Leadership Role of Directors of Women’s Ministries

Aware of the growing number and significant leadership role of Directors of Women’s Ministries in local PCA churches, CEP continues to provide a defined fellowship aimed at equipping these women for ministries that unite with an overall Christian education and discipleship focus.

During the past seven years of hosting this event, we have been greatly encouraged by “where we are” in God’s providence. We see discernable kingdom fruit that has accrued from CEP’s strategic outreach to women serving on church staffs. For this reason, we have gone forward in offering another educational and networking event for women who are serving as full-time or part-time paid staff women in a local church.

CEP is ably assisted in planning by Donna Dobbs, Director of Christian Education at First Presbyterian in Jackson, Mississippi, and Cathy Wilson, former Director of Women at Kirk of the Hills in St. Louis, Missouri. Cathy is a former Women in the Church Trainer and currently the WASC representative for the Mid-America region. These women work with Jane Patete, CEP Coordinator of Women’s Ministries, to plan a conference that addresses and provides:

  • Equipping for Word-centered curricula selection, design, and focus.
  • Beneficial peer relationships.
  • Spiritual refreshment.
  • Denominational context.
  • Informed discussions on key ministry issues.

Dr. Dan Doriani, adjunct professor of New Testament at Covenant Theological Seminary and pastor of Central Presbyterian Church in St. Louis, Missouri; Joel Belz, PCA ruling elder, founder and former CEO of World Magazine; and Dr. Donald Guthrie, Associate Professor of Educational Ministries at Covenant Theological Seminary, were recent speakers and point to the high caliber of training that is offered.

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At the 2009 Directors of Women’s Ministries Retreat, Nate Shurden, teaching elder at First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, Mississippi, was the speaker. Nate led sessions designed to help participants learn how to biblically get to the heart of the matter in the counseling opportunities that seem to abound within a local church. One highlight of the event, which took place August 3-5 at the Omni Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia, was the time set aside for robust discussion that helped apply the gospel to people’s life situations, strengthened peer connections, and brought personal refreshment and equipping tools for ministry.

Nate Shurden.jpgNate Shurden received a B.A. in Moral Philosophy from Bannockburn College and a Master of Divinity (Counseling) from Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson, MS. Nate is currently Minister of Discipleship & Young Adults at First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, MS, and the Shelf Life Editor for reformation21, the online magazine of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals.

During her twelve years as Circulation Manager of the Westminster Theological Seminary Library, Jane nurtured many future pastors. Now from her position in the CEP office, she nurtures the women of the PCA by serving as a resource person, encouraging and advising those in local WIC ministry. With contagious enthusiasm she contributes to the development of a substantive women

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