Meet the Seminar Speakers

Sandy Currin

Dear Sister in Christ,

My heart longs for the sweet moments of fellowship experienced during past General Assemblies as I anticipate meeting in Virginia Beach. Inpast meetings, God surprised me by providentiallyconnectingme with new friends and even a family member. Who knows whom God will bring into my life at this GA?Thus I am eager to meet you and sit down overcoffee where we canshare the truths of Scripture.Whether I will mentor you or you me,we will each know the great joy of giving and receiving the hope within us.

You may ask, How could God possibly use me in the life of another?Perhaps the better question is, Why am I not allowing God to use me intentionally in the lives of others? During my seminar, Redeeming Eve: Applying the Titus Two Mandate to our Daily Lives, we will explore how God hascreated us to enter the lives of other womenbothforspiritual health and so thatwe can more effectively live out God’s word in our culture. What a privilege we have to join with ourcovenantal God in reaching the next generation.I am looking forward to our time together!


Redeeming Eve: Applying the Titus Two Mandate to our Daily Lives. This seminar will discuss how our covenantal God has specifically created and prepared us as women to mentor the next generation. Upon that foundation we will examine the biblical principle of mentoring as described in Titus 2

Sandy is the Mid – Atlantic Women’s Advisory Sub-Committee representative. She is married to Senior Associate Pastor, Jerry Currin from the Church of the Good Savior in Durham, NC. Jerry and Sandy have three grown daughters and one granddaughter. Sandy has been passionate about mentoring since becoming a Christian through the ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ at Duke University and then serving on their campus staff. She is also the Redeeming Eve Coordinator of her church and serves on the Eastern Carolina PresWIC. Sandy has been a registered nurse for thirty-nine years and still works part-time at UNC Hospital where she also mentors student nurses.

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