Church Leadership


Discipleship in the Church Today

By Carl W. Wilson. The matter of personal disciple building in the New Testament manner is also a major part of Christian education that has been neglected but desperately needed. This kind of ministry is hard work and is unappreciated in our world of present values. It is easy to produce spiritual babies, but raising them properly is the hard part.

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Going Where the World is Growing

New York is the home of the Empire State building, the Statue of Liberty, the United Nations, Wall Street as well as a radio and television center of the world. The city contains five boroughs – the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. Diversity of cultures and peoples is the trademark of that megapolis. What in the world could a small denomination like the PCA have to offer such a vast population?

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After a Lot of Prayer and Spade Work

By Sharon Kraemer. Trinity Presbyterian Church in Charlottesville, Virginia, worshipped in temporary location for six years. The church was built in 1982. Trinitymay well be the only PCA congregation that was “co-founded” by a Baptist!

The Necessary Motto for Life and Conduct: Give Thanks

By George W. Mitchell. Our actions are born in our minds. The issues of life flow out of the heart (Proverbs 4:23). This is where the battle and struggle really begins, and it would appear that many of us are losing the fight. Do you have trouble with your actions, thoughts and words? Be imitators of God and love as Christ has loved you!