No More Excuses: Be the Man God Made You to Be

Here is a motivational book for men. Tony Evans confronts most of the issues that men face in life, and the excuses they give as if they were victims. Evans calls men to stop making excuses or, as he calls it, get rid of the “loser’s limp.” Men need to get up and accept responsibility and see life’s situations as challenges and opportunities. The book looks into the lives of many men in the Bible and teaches how they both failed and also how many overcame their failures by the grace of God, and went on to make a impact in their families, church, communities, and the kingdom of God.

This is a book to give to men to read individually or together as a group. In his concluding remarks Evans says, “You may look back and say, ‘I’ve go a lot of stuff following me into the race. I’ve got a lot of junk from the past weighing me down as I try to run.’ Let me tell you something about God. He loves to dispense His grace. If you will come to God with your regrets and your failures, and start loving and serving Him as a driving force in your life, He has an unmistakable, amazing way of using even failure to bring about success.”

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