Seeking a Revival Culture

This book is the third included in the review books for this issue. They have a common theme or thread, each with a slightly different approach but generally reaching the same conclusion. Given the best case scenario of a very disconcerting reality, Allen Baker’s sub title refers to the “anemic church.” The church needs to be revived. It needs to recommit itself to lifting high the cross of Christ, proclaiming the whole Gospel to the Whole world, so that the truth of God will go forth and accomplish its purpose.

From all appearances one could easily conclude, if statistics communicate clearly, that the church is often getting in the way of God’s truth rather than being the instrument for proclaiming it. It has not always been that way. Baker suggests that the church of the western world is becoming more and more anemic and in need of a transfusion. Ministers are discouraged. Some are caught up in sin. Some have negative attitudes about the church and even God. Truth is not always a high a priority.

While this book is written for a wider audience, I suggest it is a challenge to pastors. It contains over 50 different topics ranging from election, predestination, apostasy, and extremism, to the purpose of suffering. Each topic is about two to three pages in length. The book can be read at one sitting, or used in connection with one’s regular devotions.

You will be aware of the author’s passion and heart for the truth of the whole Gospel, his love and concern for the church, plus his desire to see and be a part of a much needed revival. He says, “the western church is in big trouble. Most pastors I know are terribly discouraged in their ministries. So are their people.”

Each topic is written in a very readable and informative, as well as, challenging style. You will learn about the Bible and theology and Reformation and New England history. You will also hear the cry for an urgent need for prayer and preaching the whole truth of God which hopefully would revive the church and make her to be the “city on the hill” (following John Witherspoon’s description) that God intends her to be. In this book you will hear the plea for repentance for sin manifesting itself in changing the way you think which in turn determines the way you live or behave. Yes, our lifestyle does make a difference and seeing Christ as Lord in all of life, living with a kingdom world and life view perspective is the proper aim for Christian living.

Charles Dunahoo pastored churches in Georgia and Alabama before being called to his present position as Coordinator for the PCA of Christian Education and Publications (CEP).

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