Old-Age Thoughts at Eighty-Eight

By Matsu Crawford. There’s so much being written and said about us senior citizens, one might begin to think that there is something new in growing. There isn’t. The process of growing old has been going on since the first living thing appeared on Planet Earth. We should look upon it as a natural, inevitable process. We old ones should experience it as playing the last scene in The Pilgrimage Called Life.

The media use us to take up the slack. They must have something to talk about and we are always there. For politicians, we serve as a political football, especially near election time. Doctors look upon us as a decided plus, which we surely are for them. All that modern medicine knows is used to keep us ticking.

Within our own ranks in the American Association of Retired Persons, there are some who wish to consider us as a tremendous union (without labor) able to throw our combined weight about. Those who try to force us into that mold, soon learn that it takes one of strong will and native spunk to reach seventy-five. We think for ourselves and vote accordingly.

Cicero once wrote: “When I consider in my mind, I find four causes why old age is thought to be miserable: the first, it calls us away from transac

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