Pocket Dictionary of Biblical Studies

Anothervolume in the InterVarsity Pocket Dictionary Series. Some of the other titles that we have mentioned include: History of Evangelical Theology, Guide to World Religions, Apologetics and Philosophy of Religion, Ethics, New Testament Greek, Biblical Hebrew, Ethics, Church History, History of Theology are among the other titles.

These are helpful and handy little guides in the various titles mentioned. They are easy to use and generally not superficial as you might expect in a pocket type book. For example: in the Liturgy and Worship, you can find a quick definition and reference to Reformation Day or the Reformed Order of Worship or the Regulative Principle of Worship. John Witvliet of Calvin College says, “One barrier to deeper understanding of historic worship practices is the complex terminology these practices generated.”

In the Biblical Studies volume you will find a definition of terms such as: syncretism, Noahic covenant, Dead Sea Scrolls, theophany, ecclesia, to name a few of the over 300 terms. For more scholarly research one would want to refer to the expanded dictionaries but for quick easy reference, these little books can be of much value to the Bible teacher or student. As you read in the area of biblical theology, this little book can be an easy to use guide to relevant terminology. They are also affordable editions for one’s personal library.

Charles Dunahoo pastored churches in Georgia and Alabama before being called to his present position as Coordinator for the PCA of Christian Education and Publications (CEP).

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