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Assessment…Who Set the Table?

By Kent Johnson. So long as my desire was to discover the unique talents God has given me and to be open to discovering ways to use them to His glory, I couldn’t fail. The only way to fail the assessment process is to try to tell God where I am willing to serve and be closed to anything else. But most of all, it is reassuring to know that I have done everything humanly possible to find my place of service.

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Church Planting as a Key Missions Strategy

By J. Philip Clark. We have had – in our brief existence – some success in planting congregations at points of need. While we will not depreciate our strategic planning, success is in some measure due to godly church members moving with the population shift, finding no satisfactory church in the new location, and calling for help to establish a church in their new neighborhood.

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Conservation or Pollution?

As we talk about success and failure, we need to remind ourselves of whose terms of reference we are using. It must be in God’s terms. It seems to me this is the area in which we have to be careful about “pop” Christianity and “success through godli

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Parenting by Grace – Part 3

By James M. Hatch, Jr. It is vital to have a proper concept of children. They are not dolls or playthings. Made in the very image of God, your children are priceless, but they have needs which can only be supplied by you. Child development – growing into maturity – is a magnificent process with ups and downs that parents may not always understand.

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Parenting by Grace – Part 2

By James M. Hatch, Jr. Simply stated, “parenting by grace” means that to be a biblical parent you must treat your children like God does. Every time you face an issue you must have God’s supernatural grace ena

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The Necessity for Christian Higher Education

By Frank Brock. A reformation is not a return to the past. A reformation is the reforming of institutions within the society on a more biblical basis. At the top of the list of institutions that need to be reformed is the family. Men and women must take seriously the vows to commit themselves to one another for life so that they can raise and train children in a way that would be pleasing to God.