Singleness Redefined

Singleness Redefined is a rich source of Reformed theology applied specifically to single Christian women who seek to live joyously and abundantly. Starting from the strong foundation of the Word of God, the reader is reminded of the goodness of God’s sovereignty. The wise, insightful, and at times humorous content provides a resource for both the individual and the church.

I recommend this book for two reasons. One of the most accelerated growth demographics in culture and the church is that of singles. How does the local church minister to and steward this expanding portion of God’s family? How do single women of all ages live out God’s sovereign purposes with joy and abundance?

To the multitude of lovely, unwed women ranging from twenty-somethings to centenarians. singleness brings complex responses. It runs the gamut of emotions ranging from bitterness, hopelessness, and loneliness to contentment, hope, and pleasure.

Carolyn Leutwiler takes a realistic look at the struggles and difficulties of singleness; yet because she begins at the right place. it is a book that will encourage and nurture the inner woman and equip her for kingdom service. You will not find a self-help, weak, formulaic design. You will discover a clear call and challenge to know, rejoice in, and listen 10 the truths of God rather than the lies of the world and to be involved contributors to the life and ministry of the church.

God’s family is privileged to lovingly enfold, nurture, and serve King Jesus, one another, and to live out the gospel before the world. Singleness Redefined has broad appeal – purchase this book, read it, share it with the Christian education staff of your local church; give it as a gift to a young woman who may be struggling with her singleness: and look for ways to better engraft the gifts of singles who are part of God’s good plan and purpose!

During her twelve years as Circulation Manager of the Westminster Theological Seminary Library, Jane nurtured many future pastors. Now from her position in the CEP office, she nurtures the women of the PCA by serving as a resource person, encouraging and advising those in local WIC ministry. With contagious enthusiasm she contributes to the development of a substantive women

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