Justification, Being Made Right With God

In light of thebook The New Perspectives of Paul, if you would like to read a briefer treatise on the topic and better understand the doctrine of justification and how it impacts our Christian life then Justification, Being Made Right With God is the book to read.Waters is in agreement with Barcley and Duncan and writes from that same understanding. Both books will help you better understand and articulate your understanding of saving faith.

Waters seeks to make clear that while N. T. Wright might believe in “Spirit-enabled works of the Christian to be justifying,” that is not what the Bible nor the Reformed tradition has understood. He underscores that righteousness does not come from within us. It is imputed to us by Christ. We stand in his righteousness alone before a holy God.

Waters concludes with several strategic questions. Does Wright depart from Scripture? Does Scripture teach that the works of the Christian are justifying? Is our justification presently complete or incomplete? He concludes by reminding us that while works are important in that they evidence saving faith, they are not the cause of our salvation. Anything less than that diminishes the grace of God by which we are saved.

This is a good book powerfully and clearly written. It would be good to pass on to someone seeking to understand salvation in Christ.

Charles Dunahoo pastored churches in Georgia and Alabama before being called to his present position as Coordinator for the PCA of Christian Education and Publications (CEP).

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