The One Year Make It Stick Devotions

We do not normally review children’s books, but once in a while one comes along that deserves special mention. Emmett Cooper (PCA) is a master at developing ways to help people remember, and this book has many such helps.

Emmett visited our office years ago to introduce us to his HoneyWord system. The book had drawings from the Gospel stories, and each gospel writer was represented by an animal (Lion = Luke). There were also ways to remember the chapter number and even the verses. He showed us the system and then demonstrated how it worked in a few pictures. After the discussion went on for a time he opened to a new page and told us to figure out what the story was about and where it was located in the Bible – which we all did. We passed, and so did his system.

Well, I am happy to say that Emmett has once again put his God-given abilities to work; this time in the form of a one-year devotional for 6-10 year olds. Once you teach your children how the book works, it really makes the devotions fun, memorable, and applicable. If you use the book over the next year, you can have your child tell you the story as he or she figures it out from the helps. You can challenge yourself to see what you remember (you know your kids will), and you can even work on your older children and make it work for them.

This is really the kind of book I enjoy endorsing. Get it for your whole family.

Having spent the last eight years in Cape Town, South Africa, as academic dean of the Bible Institute of South Africa and serving there as a PCA missionary, Dennis and his wife Cindy, his son Dustin, daughter Bena, and son Innocent have returned to the states to rejoin the staff at Christian Education and Publications where he served for eleven years prior to going to South Africa.

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