The Love of God and Evangelism

By D. Clair Davis. Why is it so hard to share the Gospel? What gets in the way? Is it because you don’t know how? That’s not a big obstacle anymore. If you need training, it’s there. Evangelism Explosion helps you to encourage people to talk first about what they think is the Gospel. Otherwise, you catch yourself doing all the talking and then wondering what they mean when people nod their heads. It helps to know things like that.

Or do you wonder if the Lord is calling you to this? Are the elders the only soldiers we have, or do they show the rest of us the way? If you have questions about every member ministry in general, then you really do when it comes specifically to evangelism. When the Bible says the Gospel is to be preached to the whole world, it’s easy to react by saying, “Thank God for preachers” and then write another check. Maybe you need to work that through. But knowing the how and who isn’t a lot of help unless you see why. You can’t think straight about evangelism until you’ve grasped what the Gospel is about. This is the issue. t always has been. There is such a thing as resenting it when other people are saved – or at least not being full of joy praying about their salvation. Work through the New Testament again. The Gospels tell you what the Lord says to Phar

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