Lotus Flower

By Agnes Boggs. Lotus Flower was a little girl who lived with her father, mother and brothers in a boat on Pearl River. She was a bright, winsome little girl whom everyone loved.

Ah Muk, the mother, rowed her boat up and down the river carrying passengers while the father worked all day on shore, Ah Muk stood as she rowed in the stem, with tow long oars crossed; the older boy sat on the little front “deck” with one car; and Lotus Flower would slip another oar into a woven bamboo ring dropped over a peg on the boat side, and she would help too. Little Brother, with a big gourd tied on his back for a float, sat inside by the neat little cupboard and stoves which furnished their floating home.

One day, Ah Muk had a bad toothache, so she decided to have the tooth pulled. The Chinese street dentists, with their long strings of teeth for advertise

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