The Complete Book of Life’s Questions with Answers From the Bible

While I doubt that this is a complete book of life’s questions, I agree that many of life’s questions are responded to in this book. This makes it a helpful book for individuals, parents, and church libraries to have available. You will find answers related to the 343 questions. The answers are brief and to the point but not generally simplistic.

Following are some examples of topics and questions associated with each topic. Blame: Why do we blame others? What should I do when others blame me? What should I do when I feel like blaming someone else? What can I do to live a blameless life? Contentment: How can I find contentment, regardless of life’s circumstances? Are there any risks of being content? Heaven: Is there really a heaven? What is heaven like? How can I be sure I will go to heaven? How does my knowing about heaven affect my life now? Repentance: What is repentance? Why does God want me to repent? Why is repentance necessary? Is repentance a one-time event or do I need to repent each time I sin? I’ve done too many horrible things. Could God possible forgive me?

The authors say that the book was ten years in the making and born out of frustrations of being asked a lot of questions about God, life, and the Bible, and not having good answers and not knowing where to find them. Ronald Beers is the Bible editor for Tyndale House Publishers and Gilbert was editorial director for David C. Cook before becoming a full-time author, writing more than 150 books.

Parents will find this extremely helpful in discipling their covenant children. Teachers and counselors as well as pastors and leaders will also find this volume of topics a handy reference book.

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