The Runner

By Miriam Gautier. When I first took up running, my desire was to speed up my metabolism and drop a few pounds. Once I met that challenge, the need for a new goal started nagging at me. Running was fast becoming my hobby. After talking to runners and reading running magazines, I was motivated to set a goal of running in a 10K (6.2 miles) race. My friends and family encouraged me and onward I plunged into the running world.

…the first race

It was an all-women’s 10K run. My faded blue shorts and cut-off Celtics sweatshirt with my race number pinned on too high shouted, “first race.” The starter gun went off and the race began. It was a hard run but crossing the finish line made it worthwhile. People on the sidelines cheered for me! I was hooked on the crowd applause and recognition.

…the goal

Just running in races wasn’t enough -now I wanted to win! I started reading more, training harder and setting my sights on placing among the top winners in my division. My whole life changed. I was consumed with running.

…the first trophy

It was a five-mile race and I was ready. I not only trained like a veteran runner but now I even dressed like one. The hard, diligent, disciplined work paid off and I finished the race placing second in my division. The trophy was mine but the satisfaction didn’t last very long and, like Alexan

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