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The Kingdom Misunderstood, Part 1

I begin by introducing you to Bill and Mary Wright. Bill is a 34 year old husband and father of two children, Terry 10 and Susan 7. Mary is a stay at home mom and has home schooled her children for a couple years, though they are presently attending a Christian school that meets in their church. Bill and Mary are active church members and clearly demonstrate a love for the Lord that is obvious to others.

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Announcing: Amazing Grace 360 – PCA International Women’s Conference

Since CEP hosted the 2006 International Women in the Church Conference with over 4000 women in attendance we have been repeatedly asked, “When will you host the next one?” After much prayer and discussion, we are ready to announce another CEP Conference for PCA women, ages 13 years and up.

Targeting Comprehensive Christian Education

It never ceases to amaze me that anywhere in the world you say “Christian Education” people automatically think Sunday school. Is this the only Christian education the church does? If it is, then we are in big trouble. Let me explain….