Suggested WIC Studies of 2007-08

Treasures in Darkness: A Grieving Mother Shares Her Heart, Sharon Betters
Betters shares her journey through the sudden death of her teenage son and the hope she finds in Isa. 45:2-3.

Same Lake, Different Boat: Coming Alongside People Touched by Disability, Stephanie O. Hubach
“…a transformational work-designed to renew our minds to think biblically about disability in order that our lives, our relationships, and our congregations might wholly reflect Christ.” This book is about listening, caring, and coming alongside those in need.

Peacemaking Women, Biblical Hope for Resolving Conflict, Tara Klena Barthel and Judy Dabler This book does as it says, “it leads you out of conflict and into a state of peace where youcan live as a representative of Christ to other women as well as to unbelievers.”

Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs: Wisdom’s Searching and Finding, Kathleen Buswell Nielson
This book, one of several in a series of Bible studies, focuses on both Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs. The book contains nine studies, seven on Ecclesiastes and two on Song of Songs.

See table of Contents
Read Lesson 1

Deuteronomy More Grace, More Love: Living in Covenant with God, George Robertson and Mary Beth McGreevy
Published by CE&P, this study of Deuteronomy is an excellent study for women’s groups, leading them carefully through “a life in covenant with God.” The book contains 24studies with questions for discussion after each study.

See the Table of Contents and Chapter 1

The Gospel of Matthew, Parts One and Two, Susan Hunt
Hunt builds on Jack Scott’s Adult Biblical Education Series and lays out a study for women that challenges them to live for God’s glory in all of life. It is written from the biblical and theological perspective of the PCA.

The Gospel of Matthew, Part 1
Leader’s Packet

The Gospel of Matthew, Part 2
Leader’s Packet

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