The Reign in Spain Lies Mainly in Miami

By Bill Iverson. Shenandoah! In Virginia that’s a valley and a river – dramatic and breathtaking because of the Blue Ridge Mountains. In Miami it is a church – a rivulet in a vast plain of humanity waiting for the rains of heaven. It may again become a river and this time overflow into the Caribbean basin and all of Latin America even as before, sending confluences throughout America.

Calle Ocho – that’s Eighth Street in Miami’s Shenandoah Section where my dad, Dan Iverson, started Shenandoah Presbyterian Church in a dance hall. From 1926 to 1951, 4004 persons came to Christ, joining the church by profession of faith. Shenandoah started seven other churches – such as Granada, Key Biscayne and Kendall and sent 150 of its sons and daughters into the ministry of the Gospel. The vast influence of the church in its grandchildren is now beyond measure. Evange

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