The Kingdom Focused Leader: Seeing God At Work, In You, Through You, and Around You

As we talk about and emphasize the sovereignty of God over all of life, it is important to remember that while the church needs godly dedicated leaders, so does the world. Many Christians have not understood that when the Bible talks about leadership, it not only refers to church, it also refers to the broader kingdom as well. The kingdom is broader than the church and Christ is the king over all.

Miller challenges the reader to see the importance of having a right focus and priorities by aligning their agenda to God’s. That is the only way to advance the kingdom of God. A kingdom disciple understands that kingdom living is far more inclusive than being a church member. It means that in “all things Christ preeminent” -whether we eat or drink or whatever we do, we are to do it in the name of the Lord Jesus. One does not have to work full time in the church or be a missionary to serve Christ.

Michael Miller is the director of Church Relations for LifeWay Christian Resources. He is correct in stating that most Christians do not appreciate the value of their influence in the marketplace. Many are tempted to embrace a dualistic way of life that separates life into the sacred and secular realms. Understanding the kingdom will keep a Christian from that trap of dualism. He also writes “regardless of your place of service, I want to encourage you to develop a kingdom focus.” That is the theme of CEP, as well. A clear understanding of the kingdom of God will encourage a kingdom focus in all of life. Miller reminds us that Jesus Christ is king who directs the affairs of his eternal kingdom. He wants us to be “kingdom focused leaders” who understand that Jesus Christ is king of the kingdom with all authority.

Miller reveals three dimensions of God’s Kingdom: height, depth and width, meaning God working in us, through us and around us. This three-fold dimensional paradigm becomes the kingdom focused leader’s primary focus. As we realize this more and more, we will also know that we are to represent God in all that we do. This requires obedience to God’s calling to us. It also requires developing a Christ-like character. It involves living a balanced life with the godly characteristics of a kingdom focused leader.

“Kingdom focused leaders look for opportunities to use their gifts and resources to help people become united with God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Sometimes these opportunities come as they meet needs in the lives of others.”

This book will be a good primer or refresher to all Christians in places of leadership or who aspire to be kingdom focused leaders.

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