Looking Through the Rear-view Mirror: How Can you Know Where You are Going if You Don’t Know Where You Have Been?

Believing that present and future generations need to know what God has been doing in the PCA’s ministry to women, this edition of the PCA’s Women’s Ministry Resource Quarterly introduces a new look and an opportunity to share more information by using the web. But, to appreciate “the new,” it’s important to have a quick look at the history of our publication:

  • It all began in 1978: The Committee on Christian Education and Publications (CEP) began to print a WIC newsletter, An Occasional Newsletter from
    the Women’s Advisory Sub-Committee.

1978 Resource Quarterly.jpg

  • Some years later the name was changed to The Local President’s Resource Letter with five issues per year.

1991 Resource Letter.jpg

  • 1993: The WIC Resource Letter was published six times a year.

1993 Resource Quarterly.jpg

  • In 2002 a newly titled The WIC Resource Quarterly was moved to a quarterly format.

2002 Resource Quarterly.jpg

  • This first issue of 2010 marks a significant milestone for us. The PCA Women’s Ministry Resource Quarterly comes to you through the mail as a four page, four color publication and a link to our website with more articles and resources.

Throughout the changing names, the purpose has been constant: to help CEP carry out the mission of training, encouraging, and networking PCA women in leadership in order that they might use it to equip and disciple others to love the Lord through His church.

We hope that you will celebrate this “coming of age” in this equipping piece! We pray that it will continue to connect us to one another, across lifestyles, geography, and generations as a covenantal community of sisters in Christ.

During her twelve years as Circulation Manager of the Westminster Theological Seminary Library, Jane nurtured many future pastors. Now from her position in the CEP office, she nurtures the women of the PCA by serving as a resource person, encouraging and advising those in local WIC ministry. With contagious enthusiasm she contributes to the development of a substantive women

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