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Equipping You with Tools for Ministry.
Here is a sample of types of classes we offer. All seminars are tailored to your specific training needs.

Philosophy and Vision —
LEVEL 1 - Telling God’s Story - teaching covenantally • The story line is the covenant. See how God uses families and congregations to pass it on from generation to generation. See where you fit.

LEVEL 2 - Structuring and Organizing Your Christian Education Program • Designed to introduce your leadership to our workbook. Begin an evaluation, articulate your purpose, set goals, develop a strategy, and assess your results. The process requires work over an extended period of time which could include ongoing consultation with a trainer.

LEVEL 3 - Understanding and Reaching Every Generation • Understanding the generation growing up around us is the first step in a concerted effort to reach them. Very few of them are predicted to profess faith in Christ.

The Curriculum —
Great Commission Show Me Jesus Introduction and Training • Show Me Jesus - That’s what teaching is all about--and the "why" of what you do. This new name for the Great Commission Publications curriculum reflects its strong covenantal perspective and God-centered focus. Discover a reliable, doctrinally-consistent way to disciple young lives. The initial GCP presentation is free of charge.

The Student —
LEVEL 1- Loving Your Students • Your class is unique. Every person has been made in the image of God. Each one carries a legacy of sin and evil. You will be shown how to love the group God has given you.

LEVEL 2 - How Students Learn • Learning Styles - Everyone processes information differently. Understanding these differences will help students learn and minimize problems that come from boredom or confusion.

LEVEL 3 - Motivating Students • Everybody is motivated to do something. Many teachers wish their students were motivated to learn. The ingredients that go into motivation will be examined.

You the Teacher —
LEVEL 1 - Caught Not Taught • Who you are is more important than what you say. Thus, a big part of teaching is encouraging your students to follow you as you follow Christ. That’s making disciples.

LEVEL 2 - Managing the Classroom • The fallout from parents unable to provide children adequate supervision, the effects of divorce, the permissive atmosphere of society, and the general disrespect for authority combine with the struggles of sinful people to create problems for teachers. You will receive perspective and suggestions.

LEVEL 3 - Making Kingdom-Minded Disciples • What is Kingdom-minded discipleship? Discipleship involves a transformation of the way we think and live. How does God’s purpose for His Kingdom differ from His Church? How do we pass on a transforming message to each new generation? These and more questions will be examined.

Encouragement and Education for Teachers Teachers are the primary ingredients in your CE program. The annual refresher courses we provide for our trainers plus their years of experience with students qualify them to come alongside your teachers with ideas and inspiration to enhance their ministry.




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