Youth Ministries

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Youth Leadership in Conflict: When Parents Become Concerned

A denominational leader asked me recently why I thought that so many parents act as if God’s covenant blessings to their children give them as parents license to sin against those who work with their children in the church. I wanted to tread lightly with my answer because I know that all too often youth workers secretly harbor the opinion that parents are the great road block to successful youth ministry.

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Small Group Based Student Ministry

By Zachary Bradley. While many churches have shifted to using the small group model for ministry, the one place where this fundamental shift has not taken root is in youth ministry. While most youth groups have a small group program of some kind, most have not fundamentally restructured the ministry so that small groups, rather than a large group gathering are the primary means of ministry […]

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Faith is Sometimes Best Understood by Looking Backwards

I read once that faith is sometimes best understood by looking backwards. Now, on the surface that statement feels a lot like the inside of a Christian greeting card or one of those posters with cute animals and trite sayings that we hang on our walls to inspire us to do great things. However, in this case, I think instead of motivational drivel, this statement is actually biblically correct and has application for youth ministry.

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Today’s Teenagers–the Future of the Church

Perhaps the next time your church has a significant prayer need, you should move your teenagers out of the “future of the church” holding pen and into the ministry of your church by asking them to lead the prayer meeting. Based on my YXL experiences this summer, I have a sneaking suspicion that the adults of your church may be encouraged and challenged

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What do Youth Ministers Do All Day?

If I could offer any advice to youth directors… it would be to make sure that you are constantly communicating to other staff, elders, and parents who you are, what you do, and what is going on in the youth program.

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Youth Leader Data Form Submission

CEP offers a placement service which connects available youth leaders with churches seeking to fill youth staff positions.Youth leaders–may open this article to submit their data form to our “Candidate Database”. Churches may send an email or call 678-825-1154 to receive resumes of potential candidates.