on Jane Patete’s desk, CEP’s women’s Ministries Coordinator. I asked if I could look it over since I knew Frankie and went to seminary with her husband, Chris. Frankie asked CEP to consider publishing the study, and it is my pleasure to announce that Frankie has allowed us to be the exclusive publisher of this work.

Frankie approaches the book of Job from the angle of comfort in suffering. All thirteen lessons constantly point us not to Job or his situation but to our covenant-keeping God who has perfect, loving control of every aspect of our lives, even when it seems He is clueless to our needs.

One more thing. I not only read through this study, I had the pleasure of teaching this work to the women in the PCA office building each Tuesday. Every week there seemed to be a very special quote that we would find and share together. Each person in the group would also share their times of suffering. It was a special time watching these women minister to each other through each lesson.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. If you cannot find a group to go through this with, then use it for your personal study. If you haven’t gone through serious suffering you probably will, or at least someone will to whom you can minister. This study will give you help to either go through suffering personally or walk alongside someone who is suffering.

Having spent the last eight years in Cape Town, South Africa, as academic dean of the Bible Institute of South Africa and serving there as a PCA missionary, Dennis and his wife Cindy, his son Dustin, daughter Bena, and son Innocent have returned to the states to rejoin the staff at Christian Education and Publications where he served for eleven years prior to going to South Africa.

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