Pressure to Succeed: The church “numbers game.” Your pastor isn’t exempt

By Chris Doyle. What are his struggles? I’m not exactly sure, having never been one. But I imagine they are the same as those of everyone else. He struggles with raising a family, preparing sermons, thoughts of having too much to do and not enough time to do it all.

But my heart is burdened with what I think pastors really wrestle with, but need not. Especially prevalent in today’s society is a characteristic the world holds in high esteem but God does not. Men strive and work all their lives, only to see it snatched away in a second. What is it pastors really struggle with? Success.

Our world today is success-oriented. If you aren’t a success in whatever you do, you are a second-class citizen. People think something is wrong with you. Today you can dress for success, eat for success and make friends for success. We are a success driven society.

I don’t believe there is anything biblically wrong with succeeding. But it must, like ail things, be put in proper perspective. What does God really want from us-success or holiness?”

What I think the pastor really strug

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