Senior Week Starts September 12, 2010

Each year, CEP designates the Sunday after Labor Day as “Seniors’ Sunday.” It’s still not too late to plan an announcement recognizing that occasion at your services. The pastor might mention any of the many passages that command respect for seniors (like Lev. 19:32, I Tim. 5:1, 3ff.); also include a challenge to seniors to continue in active ministry and service (for example, Psalm 92:12-15, 104:33/146:2, 103:2,5).

Senior Sunday - 213.jpgIf time permits, you might plan intergenerational experiences (in Sunday School, at a dinner, visiting in a nursing home). Perhaps your pastor could preach on, or at least mention, one of the seniors in the Bible who served faithfully (like Abraham, Moses, Joshua or Caleb, Eli, or, from the New Testament, Paul, John, Anna, Lois or, possibly, Mary). It would be a good day for an infant baptism, emphasizing the importance of sharing the faith through the generations.

Planning might begin now for next year’s “Seniors’ Week,” beginning on September 10, 2011. Special meetings and events might be planned. Seniors have special interest in many topics related to their experiences. Intergenerational activity could be a focus in the week’s activities. Involve Seniors in the planning.

Dr. George C. Fuller is a PCA teaching elder and former president of Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Dr. Fuller serves as the Director of CEP's Seniors Program and is a member of the Christian Education and Publications Permanent Committee.

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